Isn’t it about bloody time you stop being so coy?

When did you stop being the baddest bitch on the block?

The one who unapologetically pissed on the ground – leaving her unmistakable mark?

The one who struts in, chin lifted in defiance, daring any and all to challenge your greatness?

When did you stop arriving with a loud roar of pride?

When did they break you in – from wild and untamed to a domesticated slave to others?

Slinking in like a timid little pussy-cat.

Not wanting to make a sound.

Rubbing up against their legs.

Wanting a little attention and then pulling away from their touch.


Do you honestly think that playing down your potential,

your passion,

your magic,

your motherfucking GLORY,

will make any difference in this world?

Do you really believe that your place is in the shadow of the ‘great’ men and women,

who must have been blessed with a foreign gene,

because you don’t believe you have what they do?

Do you seriously want me to stand here and listen to your bullshit,

when you say that you will walk instead of run,

that you will learn more instead of apply,

that you will just wait a little longer,

sleep a little later,

because you’re nothing special.

Do you really expect me to say I’m okay with that?

Do you expect me to say that it’s good enough?


I will not settle for your mediocrity.

When you crawl around with the other slugs,

feeling like you belong,

slipping around in each others slime,

thinking the road is smoother,

not seeing that you’re slipping in death and destruction

of your power

of your creativity

of your joy.

You stupid bitch – wake the fuck up!

Today is that day when the Universe herself has guided you to the piece.

to hear her RAGE

at your vindictive suicide of who you truly are.

Pissing away your authentic self,

saying you’ll do better tomorrow,

next week,

next month,

next year.

Lying through your teeth.

For no decision exists in tomorrow.

Every true decision only applies to right now.


You either decide that you’re done sitting on the stands,

that you’re done practicing with the B-team,

that you’re done holding back


or you stay being a spectator in life.

Oh I know that the spectators think they’re having fun.

Sitting with their friends.

Boozing it up.

Shoving another hot-dog into their fat bellies.

Making the most noise.

Shouting their criticism of how you missed the shot,

of how you’re blind for not seeing what’s coming up behind you,

for not being perfect.

I want you to start understanding that they can sit and scream all they want,


Block out their voices by getting in the ZONE.

The space where time slows down,

where nothing matters,

except the flow.

This is the space where no other is needed.

It’s just you and your Higher Self.

And together you do what you came here to do.

Nothing else matters.

I want you to know today that you have to CLAIM this for yourself.

Nobody else is going to hand it to you.

Nobody else is going to make you do it.

For me, this is what FREE WILL is truly about.

It’s about choosing to THINK for yourself.

To DECIDE who you truly want to be.

What you want to stand for.

How you desire to live.

And then be UNAPOLOGETIC in stating this loud and proud.

It’s up to you to overshoot,

fall flat on your face,

get back up,

and keep going.

It’s up to you to leave behind the social conditioning of shame,

of your place in the corner,

thinking that nice people are better than those who choose to rise above the masses.

It’s up to you to admit to yourself that you LOVE to win.

That you LOVE the hustle.

That you LOVE overcoming obstacles.

That you LOVE your body.

That you LOVE your essence.

And that you fucking DESERVE to be the baddest bitch on the block.

As someone who has kissed average arse for most of her life,

let me tell you that as a born achiever you will eventually find yourself so low that you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

You will find yourself sobbing in the bathroom, holding a towel over your mouth so your kids won’t hear your heart breaking into a million pieces.

Of self-loathing.

Of self-disgust.

Not being able to look yourself in the mirror.

As someone who clung to those who choose the nine to five existence of ‘normality’,

thinking that ambition is evil,

that it makes me a freak,

I can honestly tell you that the madness of claiming yourself is a celebration compared to the insanity of bowing down.

Look, no two people are the same.

I would never tell you what to do or what is right for you.

That’s up to you to decide.

I just think it’s about fucking time you DECIDE who you truly want to be.

How you truly want to live.

I’m sharing with you that I’ve been the nice girl

it sucked the life and soul out of me,

and I’m choosing to be the bitch.

Because Beauty IS the Beast.

Are you courageous enough to let her out of the cage of your mind?

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving for those who desire to howl, is always a courageous choice.

With love and appreciation,