Make today a mini-blueprint of your dream life

Good morning Sugar,
do you feel it?

The throbbing deep inside
as your body
your Being
is electrified with excited anticipation
for the day ahead.

Knowing that there will be those precious moments
when the world can go take a hike
as the only thing that matters right now
is Your One sitting before you
and you take your sweet time to
drink Him in with your eyes
breathe Him in
take Him in.

Knowing that there will be those delightful moments
when you get to create an original work of art
from your heart and soul
and share it with the world
with no hang-ups on who will receive it
and who will reject it,
not your concern,
you are Creator.

Knowing that there will be those exhiliratig moments
when you push your body to her limits
turned on by sweat trickling between your breasts
sliding over your abdomen
whilst your lungs chase more oxygen
to feed your muscles in their growth
which you get to nourish afterwards with protein
proud of sculpting the perfect vehicle for your life.

Knowing that there will be those tender moments
of deep connection with your soulmate clients
as you hold a powerfully compassionate space
for them to rage and break through
witnessing as they claim their power
from which celebrations will ensue
in heaven and on earth
as another Alpha Female chose to rise.

Knowing that there will be those nonsensical moments
of shenanigans, dancing, flirtatious delight
with life itself
as today is another gift
for you to experience to the absolute max.

Do you feel it?
The throbbing.
The moisture.
Rich and ripe for receiving
all your desires
from a space of knowing
it’s already done.

Or are you still caught in the insane mode of
set the goal
make the plan
take the steps
day in and day out
from a space of fear and doubt and fighting the imposter in the mirror
dried up
desperately praying for your big break
so you can finally
and enjoy your life?

Damn Woman

Oh, but you still haven’t done the work, have you?
You still haven’t done the REAL work
of un-fucking your mind from all the social conditioning
and masculine practicality
and your FEAR of the DANCE.

Instead you keep telling yourself you don’t need anyone or anything to be happy.
You’re just going to put your head down
outworking everyone in the room
smashing the ball out of the park
and then
they will have to respect you
have to acknowledge you
have to appreciate you
and maybe
oh my god dare you even whisper the truth
you will be loved…

Oh hon,
you can absolutely carry on with this insanity,
I’m not going to judge you
as I was THAT woman for the longest time
and yes,
I achieved like a motherfucker
but it was void of true joy
it was filled with fear and pain and anger
so much fucking anger
and in the process
I robbed myself of
every days.

Here’s what I want you to connect to today:
everything that you truly desire
heart and soul desire
desires you!

It’s there,
ripe for the receiving
and in your allowing to receive your epilicious life
you allow them to receive
thereby creating abundance for ALL.

But you have to stop thinking that you’re over here
and what you want is over there
and for you to ‘get to it’
you have to be a slave to fear
on your knees
scrubbing away in misery and resentment
so that the gods will deem you worthy of reward.


You get to BE the woman
living THAT life

You simply have to figure out what THAT life even is
and I’m going to give you a little bonus tip here:
for women like us, it’s NEVER about the money.
Money is a by-product and does not turn our pussies on.

Once you know
you have to be willing to show the fuck up NOW
as your BEST self
already having received
letting go of all that is out of vibrational alignment
including those who call you a freak, crazy, unrealistic –
we don’t do normal or realistic in the realm of Alpha –
and make every day a mini-blueprint of your dream life.

This is not about faking it until you make it.
This is about doing the work
to create an energetic shift
to find harmony with the vibration of your Inner Alpha
and HOLD this vibration
whilst allowing your external environment to shake and shiver and adjust to the new tone you’re excuding.

That’s all for today.
There’s a lap waiting for me to climb on
arms waiting to hold me
lips waiting to nuzzle me.

You’re very welcome.

Death might be inevitable,
but do you have the gahoonies to choose thrive?

Live with honour,