Love does not settle

Just to be clear
this piece is exclusively for Alphas.
Anybody else,
you simply won’t get it.
You’ll get your panties all tied up and prissy,
you’ll feel that you have to defend the cult of mind-fuckery
and I’m not in the mood for your programmed responses,
so just keep scrolling to the next cat video please.

Still here?

Good –
then I’m talking to an alpha which means,
raw and real.

it’s time for you to take a long hard look at your life today,
right now,
and from a space of
raise your standards to the next next next level of spectacular, orgasmic, OMFG this is FABULOUS,
in every

Having slipped into a little bit of complacency simply because we’re living in a time when not even 1% of 1% of 1 mothereffing % of people have an ounce of honour and integrity left,
depending on the legal system to fight their sordid battles,
shooting guns if they don’t get their childish ways,
finding new ways to publicly shame others,
is no longer an excuse for YOU not to choose excellence.

Not in my space,
not in my time,
so best you remember who the fuck you are and


We came here through love,
not sperm, eggs and sweaty grunting doggy style,

You are forged from the energetic particles of pure love.
In your veins flows life force infused with pure love.

THAT is who you are.

Yet you think that you can sit there and tell me that you’re trying your best,
you know you’re going to break through this year
you just first have to make the money
first have to figure out how to lose the weight and keep it off
first have to raise the kids
first have to think about it
What the fuckity fuck is there to think about???

You’re either choosing to step up in a radical way with conviction and certainty COMMANDING the Universe supports you because
this is no longer an option
you’re choosing to stay a brain-washed victim of fear-laced average who will settle for the rest of your life
because you don’t fucking believe!

You don’t believe you can have whatever you want.
You don’t believe in true abundance for all.
You don’t believe the Universe has your back.
You don’t believe that you are enough.
You don’t believe that the answers are truly inside of you.
You don’t believe you deserve to be supported in recieving all your needs and desires.

So you think you can bargain and plead with God
who witnesses another slave girl
wanting to please from her knees
and in true love
she keeps you on your knees

You keep yourself busy with busy-work
touching a little here
a little there
completely ineffective as you’ve also bought into the fallacy of multi-tasking
so you’re never fully present
never brining ALL of your energy, your focus, your creative FORCE to the task at hand.

You train listening to audio books NOT being present in your body, NOT feeling the tear and the push and the pull of your muscles, NOT allowing yourself to fully experience the burn of exhiliration in your lungs because you’ve escaped to your head
whilst NOT allowing yourself to fully absorb the words of the author thereby truly disrespecting the hours, months, sometimes YEARS of fucking dedication they’ve put into creating this work of art for YOU!


You insult your kids, your friends, your colleagues, your coaches by having your phone handy whilst in their presence, in conversation with them and you fucking DARE look at the incoming notifications clearly telling the person in front of you that


You have no boundaries because god forbid you should upset the nosy parkers who are clearly NOT alpha, the ones who insist you should share EVERYTHING with the public,
photos of your kids,
photos of your breakfast,
your dreams,
your visions,
and then you wonder why you receive photos of random dicks,
because where do you draw the line?
Who the actual fuck CARES if research shows ‘what sheople wants to see…’

Alphas don’t go online to see what everyone else is doing. Alphas don’t go online to see who you are dating and who you are telling publicly you love because CLEARLY it’s all bullshit if you feel the need for public approval and recognition that you love someone.
You can’t take the time to look into their eyes, connect deeply and tell them privately?

Jesus people, wake up and start thinking!
Start seeing just how screwy all of this is!
Pay attention to just how far out of integrity this bullshit is taking you!

And quite frankly,
Alphas work with Alphas
so if you’re telling me that I have to show you my underbelly you’re not alpha and you can just keep scrolling to the next dog picture!


I’m going to tell you right here right now that you will NEVER raise your standards to excellence until you radically love yourself,
and once you love yourself,
you will never again settle.

From that point forward you will understand that dropping your standards for yourself and for others is fucking disgusting and the shit that’s keeping people drowning in misery.
Because we’re telling them we don’t believe they are magnificence in human form.
We’re telling them they don’t have what it takes to live an extraordinary life,
here’s another pill to make THAT pain bearable.
We’re telling them we don’t respect them enough to hold them to the standard of what is possible and available for them.
And it starts with us.

So tell me Alpha:
– are you PROUD of your standards in every single area of your life?
– do you go to bed at night knowing that you left everything out there having given it your best?
– do you rise in the morning ready to show up with conviction, purpose and passion?

No excuses.
Yes or no.

For death might be inevitable.
But thrive occurs in the realm of excellence.

Live with honour,

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the woman who is no longer attached to her own excuses,
the woman who is prepared to walk away from sub-par,
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