Love doesn’t always sound loving.

If I had a dollar for each time I’ve been told
“Anel, you can’t say that!”
I could retire the entire world.

There was but a short period of time,
in-between my first words
and my last,
that I submitted to the pressure of
toning it down
sugar-coating it
be a little more PC.

It was not a good time for me
or for anyone that I truly love.

Ultimately people have become addicted to
all the wrong shit:
food in obscene amounts
online gaming
entertainment for distraction,

all to take themselves out of their game,
out of their best potential.

To ensure that the crippling disease called mediocrity
reigns supreme in our world,
suffocating brilliance and creativity,
destroying true love and a legacy you will be proud of,
we’re preached from infancy
to speak lovingly and to be kind in our selection of words.

We’re told that we should not judge.
If you have the audacity to point out the fact that they’re self-sabotaging like a mofo, you’re judging.
If you have the titanium tits to highlight their poor choices leading to the exact results they’re complaining about, you’re judging.
If you tell them any morsel of truth, you’re judging.
You become the bitch in the tale
whilst all those molly-coddling assassins
are praised for killing another soul.

We’re supposed to be these gentle creatures with fluff for brains.
We’re supposed to sit back
swallow our truth
and watch those we love
sink lower into the sandpit of their own creation
soothing them with lies that
it’s okay
we still believe in them
they can do it
they can take all the time required for them
to finally
to get the fuck out,
take back control of their

You call this love?

You call it love to not tell the truth to
parents who are beating the crap out of their kids because they’re refusing to grow up and take responsibility of their emotional well-being;
lovers who are breaking down their partners because they’re not dealing with their own shit and instead feel it’s okay to use another as a punching bag;
people who are suffering day in and day out as they’re not willing to release the toxic energies of hatred, resentment, blame and what at first just feels bad, saturates the cells in their bodies leading to physical disease and pain;
those who are so terrified of being seen that they pack on the pounds like a brick wall to the point where they’re carrying a mini supermarket every time they get out of a chair?

You call it love to say it’s okay when a woman refuses to make her own decisions as she stopped believing in herself and lives at the mercy of an insecure little boy who can hardly cope with his own decisions?
You call it love to affirm that a woman doesn’t have money to invest in herself and receiving professional support, that she should rather go buy another bottle of wine to drink with her ‘girlfriends’ as that will get her through the week?
You call it love to agree with a woman who complains about how unfair life is, how exhausted she is, and who refuses to receive help?

It’s bloody atrocious!

What’s even worse
is that people do it to
all the time.

They’re ‘gentle’ with themselves,
they tone down their truth to themselves,
they lie to themselves,
saying shit like
It’s not my fault
I just don’t know
It’s not the right time
I don’t have it
I’m just not that strong / talented / important
It’s just one little chocolate
I deserve this drink
She asked for it…

Well Darling,
maybe it’s time for a little less
and a little more
brutal truth.

After all,
you either
you’re magnificence in human form,
taking full responsibility for your life,
striving to be BETTER
every day

or you’re one of them sheople who just want to stand around
grazing on the same piece of grass for hours
waiting for death.

Know this as well dear Lady:

Nobody is coming to save you.
Nobody is going to do the work for you.
Nobody is going to do better for your kids.

It’s up to you to
Rise Alpha Female.

Live with honour,