Your life reflects your level of mind-mastery

I was writing you this witty piece but fuck-it.

Let’s get straight to the point.

What does a life well lived look like to you?

If it’s a big party with booze and music and drunken mates, stop reading.

Walk away.

This piece isn’t for you.

If on the other hand, it’s about leaving behind a legacy, pay attention.

Your days are your life in miniature.

That’s right Darling.


Which means that if you want to become legendary, each and every day has to be lived from this space.

Throw away your calendar.

The one in which society dictates what you can and can’t do in order for you to be acceptable to the masses.

Fuck the masses.

This is all about YOU,

your life,

your thrive.

I want you to start paying really good attention to your energy.

For me, there’s a combination of mind-body-soul which demands activation, challenge, nurturing and attention every single day.

When you get this right, you will NEVER again feel burnt-out.

You will NEVER again need a ‘holiday’ to recharge your batteries because you will be fully charged every single day.

But you have to get off the treadmill going nowhere.

You have to stop doing the same shit over and over again if it’s not spiralling you up.

I’m going to share with you how I see it, and then I invite you to take a look at what feels like a hell yes and how you can incorporate that into your own life, and what feels like a hell no and just let it go!  Find what works for you.

  •  Soul

I don’t believe I’m a body with a soul.  I am a soul with a body having a human experience.  My soul, she already knows exactly what I desire and how I can manifest it instantly.  She is available to me every breath of the way.  She’s figured me out a long time ago.  She knows how to get my attention, but I have to be open to receiving the signs and say FUCK YEAH before thinking about the how.

What does this look like practically?

My day starts with journaling and meditation.  There’s no single one meditation technique that I use.  I go with the flow.  Sometimes I sit with mantras.  Sometimes I stare at the warm cup of coffee in my hands and let my mind wander.  Sometimes my meditation is out on my bike.  There’s no right or wrong way in my world.

I consciously choose to stay open and I know that her guidance normally comes in the form of instant excitement!  Now let’s just be clear that when I say ‘excitement’ it’s normally dished up with a massive dose of fear.  Both has exactly the same chemical reaction in my body, might as well use them both to amplify the feeling.

I say yes, I decide it is done, and then I go to the crapper.

It’s all good.

The power of this relationship is that whenever I’m starting to sniff the possibility of overwhelm, I simply reconnect with Soul.  Wherever I am.  I just focus on my breath, slow it down, and choose to trust.

She’s never let me down.

Never will.

Have you created space to listen to the guidance of your soul?

  • Mind

For decades, I was a slave to my mind.

That’s not even accurate.

My mind was being controlled by society – filled with fear, restrictions, social expectations based on conformity and unquestioned obedience.

It was suffocating.

Like so many others, I was suffering.

I desperately tried to escape through copious amounts of alcohol, tried to become invisible by living on diet pills until there was nothing more to me than skin and bones, tried to hide behind layers of fat by eating myself into a coma, tried to escape into a different reality by watching hours and hours of television.

Finally getting to that point where death seemed like the best option.

Not even their threats of burning in hell for all eternity could stop me.

I would rather burn forever more than continue to live in excruciating pain and depression.

All based on the stories that were happening in my mind.

Victimhood, suffering, doomed to existence – these were the themes in my head.

Can you relate?

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I chose to fight back.

To reclaim my life, starting with understanding my mind.

I now know the true power of the mind.

She loves writing the story which creates my emotions which dictates my motions which ultimately creates my external reality.

And I AM her mistress.

I get to decide.

I get to write the story.

And if the story doesn’t please me, if it doesn’t empower me, if it’s not from the space of love, I get to change it.

Mindset work starts with journaling every single day.

An hour at least.

Seven days a week.

It’s THAT important.

Mindset work continuous by feeding her.

So I nourish her with books, with new insights, new knowledge, always questioning.

I allow her to create challenges in my life and turn them into projects.

Mind thrives when she gets to solve a puzzle.

So instead of wishing for an easy time, wish for an adventurous time.

This is what will keep your mind sharp, keep you focused, and ultimately spiral you up.

Where in your life are you creating opportunities for mind-gym?

Have to grow that muscle as the only alternative is atrophy Darling.

Are you feeling brain-dead?

  • Body

The body is the vehicle of that powerful soul and brilliant mind of yours.

Which means that if you desire to live an iconic life where your soul puts you in front of epic adventures, your mind is stimulated and always craving more challenge, your body best be in peak condition.

You were not made to sit on your arse all day.

When you start treating your body with respect – fuelling her like a Bentley, training her like a beast, pampering her like a queen, pleasuring her like a goddess – she will ASTOUND you with her potential!

Which is exactly why the masses feed you that white shit that has you addicted out of your mind.  It’s why they have created a diet that is literally poisoning you.  Which is why they keep you distracted as much as possible so that you are exhausted all the time.

My body is the key that unlocks my soul-mind potential.

I’ve also come to understand that as a high achiever, I am competitive to the bone.

Why not use that to my advantage instead of feeling shame as they want me to?

I channel my competitive nature into sport.

I also experience a massive transformation when entering races way above my current abilities and then having to commit, train, eat, sleep for success.

My days become even more productive and creative.

My business becomes even more impactful and inspirational to others.

My mind becomes even more clear.

I have to lean on my soul for strength even more.

Regardless of whether I race or not, I train seven days a week.

Racing takes it next level.

Understanding as well that I don’t train like a moron.

I train with a well designed plan.

I take into account my A, B and C races.

I take into account the necessity for strength AND flexibility.

Power AND endurance.

On my ‘rest’ day I do yin yoga for deep conditioning.

How are you treating and training your body?  Are you still leaving her as an after-thought?  Are you letting her go through the motions without challenging her?  Without building her?

Understand that ALL of this, this way of life, is underpinned by my commitment to thrive.

It’s lit up by excitement and purpose and my deep desire to make a difference.

I’m dedicated to impacting at least one life every single day.

In whatever form or way.

Because my days are my life in miniatures.

And that’s all there is to it.

If you’re still just trying to get through the week, fucking STOP IT!

Do you not realise that your life is a gift?

Do you not realise that you DON’T know your expiration day and every day you’re NOT showing up FULLY, is a day wasted?




Take this piece as an opportunity to sit down, do some deep introspection, and commit to creating a life consciously.

If you want to create an average life filled with distraction and suffering, I applaud you for doing it consciously.

If on the other hand you want more, if you want legendary, decide exactly what THAT is going to look like.

From your soul

to your mind

to your body.

And then,


Only death is inevitable,

thriving is the choice of those brave enough to defy the machine.

With love and appreciation,