It’s about bloody time you bring all of YOU to the table!

Wow, we’ve created quite the illusion haven’t we?

Of what we are.

Of who we are.


All because someone chose the frequency of fear

as the foundational fabric on which to build modern society.


Clever bastard!


For in the presence of fear,

there is an absence of love.

Which, by the way, is the cure for all the bullshit that has you trembling in your boxers.


I’m not talking about the fairy-tale horse manure they put in baby-bottles,

painting a picture that love is about another person,

the ‘one and only’,

who will complete you.


Fuck that codependent shit.


I’m talking about love.



The frequency which creates galaxies.


Do you remember what it feels like Sunshine?

Can you close your eyes right now,

place your hand on your heart,

and drop into it?

Without thinking of any particular person.

Just the pure energy which immediately brings a smile to your face.

Expansion to your aura.

Upliftment of your very soul.


Can you feel it?


OMG, it is the most incredible feeling in the world isn’t it?


And do you feel that the moment you connect to the frequency, there is NO fear.


Not a drop.


In the presence of love there is an absence of fear.


More importantly,

when you connect to the frequency of love,

you drop all the masks and the walls you have erected over the years in an attempt to protect yourself,

and you bring all of you!






Why wouldn’t you?

From a space of love, there is such an unconditional acceptance and appreciation of the self,

it is selfish NOT to share ourselves with the world.


Does this mean that everyone in the world will accept us?


It has nothing to do with who you are,

and everything to do with where they find themselves.


The fear in them is unable to resonate with the love in you,

and therefor they have one of two choices to make:


  1. They can find the courage to choose the frequency of love as well,

which will lead to a questioning of EVERYTHING they’ve held on to up until now,

which will lead to a cleansing of environment inside and out,

and change will be imminent,

not everyone likes change; or


2. They will have to reject the frequency of love and hold on to the fear,

which will see them lashing out at you,

rejecting you,

leaving you.


The GENIUS of the modern day design,

is that we’ve been indoctrinated to believe we must hold on to others for dear life.

Which is why so many who choose love,

only to get abandoned by others,

then choose the frequency of fear again.


Which has them get back into the taxi of codependency,

adrenaline-pumped passenger in the vehicle of another.


Thinking this is what exhilaration feels like;

they have a little place where they belong,

they will simply be the wind beneath another’s wings,

whilst their own dreams,

their brilliant selves,

rots in a life that feels like hell in your heart.



I’m so bored with this cycle, when you and I both know that you deserve better!


YOU deserve the frequency of love,

YOU deserve the frequency of self-acceptance,

YOU deserve the frequency of self-appreciation,

and WE deserve ALL OF YOU!




I’ve incorporated a new ritual into my morning routine which I HIGHLY recommend you give a go or two.

But only if you actually want to increase your vibration.

Otherwise, for the love of chocolate,

DON’T do this!


After my journaling,

I put on my cozy beanie,

my puffer-jacket,

and whilst the world is shrouded in darkness,

I go walk and talk to Creator.

Out loud.

Out proud.


I start with deep gratitude and appreciation for all the new insights and clarity I’ve just received in my journaling.

Next, I connect to my spectacular environment and I focus on appreciation of individual elements, enhancing my experience of it’s beauty.

By this stage I literally stop dead in my tracks,

look up at the night sky,

and drop in the realisation that the power which creates ALL,

is focussed on little ole me right now.


The rush of love is the most beautiful experience in the world my friend.


I connect,

and then I consciously choose,

out loud,

the frequencies I want to right now.

Really allowing myself full expression and experience of the vibrations of:








ANTICIPATION (which I always pronounce with the same deliciousness as Frank N. Furter)



By the time I return from my walk,

I am ready to bring ALL of me to the world.

Not from a space of expecting acceptance or belonging.

Not from a space of fearing rejection.

I simply share and release.


So, ask yourself Darling:

just how often are you truly in the vibration of love?

When there’s no worry or fear.

When there’s no conditions to what has to be in a relationship for you to be happy.

When there’s no attachment to the outcome for the work you create.

When there’s no rules or regulations that dictate your behaviour because, from love, it’s all good.

How often?


And then ask yourself – how would your life transform if you chose it more?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice from a space of love.


Live with honour.


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