It might be time for you to start paying attention
to the depth of my words.
The tone,
the frequency,

Mine is not the regurgitated quotes of others
for I will not dilute the energy of their intentions,
as others often do mine,
which comes from their inability to be original.
Wanting to share SOMETHING
to be hear
to be seen
so instead of going into the stillness
they put out a bastardized form for attention
which in truth
is screwing over humanity even further.

We all have to start somewhere
it’s time to evolve.

It’s time to slow down to speed up.
It’s time to raise our standards for ourselves,
to insist on opulence and not accept the ‘acceptable’.


the frequency of love,
the frequency of truth,
the frequency of excellence,
the frequency of integrity,
the frequency of creation.

It’s the precise integration of all of these and more
that hits the right ‘tone’.
Like a guitar with one string at the wrong tension
when you strum them together
the note is unpure
and instead of creating music
you create noise.

The Universe takes the frequency of your vibration,
your ‘tone’,
amplifies it
from which it then creates your experience
as per YOUR energetic command!

That’s what we’re experiencing right now,
a cacophony of sheople who have no desire for excellence,
who take no pride in art,
who just want instant everything.
They’re “fine” with anything that remotely looks like the original
even though it can never FEEL the same
as they’ve numbed their feelings to the point
where it no longer ‘matters’ to them,
so caught up in ‘thinking’ everything to death,
for the mind can never luxuriate in the experience one receives
in deep appreciation
of mastery.

For centuries
Alphas have been scorned and shamed for their personal standards.
Told they’re impossible to please,
told they are responsible for others feeling bad about their piss poor efforts,
told they should praise others for not even giving an ounce of their souls,
told they should just take a chill pill

We’ve been told we are responsible for the happiness of others
and the only way to ensure that,
was to make them feel good about themselves
by making them feel better about themselves
that this
was the most loving thing to do.

I call bullshit.

Love does NOT lie!

Love does NOT water down the truth to meet the pathetic cries of the ego.

Love does NOT not speak the truth,
does not bite her tongue,
does not buy into the lie that people are too weak to cope with the truth.

It is the culture of ‘white lies’
that has weakened people to the point where they would rather believe beautiful lies than hear the brutal truth.

And yes,
truth is BRUTAl.
There’s no fifty shades of jack shit Darling.
There’s no leniance,
there’s no ‘nice way of putting it’
there’s no need for it to be nice
for it is love!


Don’t move on…

Read those words again:


Where is your life NOT pure and simple anymore?

Where are you not hitting a pure note?

Where have you created a web of self-lies to the point where you’ve excused yourself from the Empress table,
because you feel
(oh let me see what’s some of the bullshit I hear):

Or would you prefer to cling to your other lies?
That this is just not the right time…
That others need you right now…
That you don’t have the money right now…
That these are uncertain times so you should rather focus on…
That you’ve heard it all before…
That you’ve tried everything…
That you’re just going to do it on your own…

Okay Love,
I wish you all the best for this period of evolution
and truly hope to see you on my path forward.

Chances are,
I won’t.

Because Alphas are awakening,
willing to see through the illusion,
the spell of fear,
the spell of complacency,
the spell of conformity,
the spell of obedience,
the spell of scarcity,
cast upon humanity,
and as Alphas recognise the truth,
they are aligning themselves with those who are committed to building a better future for generations unborn

As we rise by raising our standards
the band will snap
and you will be on either side.

There will be no jumping over the chasm.
If you’re on the side mediocrity
the one going down in flames of madness
it will be because you chose to cling to
your lies today.

Death might be inevitable.
But I wonder…
Will you finally choose to thrive?

Live with honour,