And in the noise, void of Alpha tone, the people burn the world down...

I understand that there's a LOT of noise right now, which is why NOW is the time for women to be quiet, do the work to move through their fear and from a space of power, speak in their Alpha tone. For you're either increasing the cacophony of lies and fear or you're finding harmony with the symphony of love which only those seeking, will hear.

How much is your word still worth to you?

If you can feel the cracks showing in your life, it's NOT that you need more filler Darling. It's an indication that your FOUNDATION is out of INTEGRITY and the tremors of life is breaking you down. This is no time to go into self-shaming, blaming or hiding. It's time to allow yourself to receive the support required to break up the foundation and lay a new one in truth from which you will rise in pride. It's time for you to remember who you are, what it feels like to live with honour, and have your WORD be enough for your BOND.

Choosing to live in a state of love.

This piece should not only be READ by every person, but taken to HEART. It is only when you will allow yourself to RECEIVE the TRUTH in here that you will finally understand the IMPACT you have on all those claim to love. And only those who are prepared to take full responsibility will FEEL the love in these words.

The most important choice you need to make.

How much time are you spending each day choosing what to wear, what to do, where to go, who to speak to compared to who you choose to be? For until you make THIS fundamental choice CONSCIOUSLY, everything else is just building your castle on sand.

Love doesn't always sound loving.

Do you love enough to tell someone the truth in such blatant terms that they either have to allow it to pierce the lies of their ego, having them sit up and pay attention, or reject it outright thereby consciously choosing to live in their current state? Do you? Or are you buying into the BS that we should encourage the docile acceptance of victimhood whilst we stand back and witness the demise of excellence in others?

The human race is killing the human being.

Are you willing to remove all your beautifully crafted masks of shame so that you can witness that which is occurring right now? It won't feel good and it won't sound nice. That's because underneath the facade of Facebook posts, Instagram stories and LI connections, there's a BIG problem that, if we don't find the courage to face, IS going to be the end of us all.

You weren't created to 'belong'...

This obsession of 'fitting in' in order for us to find a place where we 'belong', is creating wider and wider chasms between us. For we weren't created to 'belong' somewhere! We are created CONNECTED to everything, everyone and therefor we BELONG wherever we find ourselves. It's time to smash another illusion and rise alpha females.

Will all the lies and excuses please line up?

We've created a world so caught up in a web of lies that we no longer know if we're spider or fly. Until you OWN your conditioned state of lying you will be OWNED by the lies. For the truth will hurt as it slices through the chords that have kept you safe in the embrace of the cult and you will have to allow yourself to fall all the way down, before you can rise.

Are you eating fear for breakfast, lunch and supper?

Let's talk my favourite F-Word. FEAR. NOT to scare you into the corner, but to awaken the WARRIOR inside of you, the one who's starving to eat that which others warn you about. It's time to courageously choose to BE an Alpha and Rise Alpha Females!

Whose blood is on your hands?

The truth won't set you free until you're willing to drop all shame and blame and allow yourselves to be HONEST with yourself because you have a deep desire to BE a better version of you through LOVE.

When your soul is black as a moonless night.

This is a cheeky piece which you can choose to take literally or open your mind to see things differently. People have become so obsessed with 'colours', using it to accentuate their judgement when in fact it only highlights their fear. Colour doesn't matter! Frequency does. And the only frequency I'm interested in, is love.

Unequivocally madly in love

If you're NOT madly in love with your life, and I do mean EVERY touch-point of your life, it's not because of karma, it's not because you have a block, it's not even because you don't think you deserve it, it's simply because you've not yet chosen to love yourself.

Mother - hear my prayer.

May all who find this piece, find a moment of deep connection, of true appreciation of the miracle of life, of unquestioned love. For without love we are left with only fear and fear my Darling, is destroying us all.

Reconnecting heart through art.

I believe within every Alpha Female, there lives a muse, a powerful artist with the soul purpose of evoking emotion so that humans can remember what it feels like to be human beings and in that moment reconnect to life.

You don't CHOOSE the pack, the pack calls you...

It's time for me to pull back the curtains and give you a glimpse of the pack. It's NOTHING like a group -which is based on tribal consciousness of belonging, having to obey the spoken and unspoken rules to ensure harmony. Packs are for those committed to a purpose greater than ego or fear which is why groups tend to be large and packs are so small that most don't even know they actually exist.

Calling the Silent Assassins of Mediocrity

Too much noise, too little transformation of energy which is required if we're going to leave behind a legacy of love for generations to follow. Every day we allow ourselves to get distracted for approval and belonging, we lose another battle for thrive. It's time to get into the zone Alpha Females, where the world becomes quiet, the crowds disappear, and you bring your gift to those who will value it.

Are goals just another way of lowering our standards of commitment?

This is just a ramble of thought as it was occurring to me. Why are Alphas still setting goals as though they are 'normal' people? Why are Alphas still sacrificing the masterpiece in their hearts for the sake of belonging and playing nice? What if instead of setting goals, little tippy tappy achievements by XYZ date and time, you commit, you dedicate your LIFE, to the masterpiece in your Soul Heart? Now THAT'S something an Alpha can sink her fangs into.

Without honour the people perish

The reason most call the truth brutal, is because we've forgotten what the hell it actually sounds like. Truth doesn't wear any frills or kitten gloves. It doesn't go around the mountain just to get to the bloody point. And quite frankly, NOT speaking the truth is killing us so maybe it's time for us to stop tippy-toeing around the bullshit, and put purpose before 'ego'.

What does it mean to choose Alpha?

To choose the frequency of Alpha, is to choose to awaken from the illusion and what you will witness, will change the way you look at your life, your purpose, what matters to you, in a way that cannot be unseen. Be sure before making this choice, for it's not all cocktails and high heels Darling. It's raw. It hurts. It demands sacrifice. Still want to choose Alpha?

Just how far down the DOING hole have we tumbled?

2020 is a year of profound human evolution. Evolution which comes from reassessing our choices and more importantly REMEMBERING who we ARE as Human BEINGS. This is probably the most courageous area of growth as we, through our THINKING, managed to fuck it up royally which means each individual has epic healing and reclaiming to do within.

What the hell are you trying to prove?

Dance, does not come from our heads. It's the outcome of feeling the music, feeling the chemistry, feeling the frequency of the moment, and allowing our bodies to express that for which we have no words. It's time for Alpha Females to remember and to tango.

When fear is the true ruler of your 'empire'.

In my space, there is nothing to be ashamed of. In my space, there is only admiration for your courage to become greater than your fear, even if only for a moment. For it's the small victories over fear which builds empires on indestructible foundations of courage.

Why your goals might be screwing you over.

Alpha Female is a courageous choice to VIBRATE on the FREQUENCY of supremacy. It's NOT about achievements. It's NOT about doing things the way everyone is doing it. It's NOT about setting goals all the time. It's time to understand that the prison in which you find yourself is created by YOU and YOU alone through prostituting your greatness for the sake of belonging.

WHY are you castrating your magic?

Where is the magic? Where is YOUR magic? Why are you pretending to be so much less than what I know you to be? Why are you holding on to limiting beliefs, speech, behaviours AS IF it's going to make the world a better place when all it does is accentuate the vibration of poverty, suffering, victimhood and mediocrity? What will it take for you to drop the pretence and BE alpha?

Blood, Sweat, Tears is guaranteed - Victory is not.

NO VICTORY is guaranteed, regardless of what anyone tells you. That is no excuse for Alpha Females to NOT RISE! It is no excuse for Alpha Males to NOT RISE! For as long as we pass the buck, what IS guaranteed is destruction of humanity. Today is the only day that counts. What will you choose?

What would happen if...

During this time for deep introspection, a time created for taking stock of our choices, the impact, and how we will move forward, I am asking the questions I recommend you ask yourself today...

Which part of EXACT do you not understand?

It is time to reveal that the Alpha Female is an archetype - an energy pattern which requires absolute precision for you to vibrate at the frequency of who you hunger to be. It requires total commitment - a concept which most cannot comprehend as they're so used to self-sacrifice of desires and standards of excellence, compromising their truth and lying to themselves for them to feel better about their lack of lifegasmic joy. Welcome to the realm of Alpha.

Wisdom is not gained through mental masturbation...

Have you noticed how we're encouraged to engage Less and Less of OURSELVES in life? Have you noticed how we are encouraged to 'live' in our heads? As if you can EVER EXPERIENCE the true richness of life through your mind...

Being TOO much - our natural state, our secret shame...

2020 is seeing a rise in frequency - ALPHA frequency. In a minute percentage of people. It's also seeing an increase in lower vibrations as more and more people are willing to settle for LESS, operating in a state of fear. They would rather pay to treat symptoms than invest to go deep, find the root cause of suffering, and do the work for massive transformation. What will YOU choose at this time?


Why are so many suffering? Because they are caught in a web of lies - most importantly, the lies they tell themselves. Unable to see it for what it is, for they have forgotten what their truth sounds like, they continue on the path of not only their own destruction, but everyone around them.

When the dark descends...

This piece is filled with hidden meanings and messages which will only be understood by the freaks, the outcasts, those who allow themselves to vibrate on a frequency of truth beyond the programmed fear of the system. This piece is for the Alphas.


You know that life is a reflection of your choices. My question is: Where are you making those choices? In the realm of magic, or the realm of human illusions mostly built on lies?

It's time for us to stop the rescuing...

I can't help but wonder what more it will take for people to wake up and see that by continuously rescuing others from their struggle, we are crippling them as we remove the strength gained from growth.

A moment for connection

For every Alpha who craves just a moment of deep and true connection. I highly recommend that you close your eyes and listen to the reading of this piece. I love you.

Why I'm no longer available to 'work with clients'...

The beauty of ALLOWING evolution, is the ripple effect it has on your life. It always starts with a decision, a choice, to BE a better version of yourself, a willingness to SEE things differently, and from a space of self-love, raise your standards. This is where it stops for most. But for Alphas, this is where it starts...

Who even knows what to call this?

This is nothing more than the internal conversation as my Inner Child demands that I step up and acknowledge that which I see and to remember why I chose this path in the first place. This could well be the Inner Child Revolution reminding us what is at stake if we continue to choose mind over heart and machine over human.

Alpha, THIS is why you will not thrive...

The life area which you cannot achieve, the one that Alpha Females long for, is the one where nothing she DOES can ever create deep satisfaction. For it's the One who requires that she strips back EVERYTHING and allow herself to be received for who she truly is. And until she can receive HERSELF through unconditional love, she is incapable of receiving the One.

May the real Alpha Females reveal themselves...

Are you ready to acknowledge who you truly are? Are you ready to take off your mask - whether that mask was pretending to be 'normal' or pretending to be alpha? For Alphas are those who are willing and able to work in the dark, through the dark. It's time to have the conversations they're trying to hush so we can bring REAL change.

Alpha Females - step back and observe the insanity

It's time to slow down, to take a step back, and to see how the masses are creating more destruction faster through their mindless fear-based behaviour. This is NOT about blaming. This is about observing. From a new perspective. So that we can see that which people have not been willing to see, to extract the wisdom of the collective, and to record herstory.

Alpha Females - You get to choose how herstory will be remembered...

Alpha Females, this is the time you were born for. To be the tellers of HerStrory from a space of wisdom, hope and inspiration. And yes, there's work to be done. Healing to receive. Energy to be cleaned up before sharing. It's where we choose to acknowledge the pain and release the suffering for the impact we have on the collective consciousness. You are not alone in this.

Alpha Females - time to share herstory

Herstory is not just about speaking your truth. It goes way deeper than that. It's the RESPONSIBLE sharing of your truth from a space of having done the work. The deep work. So that, your story, your truth, is one of loving wisdom with the intention of uplifting the frequency of humanity. It's the compassionate sharing of the impact of action taken without heart so that the empowered masculine can complete their quest and our children can have a better future story to tell.

It's in times of darkness that we are called to lead! RISE ALPHA FEMALES...

Alpha Females are being called to RISE, to LEAD, to be SEEN. Which, in truth, is a big ask. So big, that few are setting aside their fear, their pain of past rejection and ridicule, instead choosing to keep their heads down and keep reciting stories of old of why they're nothing special. In the process, the cult of mediocrity grows stronger as they have no issue milking the cow whilst she stand immobilised. This one if for the Alpha Females ready and WILLING to rise.

Why Alpha Females Are SO Misunderstood...

It's time to put the puzzle pieces together as crazy as they all sound. For now IS the time for Alpha Females to rise and you're NOT going to do it by setting different goals or taking different action. Today for the first time I speak about the truth that being an Alpha Female, is about vibrating on your true frequency.

You were born for a time such as this - will you rise Alpha Female?

Just because you were BORN for a time such as this, does NOT mean you're going to rise. For that will mean releasing your hurt, your anger, your bitterness and putting LOVE first. It will mean you move through the pain FASTER so that you can lead BETTER. It will mean that you either stop hiding who you truly are, or be swallowed up with the masses and meeting our Inner Alpha at your grave knowing that you chose to say no...

Prepare for the worst and expect the best

It's time for us to have the uncomfortable conversation as NOT doing so, would be completely irresponsible of me. This is about making the choice to prepare for the worst and expecting the best ALWAYS, not just in times when the shit hits the fan.

Forgiveness is selfish AF - I approve!

I don't care about the other people, I only care about YOU. Quite frankly, life can be challenging enough without having the shitty behaviours of others keep you imprisoned in suffering. This piece is about why I recommend forgiving everyone so YOU can release yourself from the resentment and find your vibe of thrive.

At which stage do you stop asking for permission?

Legends don't ask for permission. Alphas don't ask for permission. For you have to DECIDE to become legendary just as you have to CHOOSE to be Alpha every day. Know this, as long as you're asking for permission, you're hiding behind your fear.

You had the faith to ask, but do you have the faith to receive?

Women ask ALL the time. Yet, it's in the RECEIVING that they really struggle. For one, receiving your NEXT level desires, always entails NEXT level faith and NEXT level action. Uncomfortable. Plus, when you believe you have to ACHIEVE for you to be DESERVING of receiving, it's a mind-fuck to then allow yourself to BE WORTHY of your desires.