Come out, come out, wherever you are – if you dare…

Isn’t it absurd how ‘visible’ we have become?

How our lives have become open to scrutiny for all and sundry via the world wide web?

Just last week I commented on the fact that I’m sooooo grateful there were no modern cellphones when I was young.

God, I would have been in constant shit if everyone knew what I was getting up to LOL.

I’m not even kidding.

I was the rebellious party-animal from the time I left school, and I did it with the same levels of enthusiasm and wild abandon as I do everything in life.

It would not have been pretty –

seeing those pictures plastered everywhere.

And yet,

that’s basically how our young people grow up.

With their private ‘indiscretions’ following them for all eternity,

or until something ever happens that has the ‘cloud’ disappear.

On the flip side,

I look around and I’ve never seen people hide this much.

Becoming ‘invisible’.

They hang out in hundreds of Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and never say boo, never introduce themselves, never give others the opportunity to get to know them.

They follow thousands on Instagram and never make a comment or give an opinion.

It’s as though the world has become a movie-set and most people only show the ‘cut’ version of themselves.

Even in private.

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I actually care about the REAL person,

EVERY person.

I care about the human on the inside with all her crazy,

the one who is messy and unfiltered and raw and sometimes ugly.

The one who is beautiful and creative and funny and driven and focused and kick-ass.

That is who I desire to connect with,

in every area of my life.

Even myself.

As a coach, it’s always been easy for me to receive my clients as they are – no judgement.

I don’t believe there are good people and bad people.

I believe people simply act in accordance with where they find themselves on their personal journeys.

Which means,

it’s always perfect.

They are perfect.

It took me way longer to take this stance with myself,

which is why I have so much empathy for the fact that others often feel judged in my space.

They simply can’t comprehend how someone can listen to their ‘sins’ without thinking badly of them,

when they themselves feel covered in guilt and shame.

Causing them to hide in plain sight.

They feel so unsafe to be seen and heard because,


they judge themselves,

feel judged by others, and

there are some people out there with seriously asinine behavioural patterns.

People who have created challenges in their lives and instead of taking responsibility and course correcting action, they blame and lash out at everyone in their space.

Right now I’m conversing with a very angry and frustrated woman whom I don’t know from a bar of soap.  Yet she felt that it’s her right to spew her venom out on one of my posts, and after I discreetly contacted her in private explaining that I simply don’t have the connections to assist her, she turned her fangs on me and showed me her nasty.

Does that mean I’m going to go into hiding?

Fuck no.

Does that mean that I’m going to call her out by name in public and shame her?

No.  I don’t believe in that.

I have compassion for her.

It’s just where she’s at.

My point is that so many DO choose hiding because of these unfortunate incidences which is rife in our modern world.

Humanity truly is in a lot of pain.

But I don’t think hiding is the answer.

Well, okay, I can only speak for myself –

I know that for me, hiding is not the answer.


I choose to show up even more.

From a space of love, even though that love sometimes says the word fuck.

And yes, I also choose to show up in my private life.

I choose to speak my truth,

to share my feelings even when it feels vulnerable AF.

I choose to stand for what I value and honour even when people choose to turn their backs on me.

I choose to keep on living a life that feels in integrity even when others choose to judge me and speak about me to all and sundry.

I choose to be visible,

to take up space,

to sing out loud,

knowing that for ME, this is flow and thrive.

But enough about me, I would much rather hear about YOU!

In fact,

if you’re feeling a breath of courage right now,

why not comment below and introduce yourself to me,

and to the world???

Stand on that stage and announce yourself,

your beautiful, brilliant, perfect, magnificent, wild, crazy, self?

For only physical death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving, and shining, is always a choice for the brave.

With love and appreciation,


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And then wonder why they don’t receive iconic results.

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So I gave it some thought,

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Do you have the brass ovaries to allow yourself to succeed?

God, you must be exhausted…

The strain of holding yourself back,

day in and day out,

leaving you trembling with exertion.

They tell you that it’s because you’re taking too much action.

They tell you that it’s because you’re burning out.

They don’t understand you Darling.

I do.

I know you wake some mornings,

pausing to take a second look,

confused at what you see,

because you know,

you’ve always known,

that you were born for so much more.

Your vision so massive it terrifies you to admit it, even to yourself.

You don’t dare speak it out loud to others,

fearing the backlash,

the judgement,

the criticism,


Remembering the times when you didn’t overthink all this shit.

You simply had a thought of something you desired,

connecting to the feeling of excitement and anticipation,

knowing that OF COURSE you will have all you want,

and then,

you just played through our day.

Doing the shit that lights you up.

At the intensity that leaves others breathless,

you exhilarated.

You would simply BE who you were born to be

and VIOLA,

there it was.

People would look at you slightly aghast and ask, ‘how you did it?

What are the exact steps that you took?’

You’re laughing reply of “I have no idea, it just happened” received with sneers.

They started accusing you of lying.

Calling you a selfish bastard.

You think you’re so much better than everyone else.

It hurt like a mofo!

I know.

I’ve lived it and I now witness it in the next generation.

They simply don’t understand that your unconditional love is what drives you in the first place.

Their jealousy fuelled words cut deep.

So you stopped sharing your vision,

you stopped being yourself,

you stopped being.

Like the masses, you settled for existing.

Except, the voice inside your head is relentless.

She has you rolling around at night,


her whispers amplifying the pain of self-abandonment.

In an attempt to appease the muse you set teeny goals,

a glimmer of that which burns inside you,

you even go through their tedious steps.


every now and again,

the rebel in you says ‘Fuck It’,

because their steps are so BORING,

You do it your way and


there it is!

Old fears start creeping up like mist rolling in across the water.

Fuck fuck fuck,

they’re going to look at you!

They’re going to ask you how.

They’re going to turn on you.


This is where the born achiever activates their power against themselves.

Self-sabotaging every step of the way.

And you’re clever aren’t you?

You do it in such a cunning manner that few ever spot it.

You secretly eat shitty foods so your energy will be low.

You stop hydrating so your thoughts are foggy.

You stay up too late so you’ll be tired in the morning.

You stop taking the little actions, knowing that this will trip up the momentum you’ve already created.

You start using THEIR language:

I don’t know

I can’t

I’m afraid of failure

I think…


I’ll try….


You’re not like them so stop pretending to be another sheople.

You don’t fear failure,

you fear success!

Because you and I both know that the moment you give yourself permission to BE all that you came here to be,

life feels FUN!

OMG so much fun!

You show up every day,

doing YOU

to the fullest.

Moving your body in powerful ways,

muscles screaming,

dragons breath,

and it feels oh so delicious.

You create your art and it feels


You attract all you require to have your desires manifest,


All so that you can thrive.

In YOUR zone of genius.

I know something else as well,

something that you’re not talking about,

because people look at you as though you’ve finally lost your marbles.

I know that there’s a feeling inside of you,

a feeling that you’re here to do something.

Something big.

You can’t explain it.

It’s on the tip of your tongue.

It makes no sense,

yet it’s undeniable.

The feeling.

And it’s growing stronger.

A feeling of urgency is burning inside of you.

And we both know that it’s so enormous,

so important,

that you will be required to BE your best self.

For that is the only vibration which will suffice.

And I know that sense of enormity is scary too.

For one thing, those you’ve brought on the journey to this point, will probably stay behind.

In fact,

I’m seeing more and more wolves discarding their sheeps clothing and walking into the dark,

alone once more.

For it’s in our isolation that we connect to the power within.

I also know that you’ve been feeling lonely for so long, that you think it will be unbearable to be alone.

So you keep small for as long as possible.

Clinging to them for a desperate sense of belonging.

You don’t belong there Darling!

Trust me when I tell you that alone does NOT equate lonely!

Right now, people are hurting, people are dying, on our watch.

Yesterday, walking on the deserted beach, I pondered my increased desire for periods of isolation.

It seems lately I can only go for a few days before needing to extract myself from the world.

Going deep into my cave.

Shaking with a sense of overwhelm.

It hasn’t been making sense to me.

Until yesterday.

As an empath, I’m continuously connecting to the deepest emotions of others,

and quite frankly,

the world is rife with depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and defeat right now.

Most of them don’t feel it,

because they’re drugged out of their minds.

But it’s there.

And every day,

I connect to that.

You feel it too.

Which is why we’re heading for the quite of the oceans, the mountains, hiding under our earphones, more and more frequently.

It’s not going to go away Sunshine.

Their fear is turning up the dial and that means that NOW is our time.

It’s our time to step the fuck up and do what we came here to do.

Raising the vibration of the earth,

by breaking the rules,

defying the system,

bringing back THRIVE.

True success.

Health, wealth, growth, connection, contribution, expansion, opulence, abundance for all.

How much longer are you going to be holding yourself back?

How much longer are you going to self-sabotage by doing stupid shit?

How much longer are you going to turn your power against you?

Are you going to be a little chicken, hoping that death is nearby?

Or are you going to activate those brass ovaries and allow yourself to thrive?

With deep love and appreciation for you,


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Success is NOT rocket science.

Not for YOU.

And you know it.

If you’re ready to stop pretending that you’re struggling the same as everyone else just so you can feel like you’re part of the juvenile gang,

if you’re ready to come play in a space where born achievers are giving themselves permission to simply DECIDE,

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then this is your final hours to join.

Are you coming?



The bullshit that’s stopping you from showing the fuck up!

Oh my lord,

what are you doing?

Sitting there in the corner,

waiting for someone to see your shyly raised hand,

to give you permission to speak.

Are you kidding me Sunshine?

When did you decide that another has authority over you?

When did you start thinking that it’s okay for you to slink around in the shadows so as not to disturb anyone else?

Okay, so on the one hand I have compassion for you.

I remember the sting of the ruler coming down on bare hands as punishment for breaking their rules.

I remember the blistering heat of the belt raining down on my ass in an attempt to squash my passion as I dared to speak my truth.

On the other hand I have to say –


How much longer are you going to play in their fear-induced space of hypocrisy and enslavement?

How many more mornings are you going to allow yourself to wake up

feeling miserable,




Your hands bound behind your back,

your voice muffled by the sock they told you to put into your mouth.

All the time,

lying to yourself,

in a desperate attempt to feel a little better.

That tomorrow is going to be different.

That tomorrow you’re going to wake up feeling a little less exhausted.

That tomorrow you’re going to show them what you’re made of.

That tomorrow you’re going to be courageous and tell them what you really think.

That tomorrow you’re going to be fearless.


For choice only happens in the now.

Which means as long you’re saying tomorrow,

you’re choosing your today FOR tomorrow.


I’m done watching people sitting there in their mental cages,

disconnected from their passion,

to the point that they’re having


in their beds

in their conversations

in their actions

in their businesses

in their lives.

No wonder the younger generation look at us and tell us to


That they don’t want our lives.

Our choices.

Our rules.

Do you remember that you used to say the same?

Or was that just me?

And then,

you became your parents.

Time for some straight talk, so you can get very  clear on the fact that


And if your’e not thriving, you’re fucking DYING.

YOU are this immense power,

and for some reason you’ve chosen to stuff yourself into a tiny container,

nailed the lid shut,

because heaven forbid you should take up some SPACE!

After all,

there’s so many of us,


that we all need to shrink a little more so as not to step on another’s foot.

We have to want less money because the economy can’t possibly facilitate all we desire.

We have to speak a little softer because the cacophony of bullshit is becoming deafening.

We have to feel less passion through increased depression (the opposite) because our high vibration is shaking the planet out of orbit.

What this leads to is a constipated population of mediocre zombies,

told to sit down, shut up and pay attention from the time they’re five years old,

fed shitty foods leading to obesity,

so they can swallow ‘magic’ pills that promise to make them skinny,

except the constant see-saw scale breaks their spirit,

which has them back at the counter this time for drugs that will level their out of control emotions,

factory produced chemicals that sap their energy so they sit on their couches,

escaping reality through Lala Land on the screen,

designed to fuck up their brainwaves and capacity for free thinking,

ensuring they are obedient little workers,

getting into their hearses in the morning on their way to dead-ending jobs,

zero soul allowed.

When the fuck did we decide that this was okay?

That this is the system,

the tradition,

the tribe,

which deserves to be upheld and honoured

at the cost of



Just because if you dared to look around and say

‘this is fucked up’

you will be criticised?

Branded a traitor to your culture?

Seen as a trouble-maker?

Well maybe it’s time more of us actually stop giving a shit

about the labels and the pats on our docile little heads





And start releasing ourselves from the imprisonment of co-dependency.

At the end of the day we all have a choice to make,


right now actually,

and that choice is simple –

how do you want to be remembered?

And I’m going to let you off the hook here Darling,

because maybe you’re not really like me.

Maybe all you want to be remembered for is a good little woman or a responsible little man.

Maybe all you want to be remembered for is that pleasant guy or gal who everybody liked,

but nobody can actually remember a single thing you stood for,

a single word that you spoke,

as it never caused a moment of reflection,

a pause in their daily existence.

That’s okay if that’s your choice.

What I’m not okay with is that if you are in fact an artist, a creative, a revolutionary leader,

and you’re showing up as a domesticated little bitch.

I’m not okay with you lying to yourself because speaking your truth,


showing up for your life purpose,


taking up space in the world,


shining your brilliance,


is scary AS FUCK!

You know what –

I’m scared too.

I hurt too.

I bleed too.

I cry too.

But I will not go down in silence,

just so that I don’t bother the bullies of the world.

I will not write the popular ‘7 steps to whatever the fuck’ articles to convince others that there’s only ONE way to success.

I will not even define SUCCESS for others.

Because I believe that every person gets to decide life on their own terms.

EVERYTHING in life – even what words mean to them and how they want to use those words.

I will not be another asshole giving more rules which are applicable only to me.

I will much rather be remembered by some as that crazy bitch who spoke nonsense all the time,

by others as that relentless fighter for freedom from mediocrity.

The ones who, one day, gave themselves permission to speak out,

to leave behind all that was toxic and debilitating,

to find their reason for living,

to own their desires,

to say the words that have been driving them mad on the inside.

I choose to be remembered as the childish misfit who shamelessly splashed through the mud even in her eighties.

I choose to be remembered as the mother who never told her kids they couldn’t do it, and who showed them what that looks like.

I choose to be remembered as the coach who believed in her clients, even in the moments when they didn’t believe in themselves, thereby having them rise to their true potential.

I choose to be remembered as the woman who allowed herself to love fully, without socially approved containers.

I choose to be remembered as Anel.

But who gives a fuck right?

All that really matters is what you choose to be remembered for?

For that starts right now.

What will be your next move?

For choice entails action.

Only physical death is inevitable Darling.

Will you choose your brave and thrive today?

With love and appreciation for you,


PS:  I have designed The Mindset, Business $ Money Evolution for entrepreneurs who choose to thrive.

Those brave enough to define success for themselves.

Those committed enough to own their victory.

Those who seek to surround themselves with like-minded rebels who choose to thrive and have fun building their empires.

Enrolment closes Friday.

I look forward to welcoming you into our conversations.





Everything that you say you want, starts with you…

Oh I know you don’t want to hear it.

I know how much it sucks to look in the mirror and finally understand

that the buck has to stop here.

That in order for you to have


you say you want,

you first and foremost have to


the fact



and only you,

are the creator of your experience.

And that until you take control of your thoughts,

your decisions,

honouring your emotions,

and then taking the action,



we can keep on having these conversations,

day in and day out,

but answer me this Darling:

have you


that things are going to change?

Truly decided?

Or are you just wanting to hear your voice,

rambling on and on,

about the same miserable shit,

that you were going on about yesterday?

Because I have to be brutally honest here,

it’s becoming a tad boring.

And the only reason I’m saying this to you

is because nobody else has the balls to tell you.

I used to believe that we had to be sympathetic,

allowing people to just be where they’re at for all of eternity.

Letting them regurgitate the same story over and over,

thinking that if they would just talk about it long enough,

something would shift,

and they would finally make the change.

I used to think that people just needed to listen to enough motivational videos,

see enough inspirational posts,

to finally flick the switch on the inside

that would transform their lives overnight.

I’m #sorrynotsorry,

I simply don’t buy into this bullshit anymore.

The more I connect to those who are on purpose,

those who are choosing to live life with eyes wide open,

the more I understand that time’s running out


who are DYING

every single day.

Maybe not in body,

but you can see the lights go out in their eyes.

And quite frankly Darling

I simply find it


that we continue to drag our feet

in the hope that something will eventually change.

When all along,

the answer is staring you in the face!


Do you even get this?


Now, two things need to happen:

  1.  You have to draw that line and say ENOUGH AND NO MORE!
  2. You have to DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT instead.

That’s it!

That’s what needs to happen for you to finally get


you say you desire.

Thing is,

most people refuse to take the time to figure out what the hell they truly want.

They would rather continue on the conveyor belt of existence,

convincing themselves that if they DARED to step off,

to take a breath,

to OWN their lives,

that the sky would fall in and it will be the end of the universe.

This is of course how we’re taught to think.

Because heaven forbid

you should give yourself the time and space

for clear,


creative thinking,

that could lead to your liberation.

Nobody wants you to do that,

because they know that things will change.

It will impact everyone around you,

and it scares them shit-less.

Because that means they would have new choices to make as well.

They will have to take responsibility for themselves,

their chosen beliefs,

their chosen thoughts,

their actions,

which will either have them staying behind,

or moving forward.

Even then,

it is not guaranteed that their path will be the same as yours.

For when we reach a point of true self-love,

we no longer take responsibility for others – not the bad or the good.

I have come to realise that I receive no credit for the frowns or the smiles on the faces of others.

I am not the source of their emotions.

And each time I wander from this path,

thinking that others get the credit for my joy or visa versa,

I also blame them for my upset.

Which is complete and utter bullshit.

So I return to the mirror,

and I state to her:

Show me the real love.

Which has to start from within.

What would your life look like if you truly, completely, and unconditionally loved yourself?

What would you put into your mouth?

Onto your skin?

On your body?

What would your environment look like if you chose to have it reflect the vibrancy and beauty within?

Who would you choose to share your space with?

What would be the nature and topics of conversation?

How would you move your body?

How would you build your business?

Who would you serve?

Where would you go?

How will you structure your day to feel fully alive – balancing your often-chaotic creative nature with nurturing moments of refilling your cup?

THIS my friend,

is how you create a life of thrive.

From within.

From LOVE.

Not from should or could or can’t or impossible.

Love has no limitation.

Love has no fear.

Love is and always will be the only true creative force in the Universe.

And yes,

I know that sometimes my words don’t sound very ‘loving’ to your ears,

as you’ve been taught that love has to sound like syrup for it to be real.

Not in my world.

In my world,


is the only sound of love.

I would much rather have someone express love by having zero tolerance for my self-pity,

than have someone kiss my round bottom with their co-dependent lies because they don’t want to hurt my feelings.

Feelings won’t kill me,

self-destructive behaviour will.

So today I invite you to choose:

will you live in fear,




will you live in love?


For only death of the body is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice available to the brave.

With love and appreciation,


PS:  I’m curious:

Why are you not yet allowing yourself to receive the love and support that you deserve in building your business?

What is the story that you’re telling yourself that you think you have to sit in isolation,

complaining to those around you,

who quite frankly is around you because of your current vibration,

instead of surrounding yourself with those on your future vibration?

The Mindset, Business $ Money Evolution is for driven entrepreneurs not yet making in excess of consistent $10k months.

It’s for those who have drawn the line and choosing success and self-love.

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And if this feels like a HELL YES to you, I look forward to supporting you in the spirit of honest love.




My cure for the dreaded “FUNK” – it’s definitely NOT for everyone…

It’s kinda irritating at times,


contrary to popular belief,

I’m still human.

Which means that I’m not exempt from the full spectrum of human emotions.

As I look around at the watered down expressions of the masses,

I suspect, probably more than most.

I simply choose thrive as my default,

high vibe,




in the zone Baby.

Which means on the days that I feel ‘off’,

when I catch myself feeling low,

in the dreaded funk,

my first reaction is complete surprise and disbelief.

The words

“What the fuck?”

reverberating through my head.

In years gone by,

I used to luxuriate in a whirlpool of depression.

Wallowing in the warm depths,

feeling oh so sorry for myself.

Looking around at everyone and everything in my life that wasn’t,


perfect (blush),

and then blaming them all for my current feelings of victimhood and disempowerment.

Of course the Universe would oblige by amplifying current conditions and behaviours,

resulting in loud wails on the bathroom floor,

and the bedroom floor,

and my office floor.

Shit, I didn’t really care which floor I found myself on.

It was an ugly sight to behold my friend.

Eventually I’d reached a point where, in all honesty,

I ran out of people to blame.

So I turned on myself.

I shamed myself into a 6 foot grave of mere existence.

CLEARLY the reason I was in such a downward spiral was because I was not good enough.

I wasn’t pretty enough.

I wasn’t smart enough.

I wasn’t rich enough.

I wasn’t skinny enough.

My arse wasn’t round enough.

OMG, you name it, I shamed it.

The result?

Finding myself sitting on a cold white toilet seat mindlessly staring at bottle of sleeping pills in my hand.

What the fuck?!

It was the wake-up call that I needed.

The first step on a long journey,

and I won’t bore you with the details today.

But I want you to know that from that point forward,

I made a decision that my pity-parties would be kept to a minimum.

Back then I would book out entire DAYS to wallow in misery.

Ice-cream tubs, chocolate slabs, chicks flicks, tissues.

The novelty soon worn off, and I felt bored with this idolised hormonal process.

Plus I would end up feeling so physically ill from all the sugar that I didn’t want a repeat performance too often.

I discovered the powerful shift available in physical exertion.

I’m talking moving your body until your muscles ache and sweat burns the shit out of your eyes.

Shortened pity parties would be interrupted by a swift self-kick up my arse which saw me out training.

But all of this was still tedious and I felt that it was ultimately a waste of my time!

I couldn’t help but feel that I was missing something important.

Why else would I find myself in the same spot so frequently?

Nothing truly shifted until I made the decision to take





for myself,

my thoughts,

my emotions,

my life!

No longer was there a person alive that I would blame.

And after a committed process of falling in love with myself,

I mean seriously,

have you met me?

Why wouldn’t I love myself?

I finally dropped the shame.


Not that I wouldn’t mind my buttocks to sit a little higher at this stage of the fight,

but hey,

as stated before,

I’m sill human.

I’ve come to understand that the ‘funk’

is nothing more than my higher self slapping my face to pay attention!

That I’ve removed myself from my own flow.

That I’ve allowed shitty thoughts to infiltrate my mind,

slowly poisoning my core belief.

You know what I’m talking about –

when you’re grafting like a mofo and still,

it just doesn’t seem to be coming together.

At the outset you’re all



overflowing with excitement.

And then,


You sit there looking at the numbers thinking

‘what the hell is wrong with these people??

Why are they not jumping at the opportunity?’

Disbelief starts colouring the energy of your actions.

Where at first there was excitement,

there’s now a tinge of desperation,

and of course,

the results-needle stubbornly refuses to move.

Now your ego starts having a field day!

Doubt starts creeping in.

Maybe this is the wrong thing after all.

Maybe you misheard the voice inside.

Slowly but surely you pull up the hand-break.

Wishing you could turn back time.

Before you know it,

you’re sitting there.

Staring at nothing.




Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck.

You’re not alone!

I suspect if you could have a dollar for every time that an entrepreneur hit this exact same spot,

you would be a multi-billionaire.

Seriously Darling,

it’s just part of this incredible journey we’ve chosen the day we opened the doors to our business.

Now listen up because I’m only going to say this once:


You simply don’t have the luxury to piss away your days anymore.


I’ve learned to catch myself SUPER fast,

by constantly checking in on myself.

How am I feeling right now?

And the moment I get that weird sensation where my energy is out of sync,

I grab my journal.

I drop into appreciation:

“Thank you Self for getting my attention.

I’m here.

I’m willing to see.

Why am I feeling this way?

What am I not seeing?”

And I allow EVERYTHING to come out.

All the thoughts of doubt and fear (which by the way is an indication that I’m growing in faith).

All the places and spaces where I’ve been pushing instead of creating from Soul (which is an indication that I’m opening up my capacity to receive).

All the areas where I’ve settled for less than FUCKING FABULOUS! (Yip, I have already uplevelled on the inside wooohooooo!)

It flows onto the pages and most of the time I’m a little incredulous at what comes out.

Sneaky little ego bitch,

almost got me that time around LOL.


I put on some of my favourite tunes – one of my go-to’s being Eminem Till I Collapse

And then I either get my bike and ride out my demons,

or I pull up my laptop,

and I create from deep within me.

Unleashing my art,

allowing the poison to bleed out through my fingers,

until I am cleansed of my own bullshit.

Where months used to pass before shifting my arse,

it now takes a couple of hours,

WITH a creative outcome.

So you’re sitting there wondering what is my cure to the funk?

Come closer,

we don’t want everyone to know,


My cure for the dreaded funk is –

your commitment to your thrive.

That’s it Darling.

You simply have to be committed to living your life in such a way that you’re at your best.

100% committed.

Willing to pay attention to your emotions.

Willing to see that which you’ve not been ready to see before.

Willing to release all that no longer serves you.

Willing to have faith regardless of the current conditions.

Willing to believe in yourself and that every desire in your heart is given to you.

What is the alternative?

Feeling like shit for prolonged periods of time?

Giving away your power and lose out all the opportunities that already exist today?

Creating more chaos?


What the fuck?!

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving, is always a choice available to the brave.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  You are not alone.

Mindset, Business $ Money is for the purpose-driven entrepreneur committed to success.

This is where beautiful minds and relentless determination comes together

for those who choose to receive support, accountability, and insight like never before.

If you’re done suffering in silence,


if you’re done suffering full stop,

pm me for details.






You think you’re the only one pissing your pants?

Frozen in fear.

I can’t see the way.

I can’t see the next step.



“You stupid bitch!

How the hell did you get here again?

What were you thinking?

Going up the mountain.


Knowing that you’re terrified of heights.

You should have known better.

You stupid bitch.”

‘Shut up.

Shut up.

Shut the fuck up!


Calm down.

Breathe again.

I’m safe.

I’m always safe.

There’s always a way.

Nature, God, the Universe,

always provides a way.

Just look.

Just see.’

I take the next step.

And another.

And another.

I keep going.

The war inside my head driving me to a new level of madness.

One voice screaming words of outrage.

Words of how stupid I am to continuously get myself in unsafe situations.

The other,



I am safe.

I am not my emotions.

I’m not terrified.

I feel terrified.

I am safe.

It’s been more than three years since I’ve been up a mountain.

Three years since I’ve last faced this particular flavour of fear.

People think you conquer fears.

They’re wrong.

So wrong.

You never conquer your fears.

You train your fears to a level of normality,

by continuously putting yourself in situations where you rise above them.

But just like any other muscle in your body,

if you don’t pay attention,

if you don’t keep that baby strong,

she becomes weak.

And the fear feels enormous once more.

I look at my partner up ahead.

He’s having a really tough time not helping me.

(Thank you for not rescuing me)

To walk away when he sees me stuck,

talking to myself,

not quite hearing the words,

but guessing that there’s a struggle being fought on the inside.

Three times my feet fly out from under me.

Three times I land on my arse.


Three times I get back up and continue along.

At times,

when he’s far enough up ahead not to see me,

I think,

I sit down,

feeling overwhelmed.

For a moment, my mind simply feels too weak to make another the decision of where to step.

So I shuffle on my arse.

Literally just sliding forward one foot at a time.

Until my breathing calms back down.

Until I can see another step where my foot can potentially land.

I rise.

The question I keep coming back to when the voice of fear has me stopping dead in my tracks:

“Can you physically take one more step?”


yes I can.

I’m fit enough.

So I take it.

This is activating the power which comes from combining Mind, Body and Soul in training and in performance.

Which is what so many entrepreneurs, business owners, born achievers, still don’t get.

Your body will take you to places that trains your mind far more powerfully than any boardroom ever can.

And you need your body to be strong.

You need to create evidence in your muscles of your capacity and capability.

Which takes time.

Hours and hours I’m out on my bike,

out on runs,

training relentlessly.

Not to look awesome.

Not to impress anyone.

But for the sole purpose of creating an indestructible mind.

A mind with which to impact lives.

A mind with which to grow my empire.

Make the tough decisions others never find the courage to make.

Because you’re soft.

You stand there,


and think you’re the only one pissing your pants.

Which must mean that those people who are showing up,

those who are building successful businesses,

those who are leading revolutions,

must be special.

They must have something that you don’t.

They must know something that you don’t.

They must have been born with a different colour spoon than you.


We feel terror too!

In greater measures than you can cope with at this time.

Because you’re too fucking lazy to go train your mind

To get to the place where you choose the whispers to make the decisions above the rage of the screams.

Instead you tell us all your excuses of why you’re NOT showing up for your dreams:

you don’t have the time,

you don’t have the money,

you’re an introvert,

you don’t know how to,

you don’t have the right connections,

your list is too small,




Yes, I fell.

Yes, I’m bruised.

Yes, I hurt like a motherfucker today.

So what?

Did it serve to make me stronger?


Do I feel victorious having made it back on my own steam?


Will I be taking more assertive action in my business today?


Will I be doing it again as soon as possible?


Look Darling

I know that some people chose to come here to sit on the sidelines and observe the chaos that reigns.

Some people came here to increase the frequency of fear so prevalent in todays world.

I’m not one of those.

I came here, not to stand in the lines of existence,

waiting for the hearse to come pick me up,

I came here to THRIVE.

I came here to experience life to her fullest.

I came here to lead those who are ready to pump their stomachs empty from all the bullshit they’ve been fed their entire lives,

of how they’re too much,

too full of themselves,


too loud,

too happy,

unrealistic in their expectations,

to flush that shit down the toilet,

and to choose themselves.

To choose radical self-love, self-acceptance, self-appreciation,

to show up in a way that enhances their self-respect,







on fucking fire!!!

with passion

and purpose,

and desire,

and joy.

THIS is what I choose for myself.

And if that means that I have to fight my demons on the mountain tops,

I will rise and I will fight.

Every single day.

Regardless of what others say I should and should not do.

People have a choice:

They can come with me and witness my struggles,

loving me enough not to help me back up,

or they can stay at home,

safe on their couches,

I don’t care.

This is not about other people.

This is MY life.

It’s all about ME.

And if today is my last day,

I will die with satisfaction,

knowing that every day I chose to give it my all.

From where I was at,

and with what I had available to me.

Can you say the same?


Or are you going to keep standing there,

deer in the headlights,


because you can’t see the next step?

Can I tell you the secret?

Just fucking choose to believe in yourself.




whatever it takes.

Even if you feel the warm wetness run down your legs,

Fear choking your throat,

It doesn’t matter.

All that matters,

is the fact that you found your brave.

You’ve got this.

Only death is inevitable – and it’s closer than you think.

Thriving is for the crazy fuckers brave enough to choose it.

With love and appreciation,


PS:  You’ve been looking at the posts of Mindset, Business & Money.

Every time,

you’ve heard the whisper.

Yet the screams are louder,

of how there’s no social proof that it will work.

That it will be more responsible to wait for the next round,

when the testimonials of others will show you what’s possible for you.

Or maybe sign up for the ones that has been running for years,

so they have a couple of hundred case studies with rave reviews.

That’s okay,

I get it.

I used to walk in your shoes.

Only following the well-trodden paths.

Except, as a creative,

those paths always led to me feeling like a misfit.

For their tried and tested ways felt boring,

and when my mind feels bored,

I self-sabotage.

It’s ugly.

Which is why I don’t give my clients monkey-puzzles.

I provide the space for them to connect to their inner artists,

with the foundation in place,

on which to build their dreams.

You’ve got a choice to make today Darling,

which voice will you obey?

The screams of ego-based fear,

or the whisper of your soul?

If you’re ready to build your empire of impact,

surrounded by those who will not pick you up,

so you can experience the intense rush of true victory,

pm me for the details.




There comes a time when you simply have to stop explaining…

We are a growing breed.

Those who choose to walk alone.

The silence found in darkness smoothing frayed senses at the end of the day.

Velvet cloak nurturing sapped energy.

Happily feeling like the misfits,


in a world gone mad.

We are the ones who are misunderstood.

For the longest time,

I spent all of my breath,

all of my words,

trying to make others understand.

That my obstinance was not born from disrespect

but from questioning that which is accepted norm

and finding it truly fucked up and destructive of the human spirit.

I would talk for hours that distraction is not relaxation,

that your joy is not to be found at the bottom of a bottle,

that you can lie around like a lazy cow all day long,

it’s not going to make you feel more energised.

I used to write about the fact that goals have saved my life,

only to be criticised because ‘people get demotivated when they don’t achieve their goals’.

So hung up on the outcome

that they pin their worth on whether they succeed first time around,

or not.

Failure is not an identity, Darling.

It’s another step forward on your way to success.

I used to write about the exact steps I took to heal myself from the rage, the hurt, the hatred, that bled inside of me,

born of years of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Yet people can’t make sense of my joy and love,

it doesn’t fit into the psychological processes describing what I SHOULD be feeling,

so they’re unwilling to hear the message under my stated words.

I have zero regrets of my life.

I have zero resentment for anyone who played their part to perfection.

I wish every person who has ever touched my life,

in exquisite pain,

nothing but love and happiness.

I used to try and explain my need to withdraw from the outside when shit hits the fan.

I used to apologise for the fact that I was unavailable to spill my drama on others.

I used to ask for forgiveness for licking my wounds in private.


no matter how much I tried to explain,

how much I opened up from the inside,

their veils of conditioning is so dense,

they are unavailable to allow me to do what’s best for me.

So they lash out.

They turn their backs on me.

They poison all who will listen to their drama, against me.

And still,

I continue to choose love.

More importantly,

I will no longer waste my breath, my words, my energy,

to explain myself.

I have made peace with the fact that even though we are a growing breed,

we are still rare.

We who choose obsession.

We who choose to continuously raise the bar for ourselves,

even when others feel intimidated by how high we’re already playing.

We who choose to stay focused,

finding joy and freedom in the movement of our bodies,

conquering insane adventures and feats.

We who love the challenge.

Who salivate when the obstacle seem insurmountable.

We who continue to rise.

Regardless of how many times we fall down.

Scraped and bruised knees will not stay bent.

For we choose to connect with that which is within.

Our true power.

Our inner wisdom.

Our inner drive.

And from this place,

we are unstoppable.

Yes, many of us choose a journey which makes no sense to the masses.

Those who only want it easy.

Those who only want acceptance and belonging.

From others,

even though they can’t accept themselves.

And I get it – how the hell can you accept yourself when you’ve abandoned your truth a lifetime ago?

How can you respect yourself when you lie every time you open your mouth

spewing forth lies in terms of what you’re going to achieve,

who you’re going to be,

what you stand for?

How can you love yourself when you’ve bought into the bullshit that you’re fucked up, broken and imperfect?

That you need a ‘better’ half to ‘complete’ you.

That you need to beg for forgiveness for your very breath because you’re filled with sin.


AAAAAARGH!  It drives me fucking insane to witness the suicide of so many around me.

Yet I absolutely honour their free will to choose their beliefs, their journey, their existence.

I honour their need to pin their little labels on themselves and everyone around them,

as this makes sense of everything.


They explain away their slow death with words such as depression and anxiety and overwhelm.


They explain away their choice to suffer with institutions such as marriage and school and the economy.


They justify their demise and suffocating daily existence with words such as greed and unrealistic and codependency.


If my refusal to buy into this system,

these labels,

these constructs,

makes me a misfit,


I will wear that little suite with pride and honour and love.

The more I give myself permission to speak my truth,

to own my standards for myself and not giving others a get out of jail free card in my space,

to release all that is out of alignment including relationships,

the more I dance in inappropriate places,

and use words in way that has my old grammar teacher cringe,

the more I connect with those who are misunderstood.

I currently have but a handful of these soulmate what do I call them?  lovers, friends, connections, co-creators, there’s no word to describe,

and our conversations are filled with delight, ease, love, growth, compassion, laughter, fun, flow, conscious creation at it’s most beautiful.

We who choose to walk alone.

We who choose to love always.

We who choose to create consciously.

We who choose to desire more.

We who choose to uphold high standards.

We who choose to raise the bar for ourselves.

We who choose incredible adventures.

We who choose to activate the trilogy of power which comes from body, mind, soul combined.

We who choose obsession.

We who choose success.

We who choose to be committed to our victory.

For only death is inevitable,

Thriving is the choice of the misfits, the brave, those who dare to be misunderstood.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  I am creating a space for those entrepreneurs who feel misunderstood.

Those who dare to hold on to their dream,

even if they’ve not yet cracked the $10k per month mark.

It’s just a number Darling.

It says nothing about you.

It simply tells you where you are on your journey and the fact that you have more to learn.

Those who are done listening to the naysayers in their lives,

and who choose to connect with like-minded obsessed business owners committed to their success.

The pilot program for Mindset, Business $ Money has started and we’re holding space for those who know this is their time, and they have the audacity to take the step forward.

Message me if this speaks to your soul and you KNOW that you’re committed to victory.






Speak with power or say nothing at all…

What is it going to take for this to sink in?

That you are creating your current reality with the thoughts you choose to think,

you know,

those stories you keep telling yourself,

of why people do the shit they do,

of what that says about you,

of what it says about them,

the words you use,

every time you open your mouth to re-tell your story,

every time you give a chosen answer?

How must I say this in a way that you understand?


Nobody else.

Nothing else.

It’s all YOU Darling.

When I first learned this,

the power of our word in creation,

I rebelled against the very thought.

How could it be?

I wasn’t responsible for everything that happened TO me!

BULLSHIT – I raged against the Universe.

I’m just a helpless little victim of my circumstances.

My background.

My ancestry.

The stars, the planets, the moon.

Which of course I then proved to myself,

by creating more of the same shit.

Until I opened myself to questioning,

to pay attention,

to find the correlations,

between the stories in my head,

and my external reality.

I discovered that the tone of the story dictated my emotional state.

When I was the helpless victim,

waiting to be rescued,

the stories elicited feelings of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy,

nasty shit!

My actions became a reflection of my emotional state of being.

Self-fulfilling prophecy in delectable manifested form.

When I took the SAME story,

but changed my perspective,

becoming the compassionate observer,

my feelings did a complete turn-around.

I would feel love, compassion, forgiveness, a desire to empower,

and my actions,


chalk and cheese of course.

The result was that my relationships started changing.

Now for the outside critic,

it might seem like abandonment.

A ton of them ended.

What they didn’t see or choose to understand was that the end of my relationships came from a space of unconditional love.

By healing my codependency,

and YES, I could have received a medal as a codependent,

I was able to release my NEED for certain people.

Which meant that the energy was finally cleaned up resulting in an opportunity to be true to ourselves.

Sadly, codependency is not a breeding ground for loving, empowering relationships.

The complete opposite.

And it’s sneaky!

You’ll focus on your ‘main’ relationship and think just because you’ve dealt with that one,

you’re now free of all codependent tendencies.

Not so much, Love.

How we do one thing, is how we do all.

Radical self-love and self-acceptance meant a radical release of that which no longer served me.

Yes I know,

the other people haven’t necessarily done the work,

and many of them are not feeling peachy towards me.

Not my responsibility.

If they choose to tell themselves stories which breeds contempt for me,

it’s their right to do so.

Next I started paying attention to the questions others were asking me.

How we, as a race, continuously recreate what is,

by only asking after current circumstances.

Which I understand comes from a good place,

but think about it:

if you know someone is going through some tough shit,

and you keep asking them to tell you about their struggles,

you are in fact asking them to create MORE of that in their lives.

Nobody ever asks me what I’m creating next?

Nobody ever asks what am I choosing to be grateful for today?

Nobody ever asks me what am I doing differently today from before?

As far as majority of humanity is concerned,

the only things that matter

is the past

and current conditions.

If you choose to speak only that which you desire to create,

they tell you that you’re delusional.

I no longer have any interest in talking about that which has already past.

It’s done,


I have received my learning,

integrated the new wisdom,

and using this information to create my next conscious desire.

And if that sounds obscene to you,

I will ask you,


Why does it sound insane to only speak that which you choose to create?

Does it scare you to think that you actually might be creating your reality?

Does it scare you to think that you might have to let go of the drama?


Does it scare you to think that if I’m right about this, that I might be right about others things as well

which will mean

you will have to start questioning everything too?

Does it scare you to think that life could be turned upside down when you change your internal and external dialogues, and you will have to release those codependent relationships, finally have to have those courageous conversations, finally have to get your act together?

Does is scare you to think that all your bullshit excuses will become null and void?

Yeah, it scared me too.

So I invite you to just be open to some experimentation.

To start paying a little more attention to your thoughts, your words, your feelings,

and how they impact your actions,

and most importantly,

the results you then receive.

Start paying attention to the questions your loved ones are asking you,

and if it is simply recreating drama in your life,

or painting the picture of your next desire

with such clarity and detail that it simply has to become.

And if you really want to have some fun with this,

change the questions you ask of others!

Instead of asking them what’s going on – why not ask them what’s great about today or what they’re working on creating next?

This entire process is even more powerful when you’re an entrepreneur and you start understanding just how you’ve been creating your current outcomes.

Or not.

You can choose to keep talking the same as you did yesterday and expect that tomorrow is going to be FABULOUS.

Except we both know that’s the definition of madness.

Just saying.

After all Darling, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,


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When you’re not feeling the joy in receiving

My Love,

I get it.

Probably better than most.

For I have walked in the shoes of self-preservation,


until there was more hole than sole.

It felt safer to be in lack,


than to receive.

Sounds so crazy doesn’t it?

The ego goes on the defensive,

saying that’s just stupid.

‘OF COURSE I am open to receiving all that I desire.

Why else would I say I want it?’


what we say,

and what our physical reality shows us,

doesn’t always align.

It’s been my experience that when I find this discrepancy,

it has very little to do with the external world,

and everything to do with what’s going on in my subconscious mind.

Let’s start with something small,

for everything is connected,

and sometimes when we start with the seemingly inconsequential

it’s easier to have the breakthrough

which we can then apply to the ‘big’ things.

I’ve historically not been good at receiving compliments.

For various reasons.

Compliments on my beauty  has resulted in rape by those who desired to claim me as a shiny object to possess.

Compliments on my intelligence has resulted in humiliation by those who felt less smart.

Compliments on my success has resulted in creation of chaos to resolve by those who had no desire to step up and create their own success.

Compliments on my strength has led to emotional abuse, bleeding me dry energetically, by those who refuse to train their own resilience.

Looking at all of this, it’s no wonder that I shrugged off compliments faster than a dog shakes excess water after a bath.

I choose to have compassion with myself.

There was also another side to the coin.

In receiving a compliment,

from those who came from a space of love, appreciation and respect,

I placed an expectation on myself,

to step up even higher so as not to disappoint.

The achiever in me continued to raise the bar,

even when the bar was already so high.

And considering how hard I was working,

how exhausted I was at night,

I wasn’t sure I could cope with more.

More compassion was required.

Now, the bitch comes when we discover that energy doesn’t compartmentalise.

It’s impossible to NOT be in receiving of compliments,

and then BEING in receiving of abundance.


Which meant that once I received the awareness there was some serious introspection to be done.

Where else was I not allowing myself to receive,

because of a fear of retaliation,

or an expectation of having to step up?



Not receiving support?

Well darling, the truth is that if you allowed yourself to be fully supported, you would HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES as to why you’re NOT showing up fully for your purpose work.

Not receiving money?

It’s in the receiving of money that we receive freedom of choice which means you have to let go of codependent, toxic relationships, you have to stop settling for mediocrity and only accept excellence, you have no excuse to NOT being well nourished, high vibe AF, happy and yes Sunshine, orgasmic.

Not receiving excellent health and high levels of energy?

If you didn’t have your excuse of being so tired all the time, you would have to take aligned action.

No longer would you be smothered by those sympathisers which means,


you would have to own your badassery!!!!!


Honestly, I have so much empathy for you.

Personally, I’m still working on receiving.

On feeling safe to receive.

On feeling worthy to receive.

On feeling enough even whilst I receive.

So that I can receive even more.

I’m also working on TRUST.

For if I don’t trust,

I will not feel safe,

I will not receive.

For 45 years, my life has been a masterful creation of contrast to safety, trust and receiving.

I’m choosing to be a little more patient with myself than my normal standard.

To receive a little more every day.

Until I feel ready,


and enough,

to receive a LOT!

In the interim, I’m enjoying this wonderful new awakening,

I’m choosing to make this fun,

I’m choosing to be proud of myself.

All of this to say that I have compassion for you if you’re not receiving your desires Darling.

But for things to change in your life, YOU have to start choosing to receive.

And you’re probably not going to do that by just chanting

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can…”

Unless of course you’re The Little Engine.


how about growing a pair,

and figuring out WHY you’re NOT receiving?

What’s the fears lurking behind the blocks?

What’s the hidden benefits of your living in lack?

Sort out that shit first,

and then,

with a sense of excitement,

allow yourself to receive the little things available to you right now.

Setting the intention that your capacity will increase daily,

until you too can joyful surf avalanches of abundance.

Only death is inevitable,

as always thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation for you,


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That seems an awfully long time to commit to a program…

To commit to building your business…

To receive THAT level of support, accountability and learning.

Which is exactly WHY it’s 6 months.

This is not another program you rush through,

having piles of notes taking up space in the cupboard,

half of which you never implement or even remember.

It’s NOT for the polyfilla entrepreneur who thinks they simply need to slap some white goo over the cracks, and then prettify business for sales.

Mindset, Business & Money is a continuous expansion of receiving,

a layering on of systems, structures, habits and awareness,


If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur not yet consistently receiving in excess of $10k per month,

this is the place to be.






Do you have the courage to look in the mirror of life?

Open your eyes.

If you  dare…

Open your eyes and see what you’ve created,

all around you.

From your thriving business or struggling hobby,

to your sexy AF body or fat, flabby layer of protection,

to your orgasmic lover or abusive codependent nightmare,

to your connected family or dysfunctional unit of resentment,

to your adventurous friends or energy vampires.

All of this,

is life,

loving reflecting back to you,

what’s happening on the inside.

Now you’re either sitting there,

smiling, patting yourself on the back,

feeling pretty happy with yourself – I salute you!


you might be sitting there,

shock and horror brining up a fierce desire to tell me that I’m delusional.

You’re not responsible for the shit storm representing your life.

It’s not your fault.

You’re just a victim of circumstances,

caught in the web of your upbringing.

That used to be me,

for the longest time.

And as horrible as I felt most of the time,

it felt good to push the responsibility of my misery,

onto the shoulders of others.

Who in turn placed the blame on the next person,

who put it on the next,

and the next…

You get the picture.

It’s been my experience that most of us don’t wake up because life is all sunshine and hopping bunnies.

The pain has to become pretty fucking intense for us to finally look up.

At which point,

responsibility is the last thing on our minds.

For we immediately default into a pit of shame.


How could I have allowed this to happen?

When did I become so weak?

When did I turn into this spineless piece of washed out cloth?

A downward spiral,

once again

reflected back to us,

by life.


it sucks nickerballs!!!

There’s another choice available to you today Darling.

You can drop all the shame, release the blame, and you can claim love.




This is the ONLY energy powerful enough to turn your life around.

Not medication.

Not therapy.

Not even rescuing.

You have to choose self-love.

And from this space,

you can finally take off those blinkers,

and curiously observe the manifestations of your internal state.

It’s interesting,

every time I think I’ve dealt with what was,

the abuse,

the belittling,

the humiliation,

the conditioning of unworthiness,

continuously being put in my place,

every time I think I’ve healed that part of me,

and that I’m finally honouring myself,

life has a way of showing me the sneaky little remnants of not feeling good enough.

Not feeling deserving.

Scared shitless to be in the presence of one that needs nothing from me.

One who holds an energy of acceptance,

so that I can let down my defences,

and reconnect with my vulnerability,

my heart-space,

not for others,

but for myself.

Terrified of truly showing up in the world from a space of thrive,

daring to be unapologetically radiant in my happiness,

when others feel low,

and then my guilt pulls my energy back down to their level.

Not daring to give myself permission to become successful,

to the level I know I was born to be.

Because the shambles others are creating,

through unconscious choice,

pissing away their potential,

has me shrinking back,

not wanting them to see me,

remembering the pain of them draining my energy,

with their vampiric tendencies,

to leech onto me.

I am beyond grateful for the fact that, for the first time in my life,

I can look at these reflections,

without critical judgment of myself,

but with deep appreciation and compassion,

becoming the curious observer,

and then lovingly,


What do I choose now?

For my choices of yesterday become irrelevant.

They simply served to get me to this place.

My evolution gloriously perfect.

Knowing as well that my pace might be slow,

but it is what you, the reader, are co-creating with me.

I know my journey,

my life,

is nothing more

than a reflection of what others require

to wake up in their own experiences of life.

So that they may choose consciously.

And if my fuck-ups can create a short-cut for you,

I will continue to screw up forward with unbridled joy and enthusiasm.

I have found that it’s in the reconnection with self,

the remembering of who we are,




from within,

that we can radiate a new way of being to others.

Today I invite you to put aside your ego,

to release all tendency to criticise,

and ask life to lift the fog from your mind,

so that you can truly see what is.

And then,

from love, compassion and appreciation,

ask yourself,

‘What is my life reflecting right now?

What are the stories inside my mind that’s creating this physical reality?’

Thank them.

Thank all of it.

So that you can fully breathe in the power of your intentions.

Which leaves you,

the author of your life,

in the perfect position,

to simply turn the page,

and choose what you will write next.

For only death is inevitable my friend.

Thriving is the choice available to those brave enough to love themselves.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  As entrepreneurs, our businesses are some of our most potent mirrors,

reflecting our level of self-love,



They show us where we feel afraid,

where we feel not good enough,

where we settle,

where our boundaries are weak.

They also serve as powerful reflectors of self-worth,



once we’ve done the internal work.

Mindset, Business & Money is for the entrepreneur who’s not yet reached the consistent $10k per month level of internal badassery.

Those who are determined to succeed,

for they understand that a thriving business simply reflects a thriving heart.

And thrive they will!

It will be my privilege to hold up the mirror in a space of non-judgement,

a space of deep love and acceptance,

so that you can connect with your true self.

The door is open Gorgeous,

you simply need to step through.