Live with intention, lead with conviction

Let’s shift gears…


Yesterday I lit a fire in your belly,

and then what?

What did you do with the renewed warmth

coursing through your veins?


This is the catch 22 with all that is available to you at this time.

There’s simply NO lack of information,

of inspiration,

of resources,

free via the internet.


I know,

because you’re reading this.


Yet what I’m observing

is people consuming vast amounts of knowledge as if there is no tomorrow

and then


translate into wisdom

through action

for actual results.


Before you argue with me let me ask you this:

What specific action did you take


you watched or read or listened to yesterday?


Whether that action was grabbing your journal for even deeper introspection,

or taking the practical steps someone shared with you

and implementing it immediately in your business and life

to observe the change of results.

Maybe the action was to turn to the person next to you

and discuss the new awareness or realisation,

playing devil’s advocate and then bouncing off the energy created through a speculative conversation.


What specific action did you take?


Or was it another day of






Let’s shift gears…




Do you ACTUALLY realise that TIME is your MOST PRECIOUS commodity?

Considering how many times I hear the LAME MOTHERFLICKING EXCUSE

of ‘I don’t have the TIME’

whilst scrolling their lives away


**Eyes rolling**

Listening to this level of bullshit is worse than a bikini wax from a trainee

where the wax is too warm

and more skin than hair gets ripped off your nether-parts.


We simply don’t have time for this fart-arsing behaviour anymore.

Not if you’re an #alpha.

Not if you’re actually serious about creating that empire of impact.

Not if you’re actually ready to step up and LEAD.


Right now,

why are you reading this?

What is the purpose of consuming the energy of my words?

How does it fit into the vision you’ve created for your next best level self?

How will it enhance your life experience today?

How does it move you forward


to achieve your goals?

Why are you even online right now?

What was your intention?

You know,

when you sat your sweet arse down,

completely connected to your desired outcomes,

commanding your subconscious mind to show you that which is available

to move you in the right direction…


You didn’t ask?

You didn’t set the intention?

You don’t know?


Then stop reading,

connect to your main goal,

the one that you will DIE for right now,

and ask to be shown!



and only then,

if it still feels like the aligned action

do you come back

and continue reading.


Let’s shift gears….



Honey Bun,

Love of my soul,

do you understand just what a powerful force you are?

Do you really understand that simply by gifting something your attention,

it grows?

Do you FEEL in your bones that you can truly have, be, and do

anything your sweet heart desires?

Do you?


Because I think if you did

you would choose to live life more intentionally.


I think you would start training that mind of yours

to do your bidding.

To focus on your vision,

eliminate all the distractions,

in the zone,

from where you only take aligned action

at the speed of light

as you easily spot the next stepping stone,

the next hand reached out to lift you a little higher,

the next opportunity excitedly waiting to be birthed.


I think you would start prioritising your personal well-being.

From a space of believing that once you’ve asked

it’s already a done deal

and your ONLY true action

is ridding yourself of all that no longer resides in the vision

so that you can energetically live ‘there’

until it is in your physical reality.

All the other stuff,

the sales letters,

the videos,

the funnels,

the posts,

the dates,

the bike rides,

the gardening,

is really just you having fun as a human

and because you can’t help yourself

for the artist wants to create art.


Let’s shift gears…


What’s the difference between those who create success

and those bitching about their lack of success?


It’s in the way we think about things.

Successful people think about WHAT ELSE they can do to create results,

the mundanes think about how hopeless it all is,

how the system is screwing them over,

how unfair life is,

how bitter they deserve to be,

how much the detest the fuckers at the top.


It’s in the nature of our conversations.

Successful people talk about how magnificent this experience is,

how ripe with opportunity,

what they’ve learned that’s new,

what they’ve done and the resulting outcomes,

hungry for an exchange of excited energy and creative thinking.

The mundanes talk about how hard life is,

how they’ve not had a decent orgasm in years,

how they just don’t know what to do anymore,

the political climate,

the screwed up economy,

what the neighbours did last night,

how much they detest the fuckers at the top.


It’s in the way in which we use the resources available to us.

Successful people use the internet for collaboration,

learning and implementing,

gratefully using all the resources available to them at this time

to build and grow their abundance.

The mundanes use the internet

to criticise and hate on everything that others are putting heart and soul into,

distracting themselves from their painful lives,

escaping through entertainment,

watching cat videos,

and then go into online chat groups telling everyone who will listen

how much they detest the fuckers at the top.


You get the pattern, right?


Deep breath…


I know this piece is getting way too long,

and if you’re still reading

I SINCERELY HOPE you have a bloody good reason.

I’m going to choose to believe in you,

and that you’ve sat down with the intention of receiving clarity

on where you’re out of alignment with your desires right now.

I’m going to choose to believe in you,

and that you’ve paused after every gear shift,

to do deep introspection,

to spot your patterns,

and to decide on a new course of action.

I’m going to choose to believe in you,

and that from now on

you will




as the #alpha I know you to be.


Death is inevitable,

thriving is an intentional choice.


Live with honour,

or scroll your life away,



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