It’s in times of darkness that we are called to lead! RISE ALPHA FEMALES…

I have tremendous compassion for people at this time.
I feel the tentales of their fear crawl over my skin,
leaving my body shaking in chills
which is why
right now I know
Alphas MUST lead.

For fear is the food of our courage.
It’s where we choose to play in times of ease
whilst others overindulge in complacency
allowing themselves to weaken even further.
We use the calm to train HARDER.
To go up the mountains to focus.
To go into the ocean to breathe.
To go within to connect to our voice of wisdom.

So that

In times of chaos
we stand calm in the eye of the storm
with an unshakeable knowing
that this too shall pass
and we will be stronger
on the other side.

Growth is not for the weak of will.

However I’m still not seeing Alphas stepping the fuck up!
So used to walking alone in the dark
their songs echoing into the vastness
they have lost faith in the pack
they’ve lost faith in themselves
as the system of average reigned so long
making you doubt yourself and your insatiable hunger for

Look where the system got humanity.

They’re floundering.
Freaking the fuck out at home
as the flock of sheople are being forced apart
and in their isolation
the demons are rising fast within
making them grab more bottles of booze
glued to their phones for social ‘connection’ online
ANYTHING to drown out the silence
which will consume them
as their false security slips through their lifeless fingers
feeling the last rembrants of sanity
flush down the toilet
along with all that motherfucking toiletpaper they’re buying
like zombies in the apocolypse.

I want you to understand
that woven into the fabric of humanity
is ALL of us.

Sheople and Alphas and every other frequency of being
and if we turn our back on one right now
saying it’s not our responsibility
that they don’t want us
that they’ve hurt us so much in the past that they don’t deserve us leading the way
and they won’t follow anyway,
it’s nothing more than cowardice
and you know it.

For every Alpha who now turns away from her calling
is PART of the downfall of our mission.


We came to this time space reality to LEAD in darkness.
We don’t require human eyes to know where to head.
We don’t require certainty of success to make the tough decisions.
We don’t require all the steps to take the first step.

And I’m not saying you must go into every home and prey their skeletal fingers loose from their remote controls,
carrying them in your arms like helpless pups,
This is the time when every single person alive will have to
to turn away from the trans-inducing technology and medication
in order for them to experience the fullness of this evolution.

They will have to CHOOSE whether they will continue to hold on to the lies in forms of labels gifted to them by a system designed in fear to ensure obedience,
if they’re finally going to remeber that they are ENERGY in HUMAN FORM
and that they are creating their reality
through what they CHOOSE to believe!

I’m saying that whatever you’ve NOT been doing because ‘the time wasn’t ready’
NOW needs to get done.

If you KNOW you’re meant to get that book out there,
fucking write!
If you KNOW you’re meant to be seen and inspire,
If you KNOW you’re meant to be creating an original body of work,
drop the stories and CREATE!

Whatever you KNOW you secretly desire,
or the thing that you’ve denied because it sounds CRAZY,

There’s no more time to worry about the haters or the ridiculing or the abandonment or the energy vampires.

This is YOUR TIME.

Will you choose to sit down and wait for death so that you can end the misery of NOT being ALL of who you came here to be?
Or will you choose to rise, lead and thrive?

Live with honour,