Mother – hear my prayer.

thank you
for the gift
of life.

Thank you
for the gift
of breath.

Thank you
for the gift
of movement.

as the days go by
often feels stiff
from neglect
and all those times
when I took my body for granted
not allowing myself to connect
to the miracle
that she truly is.

which can hold on
to a spoon
as I scoop the ice-cream
from container
to lips
allowing myself to immerse
in the sweet melting sensation
and delectable flavour
of vanilla beans.

effortlessly pressing the keys on my Mac
to translate
my emotions
and thoughts
onto a screen
to share with others
whom I may never meet in person
yet I have the blessing to connect to
in this moment
through love.

which can trace
the outline of his face
as I feel my heart open further
no words capable to accurately express
the depth of love
I feel for him.

which can caress
in moments of sadness
the head of my child
as his tears flow freely
and my heart breaks
I would gladly give my life to remove his pain
yet all I can do
is have him feel
the tenderness
which will never be diminished
in this life
or any other.

As with my fingers
every single part of my body
every curve
every muscle
every organ
has been gifted to me
to experience
a rich
and fulfilling life
without much thought needed
just faith
and trust
and a willingness to be courageous at times
to allow myself
to feel
all that is available to me.

thank you
for this gift
of life.

As I sit here
watching the delicate drops of dew
glisten in the rising sun
soon to be evaporated
I pray
that all of humanity
would pause
for a day
or even a minute
and connect
to the miracle
of this life.

I pray that every human
could for a few breaths
close their eyes
and feel
the miracle of a beating heart.
the miracle of air expanding their lungs
as they bring new life force
into their bodies
and exhale
new life force
into their world.

I pray that for a moment
they would put aside their stories
of suffering
and injustice
and addiction
and anger
and hatred
and inequality
and scarcity
for it’s just stories Mother,
stories tearing us apart
in the process
tearing our world to pieces,
and for a moment
they would connect to the only truth that exists
which is

It saddens me greatly
every day
to feel the amount of pain
being endured
as most have lost faith
in love.

And without love
we have nothing
but fear.

I pray
for a return
of love.