Are goals just another way of lowering our standards of commitment?

This piece is most likely going to be rambling AF.
I’m not giving this any thought.
I’m simply working through the madness in my head
and giving you a front row seat.

I’ve been doing some pretty deep
I mean REALLY deep
on myself
and with my clients in Unleashed through Love
(respect to these incredible women who are right now free falling into a new level of darkness, bleeding out of their eyes and STILL showing up and doing the work).

I’m gutting the building
from floors to ceilings
allowing myself to look at every single structure
from a new perspective
to see
what’s truly serving us
and what needs to go.


Like so many
which is what most still consider an Alpha Female to be,
it’s not but okay let’s pretend a little longer,
I’ve been a slave to goals.

Preaching goals,
teaching goals,
breathing goals.

But you know what Darling,
goals (which is not exactly an ancient concept)
have become boring
to the freaks who came to this world
not to replicate
but to experiment and sculpt and build and create original works of art.

Yet we’ve taken our creative genius
which requires chaos and craziness
which requires titanium tits
which requires the ZONE
which requires you to be dedicated to the muse
and stuck her into a little ‘sensible’ box labeled

Goals are too fucking easy
to get out of
and not feel too bad about your lack of commitment
when things get tough.

We’re breeding a culture where ‘circumstances’ trumps ‘word’,
and then we’re expected to be more understanding and leniant.

Shit, the ‘experts’ are even saying people should have no more grand ambitions or strive for magnificence
because it makes them feel bad about themselves if they don’t succeed first time around.

We’re told to work in ‘teams’
not to unleash the GENIUS in each member
but for the strong
to carry the weak
taking upon themselves the responsibility to get to the outcome
even though they’re being paired up with lazy assholes
and because some still take PRIDE in their work
they will kill themselves in the process.

We’re told to carry the weak to the top of the mountain
everyone ‘deserves’ to see the spectacular view.

Are you actually tickling my right ovary?

All of this is allowing the weak to become weaker
and the strong to become exhausted
which breeds more mediocrity!

It’s time for the weak to toughen the fuck up
and experience the JOY and PRIDE and ALIGNMENT
available to each of us in this lifetime
when we rid ourselves of the shackles of BULLSHIT
average fucking anything!

Either that
or get out of the path of ALPHAS
who ARE committed to bringing back
the high vibration
of love, excellence, creativity, honour, magic!

What if…

Instead of setting goals,
we actually
to sculpting

Stay with me a moment longer.

As an artist
you have a vision in your SOUL HEART,
I know you have,
and it’s fucking complete and spectacular and it’s going to have balls drop and pussies drip
if only
you would commit to the insanity
say fuck your fear and all the small-minded imbicles in your environment
and like an obsessed BEAST
dedicate your life to creating that sculpture for the highest and greatest good of all creation.

What YOU have to do
is trust the muse to guide your hands
to guide your eyes
to guide your actions
to mold
to chip away
to reveal
the beauty of it.

You have to BE the artist

We both know that society has ALWAYS shunned the greats of their time.
most of them have either been locked away in padded cells or studios so that the neighbours wouldn’t see the weirdness of who they are.
They have been ridiculed,
they have been ostracised,
they have been cast the hell out,
they DEDICATED THEIR LIVES to the vision.
Not 30 days,
not 90 days.

When did we become so fucking pathetic that we won’t commit to the ART???
When did we choose to stop believing in ourselves
in our magic
in our awesomeness
and instead looked at anyone who would
show us the way?
The way to where????

Look, if goals serve you, keep setting them.
If goals are still fun for you, keep setting them.
If goals still have you show up as your best self, keep setting them.

But if not,
what is the SCULPTURE you FEEL in your SOUL HEART????
The CREATION that is so UNIQUE to YOU
that nobody else carries the BLUEPRINT?

Who do you need to BE
for you to VIBRATE on the level of your MASTERPIECE?

Who do you need to surround yourself with,
masters in their own right,
who FEEL the vision,
and because it takes their breath away
they bring their GENIUS to the table
creating that which the EARTH calls forth
to restore the balance
to bring back harmony
to a world where the empty human shells
have left destruction in their wake
like locusts?

What do you need to become unavailable for?
What do you need to sacrifice?
Where do you need to stop lying to yourself?
Where do you need to stop settling?
Who do you need to take off a fucking pedestal
understanding that YOU are the creator of YOUR experience?

That’s all for now.

Live with honour,