The mind-set that changes the playing field.

There are moments in life where you’ve earned the right to redefine yourself.

Moments when you’ve endured more than anyone deserves to know.  Where you chose a private hell to burst through the glass ceilings that held you in place of mediocrity.

All to achieve a goal others consider insane and a little irresponsible.

April 7, 2013 was one of those moments for me.

It all started way back in 1979 when, on a sunny day (setting the scene ;-))my parents decided to take us on a picnic.  Whilst the adults were relaxing with a bottle of wine, my brother and I decided to go for a swim in the cool pool at the bottom of a spectacular waterfall.  Clearly too young and stupid to register the fact that neither of us had ever learned to swim.

Splashing in the coolness quickly turned into mayhem as I stepped backwards and plummeted into a bottomless abyss.  Closing my eyes I can still hear the echo of the screams in my head as I swung my arms and legs wildly, desperately trying to find air.  I lost all sense of direction and couldn’t distinguish between up and down.  If it wasn’t for my brother I wouldn’t be here today.

This incident ingrained into my every cell an irrational fear of water which I carry with me to this day.

September 2012 a good friend showed me a 5 minute YouTube clip which rocked my world.  In a split second I made the decision that more than anything in this world I wanted to become an IronMan.

I was prepared to die just to hear the words “Anel, you. are. an. IronMan”.

Irrational?  Probably.

Insane?  I guess some would think so.

But soul goals are rarely rational or sane.  Soul goals are opportunities to re-define your perceptions of self.  And IronMan changed the way I live, love and do business.

Stumbling out of the ocean 2 hours 18 minutes after the canon shot off, I was radiating!  I’d done it!  I’d completed the 3.8 kilometers swim (probably exceeding 4 considering how crooked my path had been), ceaselessly talking to myself NOT to shit in my wet-suite, NOT to give in to the tears fogging up my goggles, NOT to stop and raise my arm to be pulled out as so many other stronger, more experienced swimmers had done on the course.

As I wobbled on my jelly legs my mind was working overtime.  How the fuck had I done it?  What made me different from the guys who gave up not just on the day but on the journey to the start line?  In that moment I downloaded a formula by which I’ve lived ever since:  Desire + Dedication + Discipline + Determination = Indestructible Baby!

Let me explain:

  1.  Desire – What drives you?  What is your big why – not only for wanting to achieve the goal but your very reason for inhaling oxygen.  This is an absolute game changer.  When you go deep and you tap into the fact that what you do really matters, that your actions and accomplishments impacts others, you access a super human strength that brings with it endurance, strength, grit!
  2. Dedication – Your goals must become your obsession!  You want to eat, breathe, dream your shit.  You want to talk about it all day long.  People will either get this and bring more to the table with advise, research, experience OR they’ll tell you to get a life.  This sorts your support team from energy vamps.  You know what to do.
  3. Discipline – This is a biggy.  It’s not just discipline to take the actions necessary JUST to finish, hopefully.  Oh no Darling.  This is where you take a microscopic look at your life and you’re prepared to clear out everything that can possibly sabotage or distract you.  That includes late nights when you have to get up early.  You show up for yourself when everyone else is sleeping or hiding in bed from the storm raging outside.  It’s when you use your week-ends to study and do your personal development work because recovery is done actively.
  4. Determination – How much do you really want it?  I mean really want it?  Determination requires re-framing obstacles as gifts from the Universe because every time one gets put in your way it weeds out the playing field.  Obstacles are Natures’ way of getting rid of the weak.  I ran many a mile with tears streaming down my face because I was in so much fucking pain caused by the piece of bone cutting up the inside of my hip that I would vomit in my mouth.  But I kept going, focusing on taking one more step and raging “Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to show you how much I want this”.  I made a deal with Creator and my biokineticist that if they got me to the start line of IronMan, I would get to the finish line.  They did, and so did I.

An indestructible mind-set is a great way to ensure that you stop wasting your time with inconsequential goals and focus on the ones that really matter.  Because when shit hits the fan, which it always does, and when the going gets tough, which it always does, you want to know that it’s going to be fucking worth it!

If you’re ready to set the goal that you will die for this year and you want to ensure you make the finish line, I’m ready to hold you accountable, raise your expectations of yourself, and kick your sweet ass into Vin Diesel shape.

Kick-Start is a 90 minute deep dive session during which we set your non-negotiable goal and anchor that baby down with purpose.  We draw up the project plan that will have you focused, clear and taking action.  This is followed by 2 one hour coaching sessions to identify any self-sabotaging patterns that stick their nasty little heads up and put the structures in place that will keep you moving forward.

Ready to become indestructible?

Let’s play Darling.