Now that I choose to love myself…

Ever wonder how to transform the way you see the world,
the way you see life,
the way you see relationships etc?

I can’t tell how EVERYONE can change the way they see it all,
I can tell you how I changed it.

It’s really quite simple,
yet in the beginning it was the toughest thing I could imagine.

Then again,
you’re a smart cookie,
you’ve probably been reading my stuff for a while
come now,
the title kinda gave it away didn’t it?

That’s right Darling,
I chose to finally
start loving myself.

Now before you underestimate the enormity of what I’m sharing with you,
it’s important to remember that I’m the little girl who hated her body, her vessel of life, and in the process, hated herself.
The one who first rejected her body as a traitor when she was molested at the age of around seven and couldn’t understand what the fuck was happening.
The one who hated her puny size because she couldn’t stop the beating of the fists.
The one who at age 19 weighed in at 47 kilograms and thought she was obese.
The one who then ate herself into obesity to hide away from compliments as they would inevitably lead to hurtful insults.
The one who punished her body with the most excruciating pain so as to escape the ripped insides which was all that was left of me at the time.

When you reach the stage where you are emotionally, physically, financially and spirtually bancrupt,
you’re pretty fucked my friend.

That was me a few years ago.
The really scary part was that on the outside, I looked pretty normal, well functioning and doing the same as everyone around me,
which really has to make you question just what we deem as ‘normal’!

Now you know why I’m so bloody passionate and willing to say the shit that others won’t publicly whisper,
as quite frankly,
I know that majority of people are miserable AF!
Void of thrive.
Oh I know you have moments of happy where you get to laugh with your kiddos your colleagues your partner your mates,
but MOMENTS of happy does NOT make a thriving life.

When you don’t radically love yourself,
you settle,
for okay.

When you settle for okay in ONE area,
even if you’re telling yourself the others are great and make up for it,
you’re settling in ALL areas.
You’re just lying to yourself.

You settle for an okay relationship
where romance left the building years ago
and you accept it because everyone else tells you that it can’t last and that romance should be replaced by companionship,
it says so in the psychology books so it MUST be true!
YOu settle for sex once a month if you’re lucky and it’s okay sex, you might even have an orgasm, so why complain?
The rest of the time you can always self-pleasure in the bathroom, if you could even be bothered as your pussy is probably so dried up anyway that pleasure feels like effort.

You settle for okay friendships
where you have become your ‘friends’ favourite dumping ground as they can’t really be fucked to change, their too cheap to get professional support, and they have YOU and a bottle of wine so why not.
In return,
you have ‘fun’ moments as payment for the fact that you’re just a garbage disposal unit on demand,
and the moment you become unavailable for their shit,
they will dump you like a hot turd and turn the neighbourhood against you too.

You settle for okay clients
who pay you when it’s convenient for them.
Shit, I’ve personally written off thousands in unpaid fees as quite frankly, the legal system is NOT aligned to love and I refuse to let myself live out of integrity just because said ‘clients’ can’t be bothered with honour.
Clients who are hard work as they expect YOU to do everything FOR them.
Clients who don’t get results as they’re not prepared to do what it takes and then they blame you for their lack of achievement.

You settle for just enough money
just in the nick of time

and in the process you’re continously finding yourself feeling defeated as you watch soul-delighting opportunities pass you by,
the familiar words automatically falling out of your mouth:
“I would love to but I just can’t afford it right now”.

You settle for a little pudge around your waste,
you settle for junk food,
you settle for vegging out in front of the telly as quite frankly you’re soooooo bored with life you have zero energy to go out into nature and have an incredible adventure!

It goes on and on and on…

Now let me ask you this,
and I would HIGHLY recommend you journal this out if you’re actually serious about thrive:

What would your life look like if you chose to RADICALLY love yourself as though you were the best thing since chocolate cake?

How would you experience your romantic relationship if you chose to adore yourself?
What kind of friendships would you have if you chose to love yourself?
What kind of clients would you work with if you truly loved yourself?
Who would you surround yourself with if you absolutely loved yourself?
What kind of work would you do, how would you do it, when would you do it if you truly loved yourself?
What food would you eat, how would you move your body, what would you wear, how would you stand, breathe, show up in the world, if you absolutely loved yourself?
What would you say YES to that feels fabulous and expansive and fun and gorgeous if you loved yourself?
How would your life be different if you LOVED yourself unconditionally and believed that the Universe loved you and always said YES to you???

Because I can honestly say that in my life,
Without any shame or blame or guilt or any of the low vibrational crap that I was saturated with before loving myself.

Because death might be inevitable,
but I aint’ dead yet
so I chose to thrive!

Live with honour,

PS: Unleashed through Love

This program is really for the Alpha Female who knows that she is born different, that the normal rules don’t apply to her, that she has an important message, an impact to make, and she’s willing to see things differently to allow herself to FINALLY unleash herself with conviction, fun and thrive and most importantly, from LOVE.

It’s going to require you to have an open mind especially as much of what we’ll be doing is ‘out of the box’. Look, I know you can outwork anyone, but when last have you played? Because quite frankly, when alphas play, it’s roughs and tumbles and shenanigans and EPIC results are created. So are you willing to play?

Are you willing to drop the ideology of perfection and instead allow yourself to be perfectly YOU knowing that you can’t get this wrong?

Are you willing to be vulnerable in my space knowing that I’m on your side and will say what I’m guided to say, even when at times it might sting?

If yes, then you’re born for this.

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