It’s never the actions that will determine your success…


Sit your ass down,

close your eyes,

and just breathe!

Your frantic chaos is creating a hurricane of disaster around you,

and it’s all so futile.

You’re fucking exhausted.

You’re not thinking clear.

You’re talking crazy –

saying how you just can’t do it,

you just don’t have it,

you just don’t know anymore.

That’s not YOU talking Darling,

that’s your fear-bloated ego having a field day ripping up your insides.

Slow down to speed up!

Look, you can go through the motions 24/7

telling yourself that if you just do ONE more thing,

if you just keep taking more action,

I don’t know,


God will take pity on you and just make everything okay?

All the hard work will pay off?

Someone will finally see you and sprinkle some fairy dust on your ass,

and you will become an overnight star?

I used to think exactly the same things,

as this is the bullshit we’re fed from a very young age.

Leading to a society of exhausted achievers,

not achieving,

because they’re too tired to understand

that their desperate actions are simply feeding the

lying BITCH

in their subconscious mind.

Think of it as being dropped into the deep-end of the pool,

and you’re not a good swimmer.

First thing you do:

freak the fuck out!

Desperately kicking and splashing your arms,

and even though you keep your head above water,

in next to no time,

your shoulders are screaming in burning agony,

arms and legs turned to led.

You feel yourself sinking,

swallowing water,

taking you to the next level of panic,

and because your body is tensed up,

the muscles bunched up into solid mass,

you sink like a rock.

I’ve had this physically happen to me so I can say with all honesty,


I’ve also had this happen to me in business.

If only someone had the courage and the good sense to tell me to


Understanding that my body is designed to naturally float on the surface,

if only I would trust,

and release,

and breathe deeply (which by the way fills your lungs with air acting like balloons floating you up – just saying),

closing my eyes,

lying back,

fully supported by the very substance I thought was going to kill me.

As an entrepreneur it’s so important to understand that

Baby, you’re born for this!

You already have EVERYTHING inside of you

required to succeed.

All the creative ideas,

the talent,

the answers,

and the Universe, in all her mighty glory, wants nothing more than to SUPPORT you and open up the floodgates of abundance.



For me, receiving was the hardest part.

Like millions of my peers I clung to the idea that fairy tales do come true,

only to discover that some princes never grow up into kings.

So you simply have to put on your big girl panties and get on with it.

Until finally,

you’re the only person you trust.

Closing yourself off from receiving.

You have to breathe Darling and

you have to just BE the successful business owner that you so desire to be.


is the secret ingredient almost nobody talks about.

They tell you to build the list and make the calls and design the website and post in the groups,

and yes, to some degree all of those still get done,

but that’s not what makes you reach the top.

The ONLY thing that will get you to where you desire to be,


This might sound contradictory to what I say most days –

to HTFU and keep going,

that’s true as well.

The YOU at the top is not a little bitch.

She’s not whining and complaining and having tantrums all day long.

She’s a tough motherfucker,




taking action with an air of calm confidence,

leading her followers into battle against mediocrity,

and she bleeds with pride!

She knows to surround herself with those who are even stronger than she is,

that’s simply what the winners in this world do.

They don’t allow petty ego dictate their circle of influence, which is what most do:

Oh let me hang out with the losers and then I’ll feel a little better about my piss-poor efforts and results.


you keep playing in the splash-pool if that makes you feel better.

Just know that you will NEVER experience the exhilaration of what is truly available to every person at this time if you never find the courage to go to the endless ocean.


If  you’re reading this today,

and you’re thinking



Now we can get to work.

Take out your journal,

and connect to your SUCCESSFUL self:

What does she think about, what does she speak about, what does she believe, what is the action she takes today, who does she surround herself with, what decisions does she make, what does she eat, how does she train, how much water does she drink, what is the nature of her conversations, who does she work with in terms of clients, coaches, employees, mentors, partners, how does she have fun?

Do you remember fun?

And then,

if you’re committed to your VICTORY,


Before you say, is that all?

It can’t be THAT easy…


Let me just say, that this is going to be the most challenging action you’ll take today and every day until you’re living her life.

Challenging because you’ve not had the levels of trust, belief and faith before now to make those choices, to take those actions, to have those conversations.

If you had,

you would already have those results.

What are you going to say YES to today that you’ve been pushing away up until this point?

Are you finally going to find 20 seconds of courage and join us in The Mindset, Business $ Money Evolution?

Because today is your FINAL day to enrol.

I understand that it takes no small measure of courage to join this level of program.

To be surrounded by other true achievers.

To be visible in a group of badasses.

To actually show up as a business owner,

even when you feel insecure and unsure of yourself.

To play in the same pool as those who have been in business for years

when you’re still at start-up phase.

Yet this is EXACTLY how you collapse the timeline to your success.

So ask your SUCCESSFUL self,

is this the program that’s finally going to shift you into ALIGNMENT?

And if she says yes,

best you do the same.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,