It’s either all of you, or not love at all.

It’s kinda fucked-up, isn’t it?

How we’re living in a time of deprivation underwritten by martyrdom.


Men and women believing sacrificing their true desires, will somehow lead to happiness.

Bloated with bullshit beliefs and thoughts,

of how they are not good enough,

how there will never be enough for everyone,

how they have to suffer for reward.


Personally, I think we might as well do away with any form of punishment by another,

as people are doing it so well to themselves.

And quite frankly,

none of it is warranted.


Good god woman,

what will it take for you to see just how absolutely gorgeous you are?

Right down to your pinkie toe.

If you would just give yourself permission to thrive,

you will no longer require diets or chemicals to be in perfect shape,

for it’s only through the idea that we have to sacrifice anything,

that we gorge on everything.

If you would allow yourself to create the empire that’s in your heart,

becoming unavailable for gossip-mongering and the constant bitching and moaning so prevalent around the kitchen counter,

you will find that your excitement levels go through the roof.

If you would honour your sexuality by educating yourself and your daughters of the absolute bliss available to us in our bodies,

by learning how she loves to be touched,

without shame,

by learning how she loves to move,

without restriction,

you will no longer feel dissatisfied in the physical union with your lover,

as you will be confident in showing him the map to your pleasure zone,

and he will worship you for the gift of your liberated, orgasmic self.


Darling man,

when will you take that heavy yoke off your shoulders,

believing that you have to save every damsel in distress,

bring home the bacon,

to a house full of ungrateful leaches,

sucking the soul out of you?

If you would just give yourself permission to be your best version self,

keeping that delicious body of yours in superb shape through physical exertion and nourishment that titivates your taste-buds,

keeping your mind sharp and stimulated by surrounding yourself with legends and true leaders,

keeping your sex-drive insatiable for pleasure by not only studying the object of your desire, but your own erogenous zones and untold bliss of deep connection,

and bring that to your woman in an empowered partnership,

you won’t have any need to escape your daily life through alcohol, drugs or an alternative reality that has you feeling like a ‘real man’,

for your actual life will surpass your fantasies.


Sound like a dream?


Well Huney,

I believe this is the birth-right of every human being.


You have to wonder who decided to take us down the road of suffering in the first place…

And yes,

we’re appreciative of the asswipe,

as s/he played the role in creating brilliant contrast of what it feels like when we live out of alignment.


But enough already.




There’s a change in the direction of the wind,

and right now, more and more people are recognising the stench of mediocrity.

The first step is actually waking the fuck up and realising that the brown stuff you’re sucking on,

is not chocolate.

The second step,

is to spit it out!



you’ve been taught it’s impolite to spit.

Regardless of how bad it tastes.

It will hurt someone’s feelings,

which would make you an inconsiderate bitch,

so best you just swallow.


Leaving you feeling more sick than ever before.

So you come to the conclusion,

it’s best to just keep sucking on the shit,

Because it might taste bad,

but at least you didn’t want to throw up.



Do you see the predicament of the sheople?


Quite frankly Darling,

I’m on a mission to get as many people as possible to become





To give them the space to spit that shit out,

and instead of them being berated,

having them celebrated.


I’m taking a stand for YOU being so FULL OF YOURSELF

that there’s zero space for codependency.


I’m here to challenge you to be your BEST version self,

and then,

if you choose to be in a partnership,

only be available to be with someone who you feel is ten steps ahead,

thereby inspiring you to keep growing,

keep raising the bar for yourself,

whilst they do the same.

THIS in my book, is LOVE.


The idea that love is about protecting the other person,

is fucking disgusting.

What an insult.

‘Oh, look at poor you,

don’t worry little broken bird,

I will fix you.’


Fuck off!


The idea that love is about completing another person,

is nauseating.

For you to complete them,

you have to take something that is already whole and perfect,

punch holes in,

so you can wedge your incomplete and broken self in there.



You call this love?


I’m going to challenge the fuck out of you today…


You tell me that you love them.

You tell me that they love you.

But let me ask you this:

Are you being your absolute gloriously whole and best self?

Is that what you’re bringing to others?

Or are you still buying into the belief that love = sacrifice = martyrdom = you compromising =you being a shadow of your true self?



let me just take a dump on your front lawn,

and call that love,

as I’m fertilising the ground.


True love and connection is simply not possible from a space of self-depreciation.

It’s simply not possible from a space of you abandoning parts of you that’s not pleasing to another.

It’s simply not possible if you don’t madly love yourself.


And why wouldn’t you?

The only reason you don’t like yourself very much,

is you’re not being ALL of you.


This is my invitation to the Alphas of the world,

you know who you are:

bring back love,

by loving yourself.


I would love to see all of you.

Your absolute best self.

Your thriving self.










and this part is going to feel SERIOUSLY HARD,

leave behind all of those who choose to remain the same.

It’s not your responsibility to convince anyone else to love themselves.

It’s not your responsibility to carry those who do not desire to believe in themselves,

who don’t desire to choose love and health and thrive,

and staying with them,

is not love,

for either of you.


It would be like having your head in the oven,

then trying to convince me you love yourself completely,

so you’re just going to burn yourself alive.


Alphas don’t rescue.

Alphas don’t help.

Alphas empower.

Alphas love.





Only death of the human body is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of Alphas.


Live with honour,


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