What will it really take for you to stop mucking around?









I know this to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I know this as I know there’s grey hair creeping out from my hairline.

I know this as I know that as long as I take another breath I’m still alive in this body.

I know this because I have worked with hundreds of people over the past decade and each of them has shown me that no matter how deflated they feel one moment, when they tap into their purpose they become rock stars!

I also know that somewhere between the time you were born and where you sit today you’ve lost some faith in yourself and what you’re truly capable of creating.

You started doubting your perfection and started seeing the bullshit that other people offloaded onto you as they struggle to make sense of their lives.

You started following the rules, the steps, the structures and in the process you’ve lost some of your ingenuity, some of your magic, some of your essence.

And even though you’ve achieved some level of success in your life, you know that it’s nowhere near what you’re capable of.

You know that there’s so much more to you than meets the eye.  But it doesn’t fit into the paradigm given to you by our societal structure of what you should be aiming for, how you should be conducting yourself to be worthy of respect, how you should feel with what you’ve achieved when quite frankly most of societal success leaves you feeling rather empty, depleted, lacking substance.

I see you struggle with what you truly desire and what you think will make you look good in they eyes of others.

I see you year after year talking about the dream and instead of just throwing caution to the wind and going full throttle you follow the long and exhausting path laid out by others.  Others who are not you.  Others who needed to go that way but in all honesty it’s simply keeping you small, frustrated, distracted, stuck.

It’s time for you to say screw the rules, the limitations that all the narrow minded people have pinned on you.

It’s time for you to stop letting others define what is realistic for you.

In my opinion they can take their realistic, roll it up with some donkey dung and smoke it!

Your dreams are given to you for a reason.

It’s the whispers of your soul showing you why you came here in the first place.  What you wanted to experience.  What you wanted to do.  The change you wanted to bring.

Your dreams guide you back again and again showing you how it all unfolds and how every experience that you’ve had along the way has brought you back to your purpose.

But you still have to do the fucking work.

Destiny does not mean that you get to sit on your sweet ass and do nothing, expecting all to unfold.

Nope – you would hate that anyway because you would be bored to tears.

You wanted to take action.  You wanted to bump your head and rub the sore spot.  You wanted to fail so you could take a moment to learn, course adjust, do again.  You wanted to experience the contrasts to really decide which you prefer and then go for it.

Full out.

No more mucking around.

But you’re never going to do that whilst wanting to please others.  You’re never going to do it as long as you sit and top about the pros and cons.  You’re never going to do it as long as you surround yourself with the naysayers.  You’re never going to do it as long as you allow yourself to be kept busy by others’ agendas.  You’re never going to do it whilst tippy-toeing around other people’s feelings.

For you to truly stop mucking around and go full out for your dreams you have to put yourself first.

You have to become obsessed and talk about your dreams, eat around your dreams, sleep on your dreams.  At some stage you even start climaxing for your dreams!

You have to become unavailable to your bullshit stories and understand that that’s all they are.  Stories.  You get to choose which of your stories are going to drive your actions.

You have to stop tolerating incompetence from those who impact your life, your dream.  They are not your responsibility to rescue.  It’s time that people start being accountable and live with the consequences of their chosen actions.

You have to burn the goddamned boats and commit!  Full out.  Stop having one foot on the other side of the line.

Why are more people not choosing to live their dreams?

Because it’s scary.  Shit, most people don’t even want to take the time to figure out what the real dream is.  Because they know they would have to acknowledge how small they’re playing.  They would have to acknowledge that they’ve lost the balls to be themselves and instead continue to copy others in a desperate effort to be ‘recognised’ by the faceless masses.

YOU are not most people.

Stop playing by the rules.

Stop doing things in the ‘right’ order and in the ‘right’ way with the ‘right’ systems and the ‘right’ processes.

It’s fucking suffocating you!

Own your wild rebellious nature and RISE!

Stop waiting for next year when you have no idea what your expiration date is.


Right now!

Right this second.

Close your eyes and ask to be shown the dream – the big dream – the ultimate dream.  And when you feel that absolute joy bursting through your arteries you will know.

You will know.

Then choose.


Or thrive.

With love always,


PS:  I’m calling the wild women.  The rebels.  The born leaders.  The healers.  The change makers.  Those who are done mucking around and are ready to do the work.  The deep inner work where they stop hiding from their true glorious power and unfurl it into life.  Are you ready to step up?  Are you ready to set the “impossible” goals and smash them out?  Are you ready to become the change catalyst I know you were born to be?  If you’re ready to take the journey from which there will be no return then let’s connect.  Either drop me a mail at anel@anelbester.com or book your coaching consult today and let’s see if we’re a good fit.