Is it truly insane to make it hurt sooooooo good?

Lying on the floor,

sweat dripping,

every fibre screaming in agony,

a smile spreads across my face.



that hurt sooooo good!



yet fully alive.

The sweet spot few will ever experience.


This is where I release every lady-like mannerism,

and turn pure beast.


For the mundane,

it’s ugly,

it’s raw,

it’s pure insanity.


They will never experience the satisfaction,

the sense of epic pride and achievement,

we receive from pushing our bodies past the point of oblivion.


Engaging pure will-power to keep the muscles contacting at just the right moment,

to execute one more rep,

one more mile,

one more step.


We hone our skills in the gym,

on the bikes,

on the trails,

in the ring,

to crush it in life.


How do I spot a true Alpha?


Well Darling,

it’s in their presence,

their confidence,

their conviction,

their passion,

their motherfucking OBSESSION to BE their BEST selves.


That includes their physique!


You see it in the way they walk.



Daring all and sundry to take them on.

Fully present.


Rock hard core –

for we know that your solar plexus IS home to your self-esteem.

Why on earth would you choose to cover it with murdering fat?

Why would you ever neglect this area knowing that a soft gut, makes you feel like easy prey?


Rock hard arse –

for we know that your Gluteus Maximus drives you up, moves you forward in life.

Why on earth would you want a weak arse,

that has you sitting down all the time?

Too feeble to get up,

too frail to do the shit that needs to get done,

to make the impact you were born to make.



For we know that your results will NEVER exceed your mental capabilities.

We understand that your mind will give up long BEFORE your body.

We understand that your mind is the key to your resourcefulness,

which sees you pull the rabbit out of the hat when everyone else says it’s hopeless.


We train insane in our bodies,

daring our minds to give out.

Going to war with the enemy in our head,

cajoling us to take it easier.

To stop.

That it’s hurting too much.

That you’re going to die.




You listen to the little people telling you that it’s not good for you to push this hard.

And all you hear is






I want you to drop into the fact that your body is an external expression of your internal state.

A reflection of your thinking,

a reflection of your true values,

a reflection of your relationship with yourself.


Do you feel pride in what you’re seeing today?


Is your body showing a high level of self-appreciation, self-love, self-respect?

Or is she painting a picture of a desperate attempt to fill a void by shoving shit into your mouth?

Is your body telling me that you take pride in yourself,

that you create the time to dedicate to yourself,

or is she showing me a hum-drum existence of same-shit-different-day.

Is your body an illustration of excellent nourishment,

mind, body, soul,

lean muscles rippling under your skin,

or do you show me self-starvation and deprivation because you don’t think you’re worth being treasured?


Is your body an inspiration to all who see you,

or a warning to your children of how existence will murder your spirit?

Society is so against pain at the moment.

They say that we should stop hurting.

Because they have forgotten the difference between pain and suffering.


Pain we experience in growth.

When we intentionally put ourselves under tension,

increasing strength through resistance.

We know when to push,

and when to hold back to prevent injury.


When I say ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’

I’m talking about growth-inducing pain for increased strength, endurance and output.


I’m not talking about SUFFERING.

Suffering is when you’re harming yourself.

Where you’re giving away your power,

where you’re making yourself less than,

and it hurts like a motherfucker but you tell yourself some bullshit story of how you don’t have a choice!

You have to just endure.

You have to pray for death.


It all comes back to self-awareness my friend.

It comes back to living with presence.

It comes back to being fully engaged with yourself, your life, your stories, your goals.


What is your body reflecting today?

Without shame.

Without blame.

Just get honest with yourself.


Regardless of your age or circumstances,

your life can be turned into a masterpiece.

Starting with your body.


Only death is inevitable.

And you’re not dead yet!


Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.



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