Mind Your Own Business

This is my personal truth.

Let’s face it, with the explosion of our world reach through the internet it is really hard not to look at what our peers and mentors are doing.  What is new in the industry, who are the new rising stars, what are they doing differently from us?

On the one hand it is really important to keep abreast of what is trending and understanding the psychology behind it, on the other hand it can lead to confusion and paralysis as people are always feeling two steps behind or comparing themselves with those around them and feeling that they are not quite matching up to those in the forefront.  With this comes doubt – doubt in your own abilities, doubt in the voices in your head guiding you on your path, doubt in your worth because you seem to be cherry when the current flavor of the masses is peach.  I know – heaven knows I’ve been there.

There is a reason why you are an entrepreneur.  What works for the masses in terms of productivity, results and satisfaction does nothing for you.  It is boring.  It is restrictive.  It is uninspiring.  And it is insane.  So you left the corporate world knowing that deep within you there is a desire to have your unique voice heard, to say your say in whatever fucking way you desire to say it and if they want to call you unprofessional they can kiss your ass because you’re an entrepreneur.

Then why on God’s green and blue earth are you looking at what everyone else is doing and trying to follow in their footsteps in an attempt to get their results?  It is nothing but fear darling.  And the more you buy into it, the more you try and do it the same as everyone else, the further away you move from your own truth, your intuition and your joy.

During my years as a psychology student I became aware of the driving force behind questions.  There were the questions we asked to help our clients gain clarity, and there were the questions we asked out of our own curiosity which had nothing to do with shifting our clients in any way.  I’ll give you a hint – asking category B questions is not adding value to anyone’s lives.  In business when you come from a place of fear and doubt, you start asking the wrong questions.  You start asking others how many clients they currently have, or how much money they currently make.  Seriously, what difference does that make to your business and your life except to compare yourself to them?  And to what end?

I prefer asking questions such as what books are you currently reading, whose work are you finding meaning in, what are your daily routines that leave you feeling empowered or what races are you doing next LOL.  I know by now that trying to do things the way that others do it leads to epic failure for me.  Even in my sport, I really have to adjust my training to my injuries and get creative.  To train the way that everyone else trains, no matter how elite they might be or how many podiums they get, leads to immense pain and absolute devastation for me!  This is why my coaches tend to be out of the box thinkers and I work one-on-one with them rather than in groups.

On top of all this, if there is one thing the Universe is teaching me in spades at the moment it is that it doesn’t matter WHAT I do as much as it matters in what vibration I’m doing it in.  And my vibration gets changed when I’m stimulated.  How much you are bringing in this month doesn’t stimulate me in the least.  But your inspirational books do.

When we start looking for our answers in the way that others do it, we lose our essence.  I love being fucking cherry in a world full of peach.  Not everyone is going to eat me and this is GOOD news.  I was never born to satisfy the taste of the masses.  I was born to make those who want to push past their comfort into the arena of excellence salivate for more of me.  And I have not come across anyone who does it exactly the way I do because I’m not trying to simulate anyone else.

I was told this morning I tend to be blunt so true to my nature here is my summary.  Mind your own business because it is the only one that matters.  Become aware of the questions you ask and know that asking the wrong questions simply feeds the fear.  It keeps your focus ‘out there‘ instead of having lazer focus ‘in here‘ which is where it truly matters.  If every business starts smelling the same we are once again robbing the world of our unique gifts in which case you might as well go back to corporate.

Instead of looking for THE 7 steps to success, start finding YOUR 7 steps to success.

Death is inevitable.  Truly living is a choice.

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