Lifegasmic Simplified.

Oh dear lord.

I’m feeling a little


this morning

so who knows which direction this will take…


I had this


sensation last night

as I read a paragraph I’ve read countless times before.

Taking the time to reflect,

finding evidence of this in my own life,

and then letting it infuse into the cells of my body.


It saddens me how much deep wisdom people are losing out on

because they’ve forgotten

that repetition truly is the key to mastery.


Including repetition in receiving the same message.

They’re always looking for the next book,

the next podcast,

the next video,

to consume more knowledge and ‘how to’s’ like air-puffed popcorn,

instead of savouring and meditating on a single piece of content

until they’ve received the true nourishment for soul and mind.



I digress.


Here’s the knowing I want to share with you today:


Every single event,


shitty thing,

and fab thing,

that’s EVER happened for you in this lifetime

has birthed a very specific desire.

A knowing of what you don’t want and therefor

a knowing of what you DO want.


That vision of what is not only possible

but will be deeply fulfilling,

oh let me say this in a way that you’ll ‘get’:


to the point where you’re clapping your hands in absolute delight and dance like a wild woman,

is inside of you right now.


You know it,

that’s why you keep coming back for more.


You feel it every now and again

when a flicker of delight runs up your spine for no apparent reason,

as well as those




when you KNOW, 

like you know your farts really don’t smell good,

regardless of how softly you release them,

that THIS is NOT where you belong anymore.


It’s because

you don’t.

But you’re focusing on taking all the wrong actions Sunshine.


The moment that desire is birthed

your energetic self (stay with me, this is going to get airy fairy AF)

becomes the person who’s already received that!


Whether ‘that’ is a specific amount of revenue,

or a deeply connective relationship,

a shit hot body,

a global empire of impact,


And NOTHING is TOO big for you,

because the moment you have the spark

you’re ready to receive that baby.


Isn’t this fucking fabulous news????


I’m so excited for you Darling.

I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with this!


What do you mean you don’t know what to do?

I just told you.



let me break this down for you.


  1.  KNOW that there is a vision inside of you that’s already a DONE deal.
  2. KNOW that your energetic self is already standing in the place where you’re living the dream.



Still not enough?


Okay, I’ll go deeper.


Right now,

the reason you’re here and not there

is because you have certain beliefs that got you here but won’t serve you there,

you have certain habits that got you here but won’t serve you there,

you have certain stories that got you here but won’t serve you there,

you have certain routines that got you here but won’t serve you there,

you have certain relationships that got you here but won’t serve you there,

you have certain standards that got you here but won’t serve you there,

you have certain things in your physical environment that got you here but won’t serve you there.


Step One:

(Bwahahahaha I’m giving you fucking steps!  Kill me now…)


You have to identify ALL that does not belong in THAT vision and

let that shit go!

But you don’t want to because your ego freaks the fuck out

every time you say

“It’s time to change Schnoekums.”

You go into all the old fear-laced BS of

‘what if I need this later’, or

‘I don’t want to hurt their feelings’, or

‘it would make me a selfish bitch and nobody will like me’, or

‘that’s totally irresponsible’, or

‘it feels toooooo haaaaaard whaaaaaaaaa!’, or

‘I’m not ready’, or

‘I’m not good enough’, or

‘this is just not the right time for me, I first have to blah blah blah’, or

whatever the fuck.

Let it go or stay where you’re at and stop complaining.


Step Two:


Become UNAVAILABLE for anything LESS than what you would have at THAT level.

This means that if someone wants to work with you,

but they’re not prepared to make the investment at that level,

it’s a FUCK NO!

It means that if someone tells you they want to have a relationship with you

and it’s ALMOST everything you desire

but not quite yet

it’s a FUCK NO!

It means that if you’re offered a plate of food

that your next level self would gag at

it’s a FUCK NO!

It means that if you see a dress that’s okay

but is doesn’t caress your skin as if you’re the most precious being in the world,

it’s a FUCK NO!

You have to stand STRONG and SURE

and insist:




And don’t say that the Universe put it in front of you so therefor it HAS to be the best you’re going to get.


you’re not pulling that settling for crumbs card with me!

The Universe will give you a buffet to choose from

and she doesn’t have a dented ego when you say you want better.

She DELIGHTS in your pleasure.


Step Three:

(Ugh, how many steps do you want me to give you?  I know the experts say it has to be 3, 5 or 7 for you to believe me – my eyes are literally rolling)


Do the things that has you feel like you OWN IT

and do them NOW.

That’s right Sweetheart.

All of this is because of how you want to feel.

Which means,

the more often you choose to feel THAT HAPPY right now,

the more you’re BE-ING that level of yourself,

which means,

the faster everything around you will catch up with what’s already transpired on an energetic, emotional and internal level.


That’s it!

So simple.

So easy.

So fun!


Stop overcomplicating shit.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is so much easier than you think.


Live with honour,

or exist in struggle,



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