So you’ve lost your motivation. What now?

What an amazing thing – this life of ours.

It’s always changing, expanding, retracting, going up, plummeting down.

It’s on helluva ride Babe!

Which is why I find it fascinating how we go through times when we decide life is boring.  We feel lacklustre.  We drag our feet and our asses.  Heads hanging.  Shoulders slumped.

We wake up one day and we say “I’ve lost my motivation” and then don’t take action.  Or we soldier on and we take action but with such a shitty energy that we do more harm than good. Contaminating all our efforts with dark resentment.

It’s just not worth it.

I should know.

I’ve been just as guilty as everyone else of this.

I’ve taken it to the extreme where “I’m just not feeling it today” turned into “I’m just not feeling it” turned not “I’m just not feeling”.  A dangerous place to be my friend.

Without our emotions we are nothing but muscle tissue, fat, skin, bones walking around sneezing our virus of existence onto everyone.

We turn to our loved ones and expect them to save us from our own bullshit and then resent them for not being up to the task.

We turn to the professionals and expect them to give us the meaning of our life and if they don’t we call them incompetent quaks.

We sit on the world wide web scrolling for hours thinking that we’re going to find something on there that’s going to light the fire in our souls so we can say “HELL YEAH I’M BACK!”

Ain’t happening Sweetie.

Because everything that you’re looking for, is inside of you.

Your external search is a waste of time.

For the juice that lights you up is uniquely YOU.  Nobody else drinks the same flavour you do.  You’re THAT special.

Sometimes there are similar undertones which resonates with us.

I love riding my bike.

You might love riding bike too.

But I enjoy mud.

You think I’m a stinky pig at the end of the ride and stay on the dry lane.

So why are we finding it so hard these days to stay motivated?  To feel high on life?  To be on fire every goddamned day?

Well, because we’re so busy being busy that we’re forgetting to breathe!

To connect to the breath.

To feel the miracle of oxygen moving naturally in and out of our lungs, into our blood, understanding that THIS is what you ultimately need.

We’re so busy listening to everyone else that we’ve completely drowned out the voice inside that already has all our answers. Instead she is completely lost in the cacophony of contradicting information confusing the shit out of us.

We’re so busy forcing ourselves to adapt to the steps of others that we’re disconnecting from our feelings because if we had to admit that we actually hate what we’re being told to do, because it’s THE way to success, we would feel like fools.

So instead we take masking tape and we strap our inner muse’s mouth so shut that no screams can be heard.  We take our emotions and improsin them inside a capsule that we continuously flush down the toilet.  We immobilise our bodies by sitting on chairs in front of screens for hours instead of putting on our favourite tunes and shaking ass!

Because anything else would result in DISASTER!

We could actually wake up looking forward to another exciting day with a smile on our mouthes.

We could actually slow down and start the morning with connecting to the ‘truth that is me’ – breathing in sumptuous life, listening to our muse and knowing exactly what we desire to create and how to create it in a way that feels fan-fucking-tastic!

We could actually move our bodies in a way that releases trauma and unleashes motivation and joy and energy that has us going like an Energizer Bunny!

We could actually unleash our creativity and start producing epic results in a way that astounds people because it goes against everything that they’re being taught and it gives them reason to pause, to question, to try something in a different way.

OMG wouldn’t that be novel???

If you’ve lost your motivation then I’m going to invite you to start looking at where you lost your motivation?  At which point did it stop feeling good?  What were you doing that was feeling nauseating but you kept doing it because somebody told you that this is the only way?

And then figure out what you’re prepared to start doing about it!

Because until you actually draw a line in the sand and start thinking for yourself, start feeling for yourself, start doing for yourself, nothing will change.

Oh you might feel a burst of motivation and start taking action that gives you some results for a while, but then you will get to a point where you start sliding back into doing it the same way the other million sheople around you are doing it.  Because we have a biological desire to fit in, to belong.

Which would have been really cool if the world was filled with high vibe, badass, adventurous risk takers here to create and explore and redefine.

But it’s not.

And quite frankly that would be MY idea of awesome and it might have you retching at the pure thought.

Here is what I have learned in my almost 45 years (it’s my birthday in October if you’re wondering ;-)), everything is a choice.

Even motivation.

If I want to feel motivated it’s up to me to feel it!

Since I’ve felt the sting of demotivation it’s not something that I personally enjoy choosing.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t get tired and deflated at times.

I just have minuscule tolerance for my own bullshit.

My success strategy is to start my day with my faithful journal and my pen.  I start my day by feeling my feelings (I know that sounds weird but I’ve also learned that sometimes we don’t like owning our feelings and not acknowledging them always leads to disastrous consequences down the line), I investigate my feelings (why am I feeling this right now), I thank my feelings for the insights and then I choose how I am going to feel the rest of the day.

Because I just don’t have time to keep screwing around.

I’m taking the God-given gift of emotions and using them to my advantage.

You should give it a try.

You’ll feel like an ass in the beginning and I’ll be very surprised if you share this with anyone because society frowns on this type of work.  It’s too fluffy right?

It’s also really uncomfortable!  Being that in touch with emotion.  Being that vulnerable.  Being that open to self-investigation because heaven forbids we should discover that we’re committing creative suicide and living an average life of existence when we were born to thrive!

Then again Darling if you’re reading this far I happen to know that you’re here to bring change to a hurting world.  And you’re not going to be worth jack-shit to anyone else if you’re not prepared to start doing the work on yourself.

You have to stop regurgitating everyone else’s stuff and start using your own voice.

Some are going to think you’re crazy and stupid and try to put a stinking sock in your mouth.

But others are going to burst into tears of pure relief because finally their prayers have been answered and someone understands!

Do you really need more motivation than that?

Motivation is a choice.

Thriving is a choice.

Death isn’t.

That shit is inevitable.

I guess I’m interested in what you’re going to choose until then…

With love,


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