My Wild Woman Manifesto

Oh, how blessed am I?

I find myself on this incredible path of radical self-love and with every step I take my heart opens to a new dimension I never thought possible.

I’m finding more and more that it’s all about me.

How I choose to think.

How I choose to feel.

How I choose to act.

How I choose to show up.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve smiled more, laughed more, loved more.

Yet I’m also very aware that I’m not a recluse.

Even though I’ve shifted fast and furiously, some of those around me are still struggling with old thought patterns and beliefs filling them with doubt, fear and quite a bit of heartache.

I know well the effect of emotional contagion and if I don’t put in place the structures to support my commitment to my path, slowly but surely I will sway.

Which is why I sat my sexy ass down this weekend and wrote my Wild Woman Manifesto – my declaration to myself of who I am committed to be, what I stand for, my truth.

It is with great love that I share my manifesto with you today – may it inspire you to commit to your best level self.

Use it.

Change it.

Write your own.

You’re fucking worth it.

Wild Woman Manifesto

This is my declaration to myself.

I am a wild woman.

I courageously  express my truth knowing that it will always divide the listeners into camps of love and hate.

I own my no-nonsense, rebellious, badass nature to illuminate truth in times of darkness.

I show up in the world with beauty, grace and confidence.  

I embrace my identity as a warrior maiden and never apologise for owning my divinity.

I am the woman who struts, not walks.

The woman who keeps her head high even in the face of stones cast by naysayers.

The woman who will always rise no matter how hard life knocks me down.

I am the woman who believes in magnificent standards of excellence and who never compromise.

I keep exquisite company with those who are spiritual, high vibrational and purpose driven.  Those brave enough to speak their truth and be catalysts for change.  Those who walk with dignity and pride.  Those who honour the ancient wisdoms of alchemy, magic and love for Gaia.

I always make the right decisions for my highest good and live my life in service to the healing of humanity.  

I am committed to continue my journey of growth and self-love never backing down in submission to those who desire to keep the status quo.

I am unapologetically feminine.

Like the fierce lioness I stand my ground and defend my young to the death.  I hunt with my sisters to feed my soul and lie with my lover to feed my heart.

I refuse to ever bow down for others to step on me but stand my ground and hold my hand out for those who desire to follow.

I have clear and powerful boundaries which I respect and uphold at all times just as I respect the boundaries of others.

My body is my temple and I am committed to keep her strong, flexible, healthy, sexy, thriving.

I choose to live my life with ease, joy, grace, love and magic.

I walk in the light of my Lord and Lady, believing in myself, my truth, my path.

I live my life in accordance to my soul so that I will remain proud of the wild woman I am.

And so it is.

Blessed Be.


With love eternal,


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