No title required.

My recommendation is that you listen to the reading today and allow yourself to receive the full message from your heart

I want to ask you a question,

but before I do,

I would love to invite you to just close your eyes for a moment,

put your hand on your heart,

take a deep breath in and release on the exhalation,

drop into the now,

connecting to the fact that you are alive.

What a miracle you are my Darling.

What a blessing to the world.

With your quirky habits and eccentricities,

so misunderstood by most,

which in my world

makes you delightfully unique and a true Alpha.

Have I told you lately that I appreciate you?

Do you know that I got up this morning,

diving deep into my mind to sort out some kinks,

so that I could write this piece for you?

I’m not even kidding,

I asked the Universe to ensure that ONLY those who are ready to receive will even see this.

That is you.

I’m so excited!

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for taking the time to breathe into the message.

Most of all, 

Thank you for being you.

I love that we are getting to play in this time-space reality.

I love that thousands of others whose names we’ll never even know, over the decades, have created the technology that has us sharing this moment.

Isn’t it fabulous?

I love that we are energetically intertwined for this breath and that we co-create something new for the world to enjoy, even when they’re not aware of it.

How amazing is this crazy life????

Keep your hand on your heart,

and feel the space I’m holding for you right now.

Feel the deep and total acceptance I have for you.

That I think you’re spectacular for the life you’ve chosen to create up to this moment,

and yes,

I know,

some of it seems a lottle fucked-up on the surface

as you’ve made some interesting decisions which led you down a path that felt like complete failure and insanity,

but it’s not,

I think it makes you a rock star

and just so you know,

I’ve made HEAPS of ‘interesting’ decisions too 😉

Feel the deep and complete appreciation I have for you.

Did you know that every experience you’ve allowed yourself to have has impacted the Universal fabric thereby expanding the life experience of ALL?

Do you realise that all the hard knocks you’ve taken over the years

created within you a certainty of what sucks like a blister on your little toe

and from this space 

you said enough of that,

I want more for myself and those who follow,

I deserve better for myself and those who follow,

and in that moment you set in motion a brand new possibility for generations to come.

How awesome are you??????

Feel the deep and complete love I have for you.

I’m often accused for being a cold hard insensitive bitch

as I have a tendency to call bullshit when I see it

and I’m simply no longer available for destructive, disrespectful, hateful behaviour.

Especially when so much of it is directed at the self.

So I’m willing to be that cow who looks past the behaviour and connects with the heart,

with the soul,

and it is always pure and brilliant love Darling.

That’s what I see and that’s what I speak to.

Can you feel it Alpha?

Can you allow yourself to feel the deep and complete acceptance, appreciation and love I have for you?

Can you give yourself permission to receive it?

Will you?

Because only if you say yes,

only if you open up and just for a moment connect to it,

do I want you to ask yourself:

From a space of deep and complete

(self) acceptance

(self) appreciation

(self) love

are you creating a life you’re madly in love with?

Are you creating a life that has you waking each morning feeling beautiful, opulent, connected, meaningful, joyful?

Open your eyes and take a moment to look around you right now,

in your physical environment,

what do you see?

Look at every item from the cup that holds your coffee to the chair you’re sitting on to the carpet on the floor to the paint on the walls.

Is it beautiful?

Does it make you feel happy?

Does it make you feel delightful?

Does it make you feel more creative, more excited, more?

If it doesn’t,

I want you to start raising your standards for yourself.


you DESERVE the best of everything and 

everything matters.

Don’t freak out if it doesn’t yet!

Pumpkin seeds knows there was a time when my space made my skin crawl.


it made me want to hide in the corner,

not to be seen,

please god don’t let them see me,

so ashamed

so fearful

so small.

How could it be any better considering I had so completely and utterly rejected who I am at my very core,

I had abandoned my desires,

I had locked my true self into a big old safe

and dumped her into the ocean to drown

over and over again

every day.

My external environment simply reflected the hell I was living on the inside.

And today,

I’m so fucking appreciative of ALL of that!

I understand that I chose to experience just how bad it can get

so that 

I could wake up

and remember who I am,

what I’m worth,

how I deserve to be treated,

which infuses my passion

my mission

my message to you.

My BIG learning,

my BIG remembering,

for this life 

was clearly to reconnect to 


Real love,

deep love,

unconditional love,

infused with acceptance and appreciation,

starting with myself.

Here’s another thing I want to share with you:


is a choice my precious friend.

You get to choose

right now

in this moment

in this breath

to release



all that horrendous self-judgment and self-criticism and self-blame and self-hatred

just release 



and as the space opens up inside of you

experience the RUSH of LOVE flowing into you

infusing every part of you with what you truly are!

Oh Hunny,

if only I was there with you right now

I would throw my arms around you and hold you so tight.

But I’m not

so embrace yourself

don’t worry about what it looks like

just wrap your arms around you

as though you’re the most precious being on the face of the earth

because you are.

And you are so loved Alpha.

So deeply and completely loved.

Death is inevitable.

You’re worthy choosing thrive.

Live with honour,



Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

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