Lifegasms are Received, not achieved…

As a driven
high achiever,
I relish in the hustle,
the push,
the overcoming of massive obstacles.

It’s the thrill
that keeps me coming back for more.

I love waking in the morning
going to war with that little bitch in my head
saying I’m not good enough
not smart enough
not pretty enough
not young enough
it ALL
with a cherry on top for no real reason other than the fact that I love cherries.

I love going out on my bike
in bat-shit crazy weather
raging into the storm
unnecessarily proving to myself once again
that I can do whatever I put my mind to.
Even if that means getting home,
in all appearance a drowned rat who’ve gone to hell and back.
Yet my smile radiating through my exhaustion.

I love being a warrior,
always ready to fight for all that I love, respect and value.
Taking a stand against the cult of mediocrity
which lies at the outskirts of my empire,
keeping the sheople in the fields where they belong.

I love ALL of this
I love gasms.

As an Alpha Female
it took me decades to finally connect to the knowing
that for me to activate my full pleasure and potential
I have to reclaim,
and appreciate

ALL of me.

That means that I get to be the hustler
I get to be the empress.
Commanding my desires and then
relinquishing control,
allowing myself to receive exquiste pleasure
oh my god YES!

Thank you Universe.
More please.

For the Universe in all his might and glory
my ultimate lover.

I have come to understand that he delights in my delicious allowing of joy.
I have come to understand that he thrills in my exhiliration.
I have come to understand that as an Alpha Female
it’s about partnering with the Universe
in creating my thrive evolution!

You see Darling,
Alphas didn’t come to this life to be precious princesses,
lying around on a chaise-lounge,
nibbling little cucumber sandwhiches
whilst having manicures as the highlight of our day.
I respect and appreciate for some that is Eutopia,
for me,
it’s fucking torture.

When people tell me to go sit on my arse all day and relax
I feel as though they’re giving me a prison sentence.
I simply don’t understand why I’m being punished,
and then they say
it’s because they care
and they want to stop me from burning out.

Alphas love rolling up their sleeves,
getting elbow deep into the creative process.

Think of life as sculpting pottery.
We love being given the ingredients for the clay,
mixing it to the imperfectly perfect consistency for us,
and then
with unpracticed hands,
craft what was supposed to be a masterpiece
yet looks like a toddler lump of clay with a hole in the middle.
We delight in the absurdity of it all,
hearing the soft rumble of laughter of our lover in our ear
as he brings his arms around
guiding our fingers
and through this co-creative process
a gorgeous cup makes her appearance.

Even whilst clapping our hands in childlike delight,
we desire something bigger so
we start making a vase.

I now understand that the Universe has no wish for me to change.
He has no intention for me to go against my very nature,
which sees me embracing and activating both masculine and feminine energies inside of me.
He has no inclination for me to pretend to have fun doing nothing
when he knows
that my thrill comes from participating.
Just as I now know that I can play on the journey of bringing my desires to fruition,
I can hustle,
I can grinde,
yet when it’s time,
I release
I let go
and I allow myself to receive in deep satisfaction!

Are you starting the see the dance Alpha?
Are you starting to understand that right now you’re probably working way too fucking hard for what you desire
and in the process you’re actually just pushing it away?

You might still be thinking it’s all up to you
and maybe you’ve had to figuratively masturbate for so long
that you’ve forgotten the extreme pleasure available to you from the touch of a conscious lover.

Today I invite you to just imagine what it would feel like
if you didn’t have to do all the work
for your lifegasms?

What would it feel like to partner with the Universe
in receiving all that you want?

What would it feel like to know that you are safe
and fully supported
so that you can relinquish control
and let pleasure wash over you in waves
without any shame or guilt or concern?

What would it feel like?

It’s been my experience that the more I allow myself to connect to THIS feeling,
AND give myself permission to play full out,

because it’s fun for me,
the faster my desires come to manifested form.
For my Universe truly celebrates my pleasure.

Alpha Female,
it’s time for you to reclaim ALL of you
and to enjoy ALL of you
and to love ALL of you
and from this space
choose to thrive!

For death is inevitable,
but oh dear god
lifegasms are SENSATIONAL!

Live with honour,

PS: Are you ready to co-create your next miracle?

We’re in the final week of my birthday celebrations and this means your final week to step half-way up in partnering with me to co-create your next miracle.

You’ll know this is the right time because you’ve been asking for help from the Universe,
you’ve said that you’ve had enough of tolerating your current circumstances,
that you’re not willing to settle for one more moment,
and you actually meant it.

You’ll know this is the right time because you’ve had enough of the struggle
and you’re craving the sweet release,
to have relief and abundance wash over you,
and feel fully alive once more.

You’ll know this is the right time
because you just know.

If you’re ready to dance let’s get on a call asap.