How much longer will you choose mediocrity?

You have a choice to make.

Every single day.

You can choose to listen to the bullshit.

The fears of those who will never rise to the ranks of legendary.

Those who choose to stay hidden in the folds of the masses.

Little cowards whispering their actual truth when nobody is around.

Shrunk up testicles keeping them from their true path.

Knowing that this is all they will ever choose to be.

And those voices are not only around you.

They have ingrained their lies into your subconscious mind.

From the moment you gave your first holler entering this dimension,

they’ve told you what to say, what to think, how to feel, who to be,

for you to belong.

You can choose to stay within the cult of mediocrity.

They will embrace you as a long-lost lover.

They will hand you a beer and celebrate your fall.

They will cheer your very presence.

As if…

it fucking matters.

OMG it’s so easy to slide into this life of mere existence.

Everything you see around you applauds this philosophy.


it’s a motherfucking illusion.

It’s the system that keeps your wings clipped,

that keeps you gagged,

that keeps you under control,

to be a pawn in the game of those who choose to rule humanity through fear.


You have another choice to make.


Telling you to stop the insanity.

To step out of the fucking line.

To run away from the crowd as fast as you can.

To reclaim your motherfucking


It’s the choice where YOU DECIDE what you TRULY desire in this lifetime.

YOU DECIDE what you will be remembered for.

And your children are NOT your legacy Darling.

Don’t you DARE put that shit on your kids.



YOU DECIDE who you leave behind

and yes

no more bitches on your back.

YOU DECIDE what you will believe

and yes

you get to believe you are powerful enough to COMMAND the universal forces.

YOU DECIDE what you will do

and yes

fuck their little logical steps and boxes, you get to go from zero to thousand in one magnificent quantum leap.

YOU DECIDE who you will be

and yes

that includes reclaiming all of those parts that they have shamed and broken off and scattered to the four winds.

You get to reintegrate.

You get to walk proud.

You get to speak your truth and let it land where it will.

Some will hear the passion in your voice and they will find the courage within themselves to rise once more.

They will be your true brothers-in-arms.

Others will hear the passion and it will feel like acid dripping onto their fear-drenched torsos.

They will turn on you.

Hissing their fury and disgust.

They will sling their well-rehearsed slogans thinking it will bring you to your knees.

Not ever understanding,

that for those of us who have reached the cross-roads,

the point of no return,

ever sliding back into existence is not an option.

We, who rise before dawn to train and hone our bodies and minds.

We, who get out of the way and allow purpose to guide our actions.

We, who have bled, who have cried, who have gone to the dark hell within and returned stronger than ever before.

Today I speak to you,

and I want you to know that every day you choose mediocrity,

choose fear,

choose to slow down,

choose to shame your drive and your ambition,

choose to stay in that toxic relationship,

choose to keep the false-friends,

you’re choosing to play Russian roulette with your true purpose.

Thinking there will be plenty of time to get your shit together.

Lying to yourself that drinking till you drop is fun when we both know you’re simply attempting to numb out the pain.

Lying to yourself that playing those childish games is stimulating when we both know you’re simply attempting to escape the mess that you call your life.

You don’t have to.

Not a moment longer.

You can sit here, right now,

and you can decide


You can step over the line and you can allow yourself to reclaim your power.

Your true power.

As creator.

As artist.

As achiever.

As badass motherfucker who walk raging into the storm

for nature will bow down to you

when you stop cowering before her.

You might not think it’s an easy choice,

but choice is choice Darling.

What will it be?

Will you go out another year, feeling like a pussy, getting drunk on the 31st of December along with all the other little people,

or will you realign yourself with your true potential.

Activating your mind-set.

Training your body-set.

Connecting your soul-set.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the few brave enough to revolt against mediocrity.

With deep love and appreciation of you,