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Is thinking killing your badassery?

I can spot them a mile away- –

the ‘thinkers’.

They normally have a frown deeply creased into their foreheads.

There’s a dark cloud hanging around them.

Their energy is low.

They talk in problems.

Always trying to puzzle out whatever is eating them.

They will start thinking of a goal they really want to achieve,

and instead of just saying ‘HELL YES’ to the excitement flowing inside of them,

instead of committing to do WHATEVER it takes,

instead of immediately taking action,

they first want to figure out the plan and steps and strategies.

Except if they knew the how they would have already achieved the goal,

so now they start worrying,

because if they can’t figure out the how they’ll never achieve said goal,

so maybe they should scale it down,

make it more realistic,

set something they DO know the answers to.

Which is not only BORING AF but completely defeats the object of setting goals in the first place which is


It’s about becoming your BEST NEXT LEVEL SELF.

You know,

the badass in you.

The one with the big balls of courage.

The adventurous one.

The one that inspires others to raise their game for themselves.

In my humble opinion,

thinking is highly overrated.

It gets people on this crazy-ass hamster wheel going around in manic circles in their heads.

Not understanding their minds are playing tricks on them.

Distorting everything.

Their stories,

their beliefs,

their realities.

And normally, people tend to ‘think’ when they’re unhappy about something or afraid of something.

The obstacle, the problem, becomes all-consuming and what you focus on, you create more of.

The biggest issue I have with people ‘thinking’ is,

they’re normally not moving.

The only elixir to fear is ACTION!

The only way to achieve any goal is ACTION!

The only way to improve a situation is through,

you’ve got it,


Not thinking it to death.

What really saddens me is that ‘thinkers’,

who historically don’t have a good track record of figuring it out,

convince themselves that if they think about it long enough,

they will find the answer.

Their ego tells them not to take action because heaven forbid they fuck up and then,

they’ll look like an ass,

they’ll fail,

they’ll be a failure.

Their ego, which is their think-tank, only draws on what it already knows,

it doesn’t connect to a higher realm of thinking where the soul plays.

It doesn’t connect to a deeper realm of courage and adventure where the soul plays.

It doesn’t connect to others who have already figured this shit out or who will provide a sounding board to hear the absurdity of the voices in the dark realms of your subconscious.

The ego, with all her good intentions, is the greatest enemy of your DREAMS.

Now I’m not saying you must start living stupid either,

you still have to use that beautiful grey muscle in your head.

What I am saying Darling,

is fucking believe in yourself a little.

Believe that whatever you truly desire is within your capability to achieve.


you have to start thinking differently about this thing called life.

You need to start understanding that YOU are the creator of your life.

And if right now, you’re looking around and it’s pretty derelict,


You created that, which means within you lies the ability to create the opposite and then some.

So how do you turn it around?

First step – DECIDE that you’re going to turn it around.

Everything starts with a decision.

BECOME UNAVAILABLE for everything that you’re not liking right now.

WRITE DOWN what you truly desire,

what you are COMMITTED to achieving.

Really committed.

Not this flakey bullshit we see everywhere of committed until things get a little tough and then giving up.

Why write?

A -writing slows down your thoughts which means your ego doesn’t have time to play her insatiable games with you;

B – research shows that the pressure of the pen on your fingers activates a deeper creative thought process; plus

C – seeing what you write makes it REAL for you.

Next, write down all your BULLSHIT EXCUSES as to why you won’t possibly achieve this.

Yip, I’m being mean right now.

Because I want you to start understanding that all your ‘reasons’ and ‘realities’ are choices you’re making.

And you can continue to hold on to them for dear life,

in which case you might not even get started with this process,

or you can start kicking your own ass.

You can come from an energy of ‘I’ve got this shit’ and confront yourself.

Once you’ve got those down on paper, COMMAND your higher self, Creator, the Universe, whatever resonates with you, to obliterate all of these interferences thereby creating space for new beliefs.

Then you get to consciously CHOOSE YOUR BELIEFS so make damn sure that they support your desires.

Write them down.

All the time you’re writing, you’re moving.

All the time you’re moving,

even if that moving is your hand,

you’re making progress.

Believe in this.

Then, from this space, simply commit to THREE ACTIONS that you will take TODAY to move you 1% closer to your goal.


I can almost guarantee that they will be uncomfortable.

Simply because you haven’t taken them before.


Just take the action.

And then, you get to EVALUATE the outcome of the actions.

Now, if the results are not exactly what you thought you wanted,

what you would have termed ‘failure’ before,

that’s GREAT!

It’s simply feedback to do something else.

Take the energy of the disappointment, use it to strengthen your resolve, and take another action.

And if you took the action and you’re blown away by the result,

fucking celebrate!

Use the increase in energy to take another action.

Nothing changes from thinking about it.

Nothing happens from thinking about it.

Everything that you desire is on the other side of your massive actions.

What do you think about THAT?

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave,

and yes,

the brave take action.

With deep love and appreciation of you,


PS:  I work with those committed to thrive.

Those who understand that they have a responsibility to themselves, their loved ones, humanity, to stretch their limits, live outside of their comfort zone, and achieve the ‘impossible’.

If you’re ready to set the goals that has you burning with an inner fire of excitement,

to be held accountable to a new level of excellence,

to be supported in confronting your inner demons of BS and consciously choose your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions and your results,

then let’s connect and see if I’m the right coach to guide you on this part of your journey.