'Where are all the alpha females?' she asked...

This is a compassionate piece as I understand the safety in hiding. Hiding behind socially approved masks. Hiding amongst the others whilst dimming your own light. Hiding in the camaraderie of men. However the time for hiding is done, it's time for the rise of the alpha females.

Love does not settle

It's time for a radical soul smack-down as way too many Alphas are STILL playing in the pit of average. Either you are prepared to RISE in love, or you're keeping all those whom you claim to love under. For you were born to lead, to evolve, to see things differently. And as long as you're choosing to 'fit in' you're selling out your purpose and your true potential.

Now that I choose to love myself...

You keep asking me to only talk mind-set, and I'm saying NO! Why? Because mind-set will NEVER get you to heart-set and it's only when we choose to do the mind from a space of love that incredible transformation occurs.

You're either all in, or you get out!

Ready for some real talk? The kind that you don't want to have but know you HAVE to have if anything is going to change? Time is speeding by like a jet-plane, yet most are still dawdling along as if they have another 100 years. More importantly, they're distracting everyone else in the process. I KNOW every woman has a powerful message, a powerful story, so what will it take for you to share THAT instead of being white-noise?

'Slow down' they say. And die...

If life is not feeling absolutely fabulous right now, and if you're an alpha, pick up the pace! For you've clearly forgotten who you are and fallen into the thinking that life is about staying safe instead of thriving.

When will you start living for YOU?

I understand that we're told that this life is all about how valuable and helpful we can be to everyone else. But what if the ONLY way to be of TRUE value to humanity is in fact you living for YOU to be your best YOU?

How much longer will you hide in prison?

Comfy in your prison of propriety Darling? Anything else we can get you to make you stay in there longer? Or are you actually ready to stop pretending you don't have a choice and rise alpha female?!

Will you FINALLY surrender to the muse?

Not sure which one of you got me up at 3:30, but that's the way life works when you say YES to your purpose. Someone prays for a sign, a message, a glimmer of hope, and as you've raised your hand to say that YOU will show up, YOU will surrender and allow the message, the work, the art, to come through, not when it's 'convenient', but when it damn well needs to, so you get your sweet arse out of bed at 3:30, switch on your Mac, and let the message through. Now tell me again that you ARE one of the 1% willing to surrender to your muse...

What are you depriving the world of because...

Are you depriving the world of chocolate cake? Because we both know you can either keep following their 'recipes' being another vanilla cream pie, OR you can delight the world with your true brilliance.

You already have the bullet - will you make magic or commit suicide?

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet... Well, what if I told you that YOU ARE the bullet, YOUR message, YOUR purpose, and right now you get to choose if it's going to be a bullet of magic, or the bullet of death as you allow it to sustain mediocrity. Only you can choose.

Traits of a modern day Alpha Female

I'm PROUD to be an alpha female as I know this is not something I was JUST born to BE, but someone I CHOOSE to BE every single day.

A nice girl doesn't make people uncomfortable...

It's time to stop fooling yourself into thinking that being a nice girl is going to bring positive change to the world. It's time to stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can break the habit of people-pleasing all by yourself. It's time for you to stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can take all the time in the world with baby-steps whilst thousands are dying on our watch.

You are fucking good enough

In the moments of doubt and thoughts of not being good enough, I want you to know that all of that is simply programming to keep you away from the truth. The truth that not only are you good enough, but you are worthy, you are perfect, and you ARE the fucking point of life. #RiseAlphaFemales

When will you remove the chastity belt off your muse?

Today I invite you to start paying attention to any rules or beliefs you've bought into that's stifling your true creativity, your unique message and voice, your muse. For you're either living in the energy of love or you're living in the energy of fear. Choose wisely.

Which victim label is ready to be released?

It's time for you to get out of the cage you've created with your words. The cage you've created with your old patterns. The cage you've created with your old beliefs. For it might feel safe, but it will never create freedom and THRIVE! #risealphafemales

It's time for a new conversation Darling

When last have you had a mental enema? Where you lovingly release your brain from of all the old stories, the old BS that has you stuck in a rut so that you can go through life a little lighter, a little thriver...

Why are we clinging to the rules?

What is the reasons we cling to all the rules when majority of the time, they're a vice on creativity? In fact, I'm observing that the more rules we make up, the less people choose to think for themselves and instead, live in mindless obedience. Mindless does NOT create thrive. And I'm taking a stand for thrive.

You are excused from the table of mediocrity

Who are you dining with? Are you seated at the table of mediocrity, sheople regurgitating the same old thoughts, stories and actions? Or are you surrounded by the wild beasts with a ferocious appetite for the new?

Are you seriously faking orgasms with the Universe?

#RiseAlphaFemales The truth is that you simply don't get to fake it with the Universe for it receives your vibrations, not your words. This is a message from your soul - it's time to raise your standards for yourself and the Universe so that the games can begin.

Are you proud of your decision?

#RiseAlphaFemales As the clocked chimed for the final breath of 2019, you made an important decision. I'm hoping you made it consciously and more importantly, I hope you've followed it up with immediate action.

Forgive them Alpha, for they know not what they're doing...

#RiseAlphaFemales Yes, we frequently get attacked by others but understand this, right now, most are living from a space of unconsciousness and excruciating pain. Instead of diving into anger and bitterness, I invite you to rise with love and compassion. For this is simply the way of the Alpha.

The time to set your intentions is now...

#RiseAlphaFemales As another year slowly draws to a close, it's time to connect to your next intentions and to state them proudly. For if you've surrounded yourself with those that has you living in a space of hiding, it's your responsibility to leave and be who you came here to be.

Your satisfaction comes from the experience.

#RiseAlphaFemales I understand that for us, it's all about the results. So if you want NEXT LEVEL results, I'm going to invite you to drop into the understanding that it's about creating a NEXT LEVEL experience of the process.

Would you like to theorise, or experience thrive?

#RiseAlphaFemales It's time for a return of wisdom, which means it's time for a return of those courageous enough to not only learn from books, but creating experiences from the learning which enhances the wisdom of the collective.

2020 - The year which will see the rise of Alpha Females

#RiseAlphaFemales It fills my heart with joy to see more and more alpha females going through the change, their re-birth into their true selves. 2020 will see the rise of the alpha females. Yet it's still a conscious choice you will have to make.

That which you fear holds the key to your desires.

#RiseAlphaFemales Right now, people are terrified of the most powerful force in their lives: themselves. Most do everything they can possibly think of to keep their focus externally, to avoid moments of deep introspection and connection, and our current system celebrates this. As the only way the cult of mediocrity can increase its reach, is by making you afraid of you. Fuck 'em.

In retrospect...

#RiseAlphaFemales Every day is an opportunity for introspection, growth and transformation. Transformation through change. Yet so few people are willing to release in order for this to occur. Will you choose to be one of the few?

Are you hiding your gifts in a blanket of shame?

#RiseAlphaFemales Time to release the pain you've held on to for so long from the projected insecurity of others. For when an Alpha Female chooses to love herself, she raises her standards to a level of true deserving. For you are good, you are love, you have value, you are enough.

The most important evidence you WANT to find!

#RiseAlphaFemales It's the end of another decade and my question is - how many decades will it take for you to start questioning the way things have 'always' been so that you can create a new way of how things will be for you going forward?

Are you done fighting the wrong war?

#RiseAlphaFemales The tides are turning and it's about bloody time! As more and more Alpha Females remember who they truly are, thereby shifting their focus from fighting themselves, to fighting perceived bondage and mediocrity.

Feeling guilty for having too much fun???

#RiseAlphaFemales This might come as a surprise, but for Alpha Females the challenge is NOT overcoming more pain, it's NOT outworking everyone in the room, it's the guilt we feel about the fact that this is actually FUN and instead of giving ourselves permission to have MORE fun, we feel we have to suffer to make everyone else somehow feel better about their choices.

Isn't it time to reclaim your YES and your NO?

#RiseAlphaFemales I'm kicking the hornets nest today and putting it out there that YOU are creating your life energy through your thought energy. You can choose to pay attention to what life is reflecting to you, or you can choose to cling to a story that might be causing you pain.

You are the creator of your relationships!

#RiseAlphaFemales Guaranteed, not even 1% will truly receive this message today as the impact of responsibility is HUGE. Guaranteed, of the 1% not even 1% will commit to their excellent selves by doing the work. My question to you is: will you choose to be the 1% in the 1%?

The insanity of living to impress others...

#RiseAlphaFemales There comes a time when you have to figure out who is actually in control of your life. Who you gave the power to that forms the driving force of your decisions. There comes a time in your life when you have to take your power back!

Are you The Ugly Duckling?

It's time for alphas to go past the illusion, remembering who they are, reclaiming what they stand for, and to rise proudly once more.