It’s time to liberate your sweet self from your perceived weakness.

How can I be so insensitive?

So inconsiderate?

So cold?



I’m sick and tired of people being treated as though they are powerless,


in need of saving,

resulting in a victimised mindset,




and suicide.


Whatever the fuck.

I refuse to feed the little bitch in you,

when all I see is



And yes,

I know how tough things can feel at times.

I’ve been so low, cockroaches marched over me.

So fucking what?

Your past does not dictate your future.

Your next decision does.


If you think your whimpering will ever get you to roar,

you’re bloody delusional.

The only thing that happens is that all the ‘Jesus complex’ saviours cling to you,

even though they themselves can hardly get out of bed in the morning,


‘There there Pumpkin,’ they soothe you with their lies.

‘Everything will be okay.

I’ll just put a plaster on the gaping wound,

from you hacking off so many pieces of your true self,

to fit into the sickening culture of codependency,

and kiss it better’.


Whilst you’re bleeding to death.

Lacking the will-power to get the fuck up,

and break free from the prison in your own mind.


Who you surround yourself with matters.

Ultimately they will infiltrate your subconscious mind,

planting their beliefs as though they are your beliefs,

and you will become the average of them.


Look around you right now.

Who is there?

Are they badass mofo’s?

Do they challenge you?

Do they tease you?

Do they shake arse and have a good time?

Or are they miserable, grey, thrive-less fuckers?


Why do I keep my inner circle small and tight?

Alpha Females are a rare breed my Darling.

And I simply have no tolerance to surround myself with anything less than Alpha.


I do believe that as with the old tale of each of us born with a light and dark side,

we’re all born with a bad-ass and sad-ass inside us.

We are gifted the full spectrum,

from which to choose.


That’s called free will.


Which means that regardless of what’s happening in your physical world right now,

you get to dictate the internal experience.

You get to take the feedback from the outer and interpret the meaning,

decide how you’re going to feel about it,

choose the action you take from this point.


Understanding as well that you are attracting EVERYTHING into your experience,

and your Higher Self welcomes it all,

from a space of deep knowing that nothing is bad,

nothing is wrong,

everything is divinely inspired from which you get to make decisions.



you can choose to rage against me,

calling me all those crass words you never allow yourself to say in public.

If that will get you off the cold floor,

RAGE AWAY Darling.

The storm within me will see your rage,

and raise you another ten degrees.


You can choose to suppress that glimmer of excitement and hope inside of you,

keep scrolling away,

seeking another piece of research confirming you’re screwed either way,

as you need their medication to feel better,

whilst broke AF.

Then you can phone your bestie,

complain for an hour,

only to do the same shit you did before.

You can do that.

I did it for decades.


Or you can choose to do it differently.

Instead of looking for more drugs and therapy to get you through this darkness,

you can choose to join the Thrive-Evolution!

Without needing to fix anything.

Without needing to go back to ancient Egypt to pay your Karma.

Without needing to explain yourself for the journey to this point.


You can actually just choose to dance.

You can choose to fall in love with all of you.

You can choose to keep company with women on a mission to have their BEST experience of life.

You can choose to thrive.


“Oh but Anel,

it can’t be that easy…”


Oh but Darling,

it fucking can.


You’re THAT powerful.

You’re THAT magnificent.

You’re THAT worthy.


That is all I see in you.

That’s the only part I will ever speak to.

That’s the only way we’ll roll.


My question to you would be,

what have you got to loose?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha.


Live with honour,



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