Don’t EVER let them tell you what you’re capable of! EVER.

I find it amusing how nobody ever tells me to aim higher, stretch further, set the goal post on the other side of the world so I can grow more simply to get to the finish line.

Yet the moment I take my head out of my ass and decide to up my game to what I know is more in alignment with my true vibration everyone feels the need to tell me to slow down.  Do less.  Take it easier.


I’ve made the decision to collapse the timeline for my yoga certification even further thereby doing up to three classes a day.

I’ve been feeling under-challenged lately.

If I have to be completely honest with myself I’ve been feeling slightly bored.

I’ve been feeling no pain of exhaustion and pushing the limits again and again.  You know I love the pain.

I’ve been feeling OMG can  I really say it?  Average!  Bleugh!

I can feel my IronMan strength and fitness, both physically and mentally, die away.  That’s what happens.  It’s called muscle atrophy – what we don’t use, we lose.

So I went onto the available class schedule and identified how many classes I can do whilst continuing to transform and grow my business and add even more value to my tribe.  It’s going to be a tight balance upping my productivity, fueling my body cleverly and taking on the additional workload.

In other words Darling,


I’m going to be exhausted.

It’s gonna hurt like hell.

Play mode back ON!

Almost instantly I was advised to back down.  To slow down.  To take fewer classes and maybe one in the morning and one at night.

Not this time Hunny Bear.

I will never again take advise from those who have acclimatized to working with average performers.

Because I know myself in a way that they never will.

They will never know what I am capable of.

They will never hear the voice of purpose-driven passion in my head.

What I’ve learned by now is the more you do, the more you want to do, the more energy you have, the more you can do.  In the same instance the less you do, the less you want to do, the less energy you have, the less you can do.

See the pattern?

We can almost feel sorry for those who exist from day to day, going through the motions.  They look at us and get worried that we’re doing too much.  That we’re going to burn out.  Because they’re operating at 10% of what we do and they’re fucking tired all the time.

They don’t understand that we are a different breed, you and I.  They never will.

For we are the beasts who thrive on pressure.  The stress that kills others is like high octane fuel to our machines.  The goals that scare the pants off others makes us tingle with excitement.

I know because I was awake at 1 am thinking how else I can fit more in.

Not from an energy of panic or overwhelm.

It was from an energy of hunger!  An energy of ambition.  An energy of passion and my Soul knowing that I can sleep plenty when I’m dead.

Right now I don’t want to fucking sleep!

Right now I want to take this middle-aged body and get her lean, mean, sexy machine shape.  Because that’s what I need from her for my next goals.

So I use the ‘concerned advise’ to get me pissed.

Anger is a secret power that the ordinary shy away from.

Anger has taken me places in the past that I’ve loved.

Places that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t tapped into the explosive energy that is available in anger.

I realized this at my very first mountain bike race.  I’d just started cycling with my husband and we decided that we would go race together for fun.  Days before the race he received a request for a meeting a few hours prior to our race and of course he said yes.  “Don’t worry Anel.  I’ll be done in plenty of time for us to get to the race.”

Famous last words.

A couple of hours before the start I receive the message to go so long and he’ll meet me at there.

I could feel my irritation rise.

Standing at the start I was anxiously looking around for him.  I kept sending messages with no response.

The gun shot off and so did the riders.

I was fuming!

I couldn’t believe that he would let me down like this.

To make matters even worse, we hit a cattle crossing around 2 kilometers into the race and I had no choice but to stop and helplessly watch the riders pull away in front of me whilst the cows took their sweet time getting from one field to the next.

By the time that last cow moved her ass out of the way I was piping hot with fury!  I took every last bit of that energy into my legs and I pumped those little babies like Ferrari pistons.  In no time I started pulling in riders.   I held on to my fury.  My husband was in big shit!  Just wait until I got to the finish line.  He better not be there because I was going to fucking kill him.  He better be there or I was going to fucking kill him.

I was so angry I completely lost sight of what was happening around me.

So imagine my surprise when I came around the last corner to hear the announcement “And here is our first lady for the day”.


And people wonder why I’m so hooked on my cycling 🙂

I came skidding over the line and as I pulled the brakes my anger simply evaporated as it was replaced with pure elation.

Hubby never got the dressing down.  I was way too thrilled with my first ever win.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do this time around.

I’m going to get really pissed about the fact that I was told to slow down and I’m going to use every last drop of that to fuel my determination.

Wanna see me rock this out?

Keep your eyes open Darling because it’s going to be epic.

Yes, I’m going to have bags under my eyes and my normal attire will be replaced with sweaty yoga outfits for the next few weeks.  But know this – I’m going to be in my place of pure JOY!

How about you?

Are you feeling less than exhilarated at the moment?  Because that’s a huge clue for you Darling – it’s time to bite off more than you can chew.

It’s time for you to get pissed at all the well-intentioned little people who convinced you to be reasonable.

Fuck reasonable.

Fuck ordinary.

You Were Born for Extraordinary!

Just embrace it because it’s true.

Sit your sexy ass down right here right now.  Take out your journal and write down this question:  “If I stopped believing in limitations, If I stopped listening to others, If I was my most powerful self, what goal would I be working towards right now?”

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Then start writing without sensoring yourself.  Just let it come out.  Don’t stop writing until you know for sure you’re done.

Then have a read over what you just wrote.

Does  THAT set you on fire?

Does it make you tingle with excitement?

Do you feel a smile plastered on your face?

Now commit to it.

Right here right now!

Don’t you dare fucking back down.

Because right there is your truth.

Don’t you dare walk away from it.

Whatever your Soul has just shown you, you are capable of. Do you understand that?  Your Soul will NEVER set you up for failure.  Believe this and trust.

Then take just one teeny tiny action towards that goal.  If that is to enter a race, then do it.  Go on the website and just enter, we can figure out the how later.  If that is to open a separate bank account to save up for your dream vacation then do it right now.  If it is to register a website domain for your new business which you didn’t even know you were going to start, then do it!

One step is all it takes to get started on the journey.

And you’re so worth it.

Because whilst you’re listening to the little people your final breath is fast approaching.  Is it going to be a slow sleepy yawn or are you going to blow it out in a steamy exclamation?

Your choice.

With love always,


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