It’s okay not to want it anymore…

As I continue clearing out my home,

it’s astounding just how much I’m releasing in the process.


Not just material things,

but old stories and beliefs

resident in my mind.


More noteworthy,

most of these beliefs

and limitations

were given to me in childhood,

more than four decades ago.


Of how I should appreciate everything I have

because the little children in Africa have nothing.



I think the adults in my world back then

missed the point of what appreciation actually means.


I no longer believe that appreciation means I have to hold on to stuff,

when it no longer brings me joy,

simply because it’s still functional.

Regardless of its age or condition.


I no longer believe appreciation should be clouded with guilt.

Just as I no longer believe love and fear sit at the same table.

Just as I no longer believe that respect and abuse sleep together.

Just as I no longer believe that punishment gives birth to discipline.



crowding our minds.

From a generation who quite frankly simply didn’t know what they didn’t know.

They didn’t have the same global network as we have.

They didn’t have the easy access to mentors and coaches as we have.

They didn’t have the desire to question as we do.


Thing is,

I’m no longer willing to jump onto the pointing finger bandwagon.

I’m no longer willing to say “Oh it’s THEIR fault I’m sooooo fucked up”.

No longer prepared to say “Well then, they have to beg me for forgiveness for not doing a better job.”

No longer prepared to think that I have to set right what some white dude riding a horse did in a previous century.




Can we just move the fuck on

and bring change

from where we are

to where we want to be?????


But Anel,

the people are hurting,

the people want justice,

the people need to have compensation.


Well then,

the people will continue to suffer,

the people will continue hurting in the name of revenge,

the people will continue to live in lack.




It’s a choice.


My truth today is this:

People are logging around TRUCKLOADS of garbage

















causing untold SUFFERING.


And I get it,

most people have no IDEA how to be happy

especially since our average society demanding conformity and uniformity is NOT celebrating



Oh hell no!

If you’re too happy,

if you’re too optimistic,

if you’re too successful,

if you’re too beautiful,

if you’re too sexy,

if you’re too confident,

if you’re too full of energy,

you get attacked left, right and centre.


The masses revolt against abundance

so that they can sit and bitch and complain about scarcity all day long.

Their cloak of misery pulled all the way up to their chins

as though it’s a badge of honour.


I’m bored with it all.

Shocking – I know.


I’ve learned over the last couple of years

that either I fucking change myself

my perspective

my thoughts

my beliefs

my body

my business

or nothing changes.


It’s all on me,




I’ve also learned that ain’t nobody going to come whisk me away.

Nobody is going to take up my cause for me.

Nobody is going to change themselves so I can be happier.


It’s all on me,




I’ve also learned that everything is energy

and that I receive what I tolerate!

Which means

if I’m tolerating things in my physical environment

because of sentiment

or not wanting to hurt someone else’s feelings because they gave it to me,

even though I can’t stand the sight of it,

hiding it in the back of my cupboard,

then I receive guilt-laced relationships in my personal life,

guilt-laced relationships in my business life,

and in the process

I get to the point where



I won’t show up for you,

and that would make me

a real selfish and inconsiderate bitch!


It’s Monday,

I love Mondays,

which means it’s a new week with new potential.


If you were to draw a line in the sand

and DECIDE that on the other side

lies your unabashed JOY,

what would you take over with you?


If you allowed yourself to release all guilt and shame and codependency,

if you allowed yourself to be selfish AF,

if you allowed yourself to be faithful to you,

if you allowed yourself to choose from a space of radical





what would you take over the line with you?


Which relationships would you take with, and which would you leave behind?

Including ‘family’, romance, friendships, business, clients, staff, online connections.

What clothes would you take with you that makes you feel like an Alpha, and which would you leave behind?

What furniture would you take with you that makes you feel like a goddess, and which would you leave behind?

Which beliefs would you take with your that makes you feel like an invincible badass, and which would you leave behind?

Which habits would you take with you that has you feeling like a queen, and which would you leave behind?



Don’t just tell me about it.

Don’t just think about it.

Don’t just write about it.



Oh, sorry, that’s selfish and inconsiderate of others?

Well Darling,

maybe it’s about bloody time more Alphas stop wasting their lives living for the approval and acceptance of others and feeling responsible for the feelings of others,


and be selfish so that they can be their BEST selves.


Until you DECIDE

that this is YOUR life

and you’re committed to THRIVING

you’re nothing more than another traitor to your own magnificence

which would make YOU

a sheople.




Death is coming,

will you choose to thrive?


Live with honour,

or exist in guilt, shame, blame and a truckload of garbage,



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