Keep your diamonds Darling, I’ll take the stars!

4:30 am.

My first steps out of my front door has me pause,

looking up at the night skies,




Where’s my stars?

This is simply unacceptable.


Since starting my Appreciation Walks a few weeks ago,

one of my favourite parts, has been the stars.

Some mornings I look up and there’s gazillions!

Breathtakingly beautiful in their abundance.

Giving me perspective of just how bountiful this universe truly is.

Even when we’re not paying attention.

Even when we’re not looking up.

Other mornings I spot but a hand-full.

Dropping me deeper into appreciation for each.

Knowing that for Source,

the individual is a precious,

as perfect,

as the galaxy.


Yet this morning,

there was naught…


I started walking,

deciding that I could pout and go back inside,

or I could march into the darkness,

drink in the new experience,

knowing that only I can determine the level of satisfaction,

regardless of the circumstances.


This my Darling Friend,

is freedom.


I think back on my life,

how imprisoned I felt.

Suffocating in the social structures and institutions,

which has others feeling safe.

For me,

a wild, defiant, creative, passionate, independent, rebellious woman,

it felt like my hands were bound behind my back,

my mouth taped shut,

my legs kicked out from under me.

Hardly surviving.

I prayed for death most days.


Sounds melodramatic?

Believe me, it wasn’t at the time.

Few will ever understand.

After all, the system is designed for the masses!

Those happy enough to replicate and imitate.

Those who believe they require another to feel complete, useful and appreciated.

Its fear-laced beliefs require the illusion of protection.

Not understanding that this way of thinking,

is exactly what keeps them separated from the freedom all say they desire.


But let me ask you,


Do you truly desire freedom?

With every breath you take?

To the point that you become obsessed with an insatiable hunger for it?

Or do you THINK you want freedom because that’s what everyone’s talking about?

For your first steps into freedom will always feel scary AF.

So used to the safety of our prison walls,

we really have no idea what lies hidden in the big abyss.

And for most, this uncertainty is too much,

preferring the devil they know to the devil they don’t.


Kinda like when people believed the earth was flat.

That if you kept walking you would eventually fall off into god knows what.

So every time they got to a mountain or a space shrouded in mist and mystery,

they would turn around.

Kinda like death,

which we’re taught to fear,

because we don’t know what’s waiting for us on the other side.


according to most,

what’s waiting for me, is fire!


What if I told you that your freedom has NOTHING to do with your external environment?

What if I told you that your imprisonment,

and therefor your freedom,

lies in your mind??


Would you believe me?

Or would you think it’s bullshit,

because you can’t possibly be in a prison camp

and be free.


Or can you?


For when we look at the difference between those who perish and those who come out stronger,

we find it’s in the way they think.


It’s when we master our thinking, that we can finally choose our emotions.

We can use all that has been gifted to us,

our story-telling abilities,

to create our experience,



I was on a call with a client yesterday.

As we discussed her business and what she wants to achieve, I noticed that her reason for every desire was fear-based.

It felt shit.



She was stressed out.



Taking relentless action every single day,

as if the sharks were closing in and they were about to come in for the kill.



I know for sure that our desires are gifted to us for a GOOD reason.

I have a belief that our desires are the desires of the Universe,

and the Universe has no intention of being eaten up alive.


Yet her story was old,

and it was very convincing to her.


I listened to her impassioned retelling,

paused for a moment,

and then asked her:

“Does this feel good to you?

Does this feel fun?

Are you having fun in your business?

Are you even having fun in your life?”


Shocked silence.

“But Anel, if I’m having fun, I’m not working, and if I don’t work hard, I’ll never be successful, and then I won’t have the money to have fun.”


Yip – I used to think the same.


suffering will NEVER get you to a point of joy.


30 minutes later,

she was bouncing with excitement,

renewed energy,

massive creativity,

flowing through her every cell,

simply by choosing to question her beliefs,

shift her focus,

and tell a new story.




Five minutes into my walk the stars came out.

At first there was but one,

but since I’d continued to look up in anticipation of always having my desires met,

I spotted her immediately.

My smile broadened.


More and more stars came out of their hiding place,

as if they’d simply been playing a game with me.


Such is life.

A game.

With all of creation lovingly playing with us.

The moment we choose freedom, we can start having fun with it.


Give me stars above diamonds any day.

For it’s in the looking up at the sky that I fully connect with my inner being.

It’s in taking the time to be alone,

creating the time to slow down,

that I truly connect to my desires,

my clarity,

my freedom.


I want you to know today that, your freedom is but one thought away.

If you choose to step up and claim it.

Even though it feels scary.

Even though you have no idea what will unfold from that.


For me,

it was magic.

It was liberating myself from fear and toxins and misery.

It was connecting with my twin flame.

It is waking up in joy, not depression.

It is creating from a space of love, not need.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those brave enough to live free.


Live with honour,



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