May the real Alpha Females reveal themselves…

If you’re not Alpha
why would you be reading this?

Are you just curious,
thinking I’m some exotic breed to study?
Or are you bored with your life
so you’re scrolling around looking for something to entertain you?
Are you maybe just frustrated with your life
frustrated with yourself
so you’re looking to pick a fight with anyone who is different from you?

Hon, if you have more time to waste,
sure, whatever, stay,
you are hereby politely escorted out the door.

have you noticed how the masks are starting to crack?
How many who have pronounced themselves to be Alpha
are nothing more than terrified pups pissing their pants right now?

Running around skidding in the chaos created
as their well walked paths disappear in the dust from the sheople stampeding franctically
they don’t even know who
just the arse in front of them.

Have you noticed how those who have been given the title of leader by a system built on lies and indoctrination
are disappearing whilst sending out emails of jobs canned and prison sentences dealt to those who have not faced their monsters,
now under lock and key with their worst nightmares.

Have you noticed how everyone is saying we must ONLY talk about the ray of sunshine,
the illusive rainbow,
whilst shit is pouring down,
manure for Mother Earth
but stinking to humanity.

Yes, I don’t think so.

Let them talk about hope and ‘positivity’
that’s THEIR job,
whilst we stay connected with that which nobody wants to talk about
don’t want to face
don’t want to take responsibility for
because it’s ugly
and it’s raw
and it’s fucking REAL!

We understand that right now
the dial of pain is about to be turned the fuck UP
and more people will commit suicide than the virus can ever kill.

Let’s talk about the dark
for that is where we’ve roamed most of our lives.
Their nightmare
was our normal.

We know that whilst most are talking about
‘Yeah, people get to spend time and reconnect with their loved ones’
there are way more people
fucking terrified
for they’ve been effectively doomed to stay in close contact with their abusers.

Those who couldn’t even deal with their shit under normal circumstances
they’re going to lose control completely
and those codependent women
those codependent men
those children
are going to be beaten to the end of their lives
tormented by the uncontrolled insanity of the lost ones
and we FEEL it!

We feel the terror of those who did not find the courage to leave before.
We feel the terror of the children who hid under the bed before this.
We feel it
and instead of ignoring the screams echoing in the dark
as they’re energetic bodies are reaching out to whoever they can find
we are called to


We are NOT here to do the light-work
we’re here for the dark!

They cannot cope with this shit,
we’re BORN for it,
we’ve TRAINED for it,


Now is the time for Alphas to stop pretending to be normal
and to start activating our DNA
allowing our frequency to be amplified
allowing our magical powers to be activated
and to do the motherfucking work that only we can do.

We roam the dark
experience the pain
see the patterns
end the cycles
bringing through generational healing
and sharing the wisdom
so that humanity will remember
not the virus
but the effects of the unconscious prayers for the virus.

If we allow them to silence us
because we speak the name of the unspeakable
we are traitors to our purpose.

Do you get that?

Are we going to be popular?
Do you WANT to be popular
understanding that it means you speak the forked tongue of the cult of mediocrity?
Are they going to agree with us?
Do you WANT to be agreeable like vanilla fucking ice-cream with a little rainbow sprinkles on top?
Are they going to even GET what the hell we’re talking about?
Do you want to speak on their low frequency so that they will understand?

If you answered yes,
then you’re NOT alpha after all.

#sorrynotsorry to burst your bubble sweetie pie

but you’re welcome.
It must be such a relief to just be honest with yourself
and unfollow me.

if you’ve answered
then now is the time to reveal yourself.

you FEEL
the pain
the anguish
the terror
and you KNOW
you FEEL
the leader inside of you
ready to walk into the dark
to retrieve our fallen kin
so the collective consciousness
will receive healing.

We will witness millions depart
we thank them for their sacrifice
but I swear by the gods
that if we sit and do NOTHING
allowing their sacrifice to be for naught
whilst some are fighting for their lives
then what the actual fuck are we doing here?

Alpha Females understand that our role in this evolution
is to BE the change,
bringing back the power of

which is the ONLY starting point for
of others.

And THIS is what this time is for.

I’m opening space in my Inner Pack for new members,
but understand this
I’m ONLY allowing in the REAL Alpha Females,
those who take full responsibility for themselves
with zero excuses
who are ready to do the work
the real work
in the chaos.

If that’s you, let’s connect.

For death is inevitable
thrive comes from truth, freedom and authenticity.

Live with honour,