Let’s just be perfectly clear, YOU get to decide.

To say that there’s been some RADICAL changes in my life this year, is an understatement.

It’s taken me a long time, short time, to get to this point.

Reclaiming my independence.

Reclaiming my power.

Reclaiming my choice.

Reclaiming my voice.

Reclaiming me.


A process which was brought to the cliff-edge on Friday, as I concluded my 19 year marriage from a man I’ve loved for the past 33 years and continue to love deeply.

Saying goodbye to this incredible man who has been by my side for what can only described as one helluva adventure.

Anyone who knows him will think I’m absolutely insane for walking away.

And I am.

It’s a sacrifice I choose to make for me to fully embody what I came here to do.


I’m not wired like most others.

I’m stronger on my own.

Over the years I’ve discovered that every time he is physically by my side, I dilute my powers and turn to him for support.

I simply don’t have time to be weak anymore in any form.




I fucking detest the illusional restraints and false securities our social system has put on us, especially as women.

Even though it’s shifting and changing,

I desire for it to happen even faster.

For that to happen in MY world,

meant it was time for me to cut the motherfucking bungee chord and jump.

Now spreading my wings.

Either I’m going to crash and burn,

or I’m going to finally be the change-maker I agreed to be in this lifetime and give you the courage to question the gilded cage.

Whether that is an unbalanced relationship, a soul-draining job, a ten step system that’s frustrating the shit out of you, all leading to mediocre results and an average existence.

And for heaven’s sakes don’t take this out of context – I’m not saying you can’t be happily married!!!  I’m saying consciously choose to do whatever the fuck lights YOU up.


The reason it took me so long was because I decided I didn’t want to do it like the majority.

My parents divorced when I was around 14, and it was U-G-L-Y.

All evidence following over the years indicated that this was the norm.

People got vicious, turning on each other, putting their kids in the cross-fire,

breaking down, falling apart,

bitter, angry, resentful.


Which in my opinion is absolute horse-shit.


Why on earth would you become that person?


Instead, I took my time.

I started doing DEEP healing work, forgiveness work, appreciation, mindset, love-set, learning.


Taking a step back.

Taking full responsibility for my life and all the lessons I wanted to learn at this time.

To serve.


As I packed the final box, I felt nothing but the deepest of appreciation for this man and I truly wish him greater love than he ever thought possible, adventures that light him up, success such as he has never tasted before, passion that transforms his experience of life.


In turn, I’m waking in the morning with more clarity.

Of where I desire to go,

who I desire to serve,

how I desire to live.

A lifestyle which will make sense to few as it is focused, obsessed and KICKING ASS.

A life of true love and honouring of myself, and knowing that I’m perfect just as I am.

Even when my choices befuddle the minds of the traditionalists.


I’m feeling happy, content and absolutely aligned with my decisions.

I have zero regrets.

I have zero anger.

No drama here.




Because I fucking CHOSE to think for myself.

THEIR evidence doesn’t have to apply to me.

In ANYTHING in my life.


Which is the message I wish to share with you today.


You see Darling, we keep listening to what everyone tells us about US.

They TELL us how we will feel when certain things happen in our lives.

They TELL us the phases of grieving we will have to work through for us to feel happy again.

They TELL us that the evidence shows that EVERYONE goes through the same.

Except, they’re simply telling us what THEY choose to believe and then present the supporting evidence.


You Don’t Have To Accept That.


You don’t have to follow the well-trodden path filled with fear.

You can choose to follow the DIRECTION of love instead.

Not knowing where your foot will land next.

Trusting deeply and unconditionally.

In a loving Universe.

In yourself.


This is my wish for you as we enter my birthday month.

A month where we celebrate LIBERATION.

A month where we dance FREELY.

A month where you take the time to question where you’re holding yourself back from BE-ing ALL you came here to be.

A month where you take the time to design the masterpiece you choose your life to be.

A month where you take a stand for LOVE.


Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.


With love and appreciation,



PS:  This week the interviews are kicking off for the Apprenticeship.

I’m taking six coaches on a six month journey.

During our time together we will dive into:
* You, the coach and all things pertaining to you so you can show up and do what you came here to do
* The process of coaching and the journey you take your clients on
* The power of compassionate enrolment and how you can change lives with a single call
* Understanding success
* Some of my favourite coaching tools that I use selectively with private clients
* All the business forms and systems required for you to be supported and covered
* Building your business – this is not a soup kitchen Darling
* And more…

What it looks like:
* Monthly group training sessions on theory, techniques, tools, etc
* Monthly group supervision and role-playing session
* 2 Private coaching sessions per month with me
* Monthly prescribed book study along with a book on your zone of genius – yeah you might as well cancel that Netflix subscription
* Of course, you get to connect with me privately through Voxer daily as needed
* In addition you will get to record sessions (with permission) and have me dissect these and give you feedback for growth and continuous improvement

If you know you were BORN to be a masterful coach and this level of support speaks to your soul, I invite you to get cracking and complete your application now.