Like a puppet on a string.

Tell me Gorgeous,
how does it feel
to realise that you’re still just
a puppet on a string
dancing to the tune of fear?

How does it feel
acknowledging to yourself
that even though you’re moving faster,
stomping harder,
throwing your head back every now and again
letting out the howl of a pup,
you’re still being played with
through the careful conditioning
of the Puppet Masters?

How does it feel
to know that you’re still clinging to those strings,
thinking they are all that’s keeping you up,
weakening every second
as you’ve released your control
to stop the pain of resistance
as they told you it’s futile?

the resistance was the very thing that was making you stronger.

At first it was just a glass of wine at the end of the day,
an extra bite or two,
leading to habitual intoxication
which you call having a ‘party’,
whilst feeling the shrinking of your Soul
as you have made her the enemy
no longer willing to trust her guidance
no longer willing to hear her voice
no longer willing to be guided by the frequency
of love and truth.

You have sold out
like billions around you,
and in the process,
the Puppet Masters are having a blast.
Directing your focus and energy
to whatever they choose
keeping you locked in the frequency of fear
killing your genius, your art, your spark.

Allowing your fear
to saturate bodies
simply by being in your presence
smothering them with your ‘love’

What the hell are you thinking Alpha?
Or have you stopped thinking for yourself as well?

So maybe today it’s time for a little reminder
of who the fuck you are
from a space of love
and if this rips out every single pubic hair
leaving you with a burning sting,

It’s about bloody time someone loves you enough to tell you the truth.


You were born
magnificence in human form
to have a human experience
from which to create
life and love and thrive.

You came here in a time when humanity has created a perfect illustration of what happens when we sacrifice excellence for fragile ego,
when we sacrifice love for codependency,
when we sacrifice connection with our Being for the acceptance of the cult,
when we sacrifice our children in the name of our fathers even though our fathers were a lottle lost,
when we sacrifice lives in the name of religion,
when we sacrifice connection in the name of the latest fucking # and if you don’t see the insanity in this, you’re lost to me and to love, please leave and go stand in the huddle of the sheople as you mindlessly keep destroying our world.

You CHOSE to come in this time Woman,
and you AGREED to experience the pain which is the result of the imbalance created between masculine and feminine energies,
whether that pain is through rape or abuse,
witnessing the death of your children,
suffocating your brilliance whilst sucking his cock so that he will tell you what a good girl you are and that he loves you before taking another sip of his drink and playing the next raid,
feeling the desperation of a small child who just wants someone to love her for who she is yet her parents were so busy fighting with each other they didn’t even acknowledge her excistence or her trauma as her brother beat her head into yet another wall,
the humiliation as you can’t buy your children a loaf of bread because your husband has overdrawn the account to feed his addictions,
you AGREED to experience the pain
because you BELIEVED
you KNEW
that you were strong enough
to find your way back to love

and from this space
become the Lover, the Queen, the Warrior to allow the Magician to bring his magic to your aid

and then
apparently you forgot.

I get it.
I too was lost to myself and my truth for the longest time,
after all Darling,
they have created a system of conditioning for conformity,
calling it ‘education’,
and every generation fewer find the courage to fight the machine
who operate in the frequency of love, truth and excellence.

I get it,
and I don’t believe that you’re not clever enough to figure this out by now.

I’m also telling you straight to your face:
you’re not going to do this alone.
That is another fallacy told to you by those who want you to remain the same as you are today,
making it a badge of honour,

“Oh wow honey, you don’t need anyone to help you, you’re awesome, you can do this”

so that you will stay stuck
way fucking longer
than we have time for.

Don’t fall for that.

I work with high achieving women who reach the point where their dissatisfaction in mere results finally have them realise that there’s more to them, more to their lives, than the next goal. Women who have a purpose so big, they refuse to stand in their own way a moment longer. Women who don’t belong in the ‘tribe’ and who crave a space of deep and true connection with those who choose thrive from Soul and Love.

After all Darling,
death might be inevitable,
but will you choose the courage to thrive?

Live with honour,