It’s the little lies that’s killing you.

Interesting how we tell our kids never to lie,
that it’s a sin,
simultaneously teaching them how to lie
like a pro,
except of course
we call it kindness.

You have to lie by replacing key words,
changing the tone,
to be kind to the person and not hurt their feelings.
You have to not tell the truth
to be kind to the person as they won’t be able to handle it.
You have to lie
because when you tell the truth, you get punished.
You have to lie to save face (well actually it’s your social masks you’re wanting to save so that in and of itself is a lie).
Parents lie to themselves to ‘get through the day’
which sets the tone for their homes
and as they’re not willling to take responsibility for it
they lie to themeselves and their families
that if they just fake it long enough, they will eventually make it.

The greatest lie of all
which is the smallest lies you’re telling yourself all the time
is around how you are feeling.

majority of our human population
is currently choosing the vibration of fear
except they lie to themselves and call it
whatever the case might be,
as admitting that you’re terrified
will be seen as weakness
letting the hyenas in for the kill,
so they go into aggression and big talk,
thinking it makes them look tough.

Sorry to burst your bubble Darling,
but you’re simply showing us how scared you are.
I can smell you a mile away.
I am not judging you.
I am compassionately telling you the truth.
I feel fear too.

What you need to start realising
is that fear
is not bad
it’s not a sign of weakness
it’s simply an emotion
the same as any other emotion.

The moment you are honest with yourself
you create this tremendous space for introspection
and understanding what the emotion is indicating to you.

It could be that it’s showing you the extend of influence of your social conditioning so you can start choosing consciously.
It could be that it’s showing you that you’re living out of integrity with your personal values so you can correct that.
It could be that it’s showing you that you’re in real physical danger and it’s time to get your arse out of there.
It could be that it’s showing you it’s time to grow and it’s already identified the perfect area that will bring the greatest transformation for you.

It’s in service TO you Darling.
Which also means,
it’s never going to leave your side,
you’re never going to become fearless
unless you’re willing to kill off your other emotions as well
which would kill off your humanity
making you another one of
the zombie apocolypse.

Your fear
will lead you
to your power
if you’re honest enough with yourself in the first place
to admit to your fears
so they will submit to your willingness to receive from them
allowing yourself to move through them
all the way to your potent potential.

This is why I love working with those who choose to become Alpha Females.
Ours is a unique space where fears are freely admitted and discussed for tremendous growth to take place and genius to be unlocked.
Failure is celebrated as much as success as it takes courage, commitment and loving purpose to be willing to fail repeatedly in front of those you admire and respect greatly, understanding that failure is learning is growth is beautiful.
We choose to release shame for our human journey and instead bring compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and appreciation to ourselves and everyone else from a space of radical love starting with self-love.
It’s a space of calling each other out on our shit, because yes, we remain human, and as historical high achievers, we learned to play the social game to perfection. Going against the grain, takes practice, and until you’ve mastered your egotistical habits, you’re going to want to white-wash things for yourself.

I’ve also realised that we truly are the 1% in the 1% in the 1%,
and one of the reasons so many start doing the work and then give up on the transformation,
is the amount of toxic and negative relationships which has to be sacrificed in the process, leaving women lonelier than ever before.
I mean let’s just be honest here, you felt like a freak even BEFORE you chose Alpha.
which is why I chose to create Unleashed through Love as a space for Soul Family.
Every participant gets to stay in the growing family for as long as they want, for the rest of their lives.
You get to be supported by all who have gone through the journey before you, and you get to support all who will go through the journey after you.

What this creates is a space for building trust and deep connection, a network, a community of like-hearted souls who choose to live in honour, truth and excellence for the greatest good of humanity.

We also happen to love shenanigans, magic, orgasms and talking about things that go bump in the dark. Just so you know 😉

If you’re done lying to yourself in a desperate attempt to ‘feel better’ and you’re ready to finally do the work to BE your TRUE self, and more importantly, be part of a community of Alphas, contact me at

Death might be inevitable,
but you can still choose to thrive.

Live with honour,