Motivated AF – or not… It’s your choice.

I wasn’t planning on writing today.

Except as I switched on my laptop my inbox was flooded with people seeking advise on motivation.


How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals?

I’m not feeling motivated to achieve my goals – what do I do?

How do I remain motivated when I’m going through a rough patch?

Is motivation even a thing?


Here’s my two cents worth,

you can take it or leave it.


Motivation is a choice!


It’s internal.

It’s a given in the realm of the Alphas.

Maybe if everybody stopped expecting sympathy from others,

having smoke blown up their arses,


they would actually connect with what is available to them on the inside.


If you’re NOT feeling motivated,

I would take it a hundred steps back.


Here is the most powerful question you can EVER ask yourself:

which incidentally is the question we’re most often told NOT to ask growing up…




This one question WILL transform EVERYTHING in your life if you start asking it on a consistent basis.


So let me ask you:


Why are you setting goals?

Don’t tell me because research shows…

Don’t tell me because it’s just the done thing…

Don’t tell me because they told you to…

Don’t tell me any of that shit because you’re not a mindless monkey!

Think for yourself.


Why are YOU setting goals in the first place?

Because if you don’t absolutely LOVE the process,

if you don’t love the exhilaration that comes from zoning in on what seems HUGE and probably CRAZY AF,

if you don’t love the sweat pouring down your sides when you think about what it will take from you,

if you don’t love the obsession that comes from connecting to soul goals,

if you don’t love ridding yourself of distractions SO THAT you can discipline your arse,

if you don’t love the rollercoaster ride of personal growth required for goals achievement,

stop setting goals.


Why are you setting the goals you’re setting?

Why are they an absolute NON-NEGOTIABLE for you?

Why would you die for your goals?

Why would you sacrifice EVERYTHING for your goals?

Why would you get up at 3 am and go to bed at 9 pm for your goals?

Why would you walk away from toxic relationships for your goals?

Why would the cost of giving up be too great a price to pay in life?

Why are you willing to invest EVERYTHING:  time, money, energy, emotions, into your goals?

Because if you won’t,

then stop ‘setting goals’.


In fact,

you’re not setting goals.

You’re simply giving lip-service.

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

You’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that says you don’t have what it takes,

you’re not a woman of your word because you keep breaking it to yourself and others,

your’e a failure.



How do you stay motivated?


You start taking your life a little more serious.

You take FULL responsibility for your life.

You stop living by everyone else’s rules and expectations.

You have the audacity to connect to what is true for you,

what is important to you,

what is aligned for you,

and then you become selfish enough to live life on your own terms.




You stop bitching and moaning and seeking sympathy from the world.

You toughen the fuck up.

You shut out the noise.

You work with the coach and mentor who challenges the shit out of you.

You surround yourself with those who are ten steps ahead and you do whatever the hell it takes to keep up.

Even when you puke.

Even when you bleed.

Even when you curse.




Because for Alphas,

this thrive-style

is FUN!


It makes NO SENSE to anyone else.

They call us crazy.

They say we’re going to burn out.

They say we’re pushing too hard.


It’s not push Darling.

It’s bloody exhilarating!!




How do you stay motivated?


You live in integrity with your true nature.


For the Alpha remains hungry,


and THAT my Love,

is all the motivation we need.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the motivated AF Alpha.


Live with honour,



PS:  I’m interviewing new potential clients for their liberated thrive.


Hungry Darling?

I mean,

seriously hungry for more?


Are you salivating thinking of your next big vision?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes?

Are you ready to connect to YOUR inner power,

YOUR motivation,

YOUR resilience,

YOUR desire,

YOUR thrive?


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