How much longer will you allow mediocrity to destroy EVERYTHING you love?

Take my hand Darling.


Walk with me,

into the darkness.


That place where you know

you will reconnect.

With your heart.

With your soul.

With your truth.


That place they’ve been steering you away from.

With their insidious warnings

of what lies waiting patiently,

to devour you.


They’re lying.


It’s time.

You’re ready.

So come with me

to the place

where you know

you will find all your answers,

all your joy,

all your



Your true desires,

not the illustrious photoshop illusions

they’re filling your mind with

in an attempt to keep you distracted

from what you’re here to claim,

what you’re here to create,

what you’re here to receive.


Those things,

those bling bling toys and air-fluffed toy-boys,

they are not the prize.


Not for you.




I know there’s a hunger inside of you

that you’ve desperately been suppressing,

telling yourself that it’s too much

too grandiose for one as simple as you.

I know there’s a secret desire within you,

to have an extraordinary life,

to make some waves,

to become



I know there’s a part within you,

secretly ashamed

of your mediocre attempts to create something,


in desperation to not live a life completely void of meaning.


When you go to bed at night,

absolutely exhausted

from restraining your magnificent power.

Holding back the true extent of your passion,

holding back the true extent of your action,

because they’re already criticising you,

saying you’re too full on,

you should slow down,

you’re going to burn,

not understanding that right now,

living at their intolerable pace of mundane thinking, feeling, expressing, action,

you’re burning in a furnace of HELL.


Feeling your stomach acid

eating away

your insides.

The grumbles reflected in shattering earthquakes.

They blame the platonic plates,

you know it’s your restrained energy.

When will you acknowledge that you’re bondage

is destroying the planet

and causing you to become sick?


For the beast is starving.

And she will not be ignored for much longer.




It’s time my love,

it’s time for you to admit to yourself,

that this simpleton pace of life

is not only boring you to tears,

it’s draining you of your spark,

your well-being,

your soul!


If you have to listen to one more story

of how fucking hard it is,

of how miserable life is,

of how everything is going wrong,

of how helpless they are,

of how unfair it is,

when you know in your every cell

that everything is always going right,

that everyone creates their own outcomes,


having an experience on a tiny planet called


you’re actually going to loose your shit,

snapping like that elastic band,

and the backlash will be so severe,

that blood will flow.




Take my hand Darling.

Walk with me.

Straight into your fear,

trusting when I tell you that

it’s in the eye of your fear

that you will craft

your courage.


And know this sweetie-pie,

it’s going to take every motherfucking ounce of courage you can muster,

for you to finally


break free of the bullshit prison in your mind.


It’s going to take a new religion

inside of you

believing in you

believing in your worth

believing in your potential

for you to finally


stop fucking around in this lifetime and be the goddamned LEADER you were born to be.


It’s going to take you being ruthless

in releasing

in purging

in clearing

in vacating


your excuses that you’ve ALLOWED to dictate your results up to this point.




It’s going to take you  being the most selfish bitch on the block

to evict

the vampires that you’ve allowed to camp in your back-yard.

Those feeding off your energy,

your creativity,

your love for life,

your love for others,

your power,

so they can exist with their veins filled with you,

keeping up their average lives,

whilst ensuring you’re drained enough

to not rise and walk the hell away from them.




Here’s what I know

with unwavering conviction:




Humans becoming inhumane,

tortured souls walking around as petrified wounded animals,

lashing out at everyone with true intentions.

So drugged out of their minds

they’re incapable of recognising love when it bites them in the arse.

Spraying their poisonous words filled with fear and hatred and scarcity.


And it makes me SICK to my stomach

to see a brilliant woman such as you


living up to your full potential.

It makes me swallow acid rising

seeing a brilliant woman such as you


for average connection, average love, average impact,

average anything!


Simply because, like the elephant trained from infancy

to believe the shackle around her leg can possibly hold her,


are domesticated to the point where you’ve forgotten

the true force of nature you are

when you FOCUS


and give yourself PERMISSION


with EVERYTHING you’ve got


your actual prize.








You can keep turning a blind eye to the woman in the mirror,

saying that it’s up to another Jesus to save the world,

that someone else was born for greatness,

that they are special,

that they have something you don’t,

except you and I know very well that’s all just an excuse

NOT to be all you are.


You can keep trying to numb the pain

with your glass of wine,

your tub of ice-cream,

your latest Netflix series,

except you and I know very well

that this is torture.


You can keep telling yourself

that you can do this on your own,

that you don’t need support,

because Super Girl

stands alone,

except you and I know very well

that if that was true

you would have done it already.

And in truth,

you simply don’t believe you’re worth the investment in yourself.


Okay Lover,

you keep telling yourself whatever you need to tell yourself,

to get through another day.


I’m just here to say

that it’s all a choice.


Suffering is a choice.

And it sure as caramel popcorn

is not the choice of an alpha.


Death is inevitable,



is it your choice?


Live with honour

or exist in excruciating pain,



PS:  Will you be my next soul-mate client?


Have you reached your enough and no more settling point?

Have you had enough of NOT breaking through the frustrating glass ceiling?

Are you committed to creating an extraordinary result this year?


If you are,

if you are ready to take FULL responsibility for your life,

if you’re ready to release the struggle,

if you’re ready to be unstoppable,

if you’re ready to invest in yourself emotionally, financially, with time, with action,

and if you’re committed to end the year filled with pride and satisfaction,

then now is the time to apply.

Working with me, in 90 days you WILL be your next best level self,


if you’re still not willing to be ready,

you will be the same.









Time to Release Release Release in love!

6 am

Already the sun is sneaking over the horizon.

Be still my beating heart.


You know what this means?

OMG YES!!!!!!!!

I survived another winter

and spring is around the corner.


Wooohooooo motherlickens!!!


What this also means

is it’s time

to release

to cut back

to let go



that’s no longer aligned for the next season of life.




What do you mean,


It’s too scary?

It will hurt too much?

You can’t do it?


You’re rather just going to settle.

Just going to cling to the known.

Just going to stunt your potential lifegasm.


Because you’re a little unsure.

Of yourself.

Of life.

Of what is still available to you.


So you want to tell me that you would rather live in a constant state of discomfort

wearing a g-string two sizes too small

painfully riding up your derriere,

than admit that it’s no longer a perfect fit

and simply releasing it?



you think it will stretch a little more…

Hmmmm, yes, okay.

Even though it’s reaching a point of fabric tearing,

leaving an angry red mark on your skin,

pretending it’s a badge of honour.


Okay lover.

You go do that.

You go through another season

secretly crying on the bathroom floor

because you don’t believe you deserve better

than what is.


You keep thinking painting that smile on your face with your Chanel lipstick

will have you fake joy

until you make joy

your natural state of being.


You keep fantasising that others will change,

adapt their behaviour

to fit with your requirements and expectations

and THEN

you’ll be happy.


You keep telling yourself that you can live cheap with yourself,

with your dreams

and eventually it will have you living in a state of opulence and abundance.


You keep believing that anyone else actually gives enough of a shit

that they will come save you from your miserable state of mundane existence.

That someone will put a plaster on your ouchie,

kiss it better,

and then,

the boobooo will go away.


Okay Buttercup.  You keep living with your head up your hole-ness.


And no,

I’m not talking about an actual G-string today.

I’m talking about the ONE area that NOBODY wants to have a frank and



conversation about:



I’ve said it before and I will say it again:







Do you get that?



So WHY for the love of crocodile testicles

are you clinging to others

as though your life depends on it

when it’s no longer a fit???


And I’m talking about



Parents making children the centre of their universe,

helicopter much?

and then not wanting them to fly the coop.

Raising dependent, weak-minded entitled little pups

unable to stand on their own two feet

and then we blame the year they were born in

instead of the fact that so many of my generation

never received the love and attention they craved

and instead of working out their own shit

they now expect it from their kids.


Couples making each other sick to look at,

still touching each other,

with resentment and disgust,

because they have a ring on their finger

and what was meant to be a promise of love

has become a shackle of slavery.


Coaches, mentors, consultants, holding clients hostage through a signed contract

even though

it’s no longer in service to those they vowed to support on their growth journey

oh wait!

there’s no vows of service in this industry anymore –


I forgot

honour has been left on the pavement along with the rubbish bins.


I guess I’m one of the old fashioned ones

who took an oath to serve

as part of my studies

and who also took it to heart.

I’m one of the old fashioned ones

who say what I mean

mean what I say

and do what I say.

I sometimes forget how fucking old and old fashioned I am.


In my opinion

our sick indoctrinated need to hold on to relationships

that are not



because of what society TELLS us we have to do in relationships

is causing us to tear each other apart

like the ripped fabric of that worn out too small g-string.




And then you call me selfish, cold and inconsiderate…


If you truly LOVE someone,

then let them BE.

With ZERO expectations

ZERO conditions

ZERO neediness.


By being 100% committed to being YOUR best self.

And then allowing others to have their experience of you


Planets orbiting around each other,

for they understand that crashing into each other will not make them WHOLE.


What a load of crock:

You complete me – WHAT THE FUCK?

My better half – SERIOUSLY?

Go make yourself whole and complete and fucking FABULOUS Darling.


So let me just get off my soap box,

pull my boxer shorts straight,

and invite you to spring-clean your relationships.


From a space of deep and unconditional




and respect.


For yourself.

For them.


Nobody comes into your life for a life-time.

They’re all for a reason and a season.


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the loving alpha.


Live with honour,

or exist average,


















Your unwillingness to commit, doesn’t impress in the least…

Have you truly forgotten

what it feels like

to want something so bad

that you’re willing to do


to have it?


Have you truly forgotten

what it feels like

to have the fire burning inside of you

consuming all your fears

your insecurities

your thoughts

your feelings

your waking moments,


even your sleep?


Have you truly forgotten

what it feels like

to commit


to the point where you’re willing to sacrifice


because you will not stop

until it’s done?


Have you truly allowed

your egotistical bullshit

to swallow your desires

for the sake

of appearances?




Is this what it’s come down to?


You poor baby.


Tell me,

how do you do it?

How do you live with yourself?

How do you look yourself in the mirror?

How do you face your loved ones?

How do you crawl through life

knowing that

you’re not willing to

leave it all out

on the field

so that

you can live your dream?


How do you even find the energy to get out of bed in the mornings,

knowing this will be another day

tippy-toeing around,

pretending to be busy,

pretending to be taking massive action,

all the while

only taking calculated risks,

hoping to god you don’t fuck up in public,

that you don’t fail in front of another

so that you won’t be ridiculed,

becoming the butt of their jokes…


So you don’t commit.

Just in case

you don’t succeed

first time around.


How you appear,

saving face,


has become more important to you

than true success!


You think downplaying the importance of your goals

will make it more tolerable if you don’t succeed immediately?

You think that you will feel less disappointed by half-assing it?

You think that creating evidence of the inevitable failure


at the creation of the outcome,

will somehow make you feel okay???


That if you say it’s not THAT important,

people won’t pay attention,

for in the world of average

those who RAGE into the storm

are watched by those

who have NO DESIRE to EVER

step the fuck up for themselves



anticipating a moment of slipping up

so they can cajole and say

‘Yes you idiot – I told you it’s a stupid idea.’

Excusing themselves from the table of excellence,

carrying on with their mundane little lives.







Today I say to you:

Enough and no more!

Enough of not setting NON-NEGOTIABLE goals.

Enough of not burning those fucking boats.

Enough of not closing the back door.

Enough of not making decisions and executing with conviction and speed.

Enough of not being willing to DIE for your dreams.

Enough of not being obsessed with your greatness.

Enough of not expressing yourself passionately.

Enough of not living in a state of lifegasmic anticipation.

Enough of not waking each morning with more determination,

more discipline,

more decication

than any other person in the world,

and from this space

bringing forth

your magnificence!








How dare you?


For too long have Alphas forgotten who they are.

Thinking that because the sheople breed like bunnies,

their numbers far outweighing ours,

that the majority should rule the world.


For too long have the natural state of things

been turned upside down in the human race

allowing the weak of mind

to set the standards for everyone.


Do you see the lion bowing down to the springbok simply because they’re outnumbered?

Do you see the wolf giving up the hunt for digging up roots simply because there’s more rabbits in the forrest?

Do you see the shark swarming tightly together to be protected by confusion caused through mere size of the school?


If you do,


and only then

can you actually validate

your lack commitment

to your true nature

and potential

and the raw talent you were born with.


Until then,

know this,


And honestly Darling,

your lack of true commitment

to being your BEST self

doesn’t impress anyone.


Tell me this:

How will you be remembered,

if you died today?

Will your children and your children’s children be inspired to follow in your footsteps

as it’s the most ASTOUNDING path available at this time?


How will you feel,

if you died today?

Will you go to your grave satisfied and proud

knowing that you GAVE IT YOUR ALL,

every day,

you couldn’t have done ANYTHING more?



yesterday is no longer relevant.

You can’t change the past.

Regret has no space in our world.

Regret is for pussies.

And last time I heard

you weren’t meowing.

Let that shit go.

You absolutely CAN EVALUATE the past

and LEARN from it

from where to make your next decision.


What is your next decision?

How will you live from this day forward?

Will you step out of the shadow

with conviction




because you’re finally ready to



No longer caring what ANYONE else thinks or says

for this is YOUR LIFE

and you’re going to THRIVE IT?


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the committed AF alpha.


Live with honour

or exist in regret,



PS:  Are you ready to partner with me?

For details on what working with me looks like click here.

ONLY if you’re truly ready to commit to yourself.

The journey IS the rainbow! Life IS the gold!

I don’t get it anymore.

I’m sitting in the coffee shop,

the sun is shining brilliantly outside,

the music is not too bad for a coffee shop,

life is

fucking spectacular.


Yet as I look around,

I’m the only person smiling.

Sitting on my own,

just smiling from within

because my happy energy has reached my face.


I know why they’re so miserable,

I know because I used to be one of them.

I used to believe the lies.

I used to buy into the bullshit beliefs.

I used to be unhappy too.


I hear the same stories from my clients,

from others who post online,

from the conversations around me in the coffee shop.


We have to suffer our way to happiness.

The more we suffer in life,

the greater our reward in the after-life.

Aka death.

Aka you’ve croaked.


We just have to struggle for long enough

and once we achieve the goal

we’ll be happy.


We just have to endure a job we hate because it’s what we studied

to pay the bills

and save for retirement

and then

we’ll start living it up.

With a body that’s falling apart,

deteriorating health,

hardly being able to get to the curb,

never mind over a bloody mountain.


We just have to sacrifice our dreams,

be good little martyrs,

until our children are grown up and out of the house,

and then

we’ll be the brilliant examples for them of what is possible.


We have to stay in suffocating relationships

devoid of passion and joy

devoid of laughter and companionship

devoid of the power of a matched partnership

because we are responsible for the other and they can’t possibly stand on their own two feet.

We got them to this place,

we’re responsible for who they have become,

we made them choose the wrong stuff,

we made a vow,

till death do us part.

And fuck,

death can be an illusive destination when you’re choosing to suffer.



I’m not saying you must go kill yourself.



I’m saying listen to how incredibly ABSURD it all is,

when you stop frilling it up with all the smoke and mirrors,

and strip it down to the bare bones.


Truth is my Darling,


your every DAY

your every MINUTE

your every BREATH

is ALL there is!



Oh look,

I get to experience another day –



I get to experience another conversation –



I get to connect with another client –



I get to ride my bike again –



I get to write another blog –



I get to record another video –



I get to create another post for my amazing followers –



I get to make love to an incredible man –



I get to nourish my body with a delicious meal –



I get to read another interesting book –



I get to chat with my boys –



I get to pay my blessings received aka bills –






What the actual hell do we have to be grumpy about???


Except if you’re making programmed choices based on stupid beliefs that make no sense whatsoever

but you’re too bum-ass lazy to QUESTION

and FEEL into what feels ah-mazing

and then CHOOSE THAT!


You think eating dog shit is going to taste like chocolate?


Because that’s what you’re telling me.


‘Oh Anel,

I HAVE to do the stuff I hate doing,

the stuff that makes me gag,

and drains my last cell of energy,

feeling like death all day long,

exhausted because my soul has thrown her hands up in the air

rolled her eyes

and said

“You’re on your own Pumpkin Pie”

because the gurus said

I have to do it their way

if I ever want to be successful.


And you know Anel,

successful means that I have a big bank balance

with a dried up pussy

and a flabby arse leaving me slumping my shoulders,


and a family that I secretly resent

because the fuckers drive me up the wall with all their neediness

why can’t they just give me a break???

Bloated with guilt for my resentment,

because I’m supposed to be this saint.

Guilt leads to shame,

SOOOOO much shame,

I can’t show my true face in public.

But you know what Anel,

I’m just going to keep on existing in fear

and dread

and misery

because the experts say that this will ultimately lead to my happiness.’


You think I’m joking?

I’m not.


This is the crap I hear all the time.

Even when they don’t say it in these words.

Oh no,

because if they did,

they would laugh too.


Honestly my friend,

if you didn’t listen to a single thing that ANYONE else said,



Do you even know?

Because when I ask people what makes them happy,

what is fun for them to do,

most get this stupefied look on their faces

as if I asked them some complicated maths equation.


And I’m not talking about the social media photoshopped bullshit of what you think will make you happy.

I’m talking about living your life,

right now,

in this moment,

what is available to you that will make you TRULY happy and satisfied?


Here’s a clue for you:

it’s NEVER sitting on your arse doing nothing.

It’s NEVER going to an island and escaping your life.

It’s NEVER happening in a virtual reality.


Life IS the jackpot Darling.

If you’re breathing,

you’ve got the gold.


Stop thinking it’s waiting at the end of the rainbow.


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the alpha who actually takes the time to thrive.


Live with honour,

or exist in misery,
















Lip-service will get you kissing arse, but never kicking it!

Like most Alphas,

I have no problem being alone.

In fact,

it’s my preference.


To run through the wilderness

with nothing but the loud exhalation of my breath,

slow-burn fire in my muscles,

thirst in my throat,


is my zone.


It serves my Muse well,

for she detests contamination that will lead to any form of replication.

Which is why

even though I share so much of my work online,

I do so with blinkers on.

Rarely looking at what others are doing or saying.

I know I know,

I live on my own planet 😉


Every now and again I will surface

and see what those I respect and work with

is sharing at the time.


Interestingly, there appears to be a global shift happening right now,

in the realm of those who are truly committed to success,

not only their own,

but all who take responsibility for their lives,

and choosing









You’re either fully committed,

or you get left behind.


Leaders have reached the point where they’re no longer willing to tolerate,


half-arsed efforts,

settling for average.

Not from themselves,

and not from those around them either.


Alphas are finally revealing their true natures,

which the sheople call







We call it

stepping the fuck up!


This is where we empower ourselves and everyone else,

to continuously look up

to who is playing on a higher level,

choosing to be inspired,

choosing to do whatever the fuck it takes,

to get ourselves there.

And then,

looking up again.


There’s no hand-outs Darling.

There’s no codependency.

There’s zero rescuing.

It’s YOU finding YOUR will and YOUR drive and YOUR hunger and YOUR power.



is personal development and growth at its finest.


Right now

there’s no end to the amount of free information and content available on the internet.

And most of it, some of it, is so packed with value,

that you can literally transform your entire life if you just paid attention and implemented.



theres’ two dangers with this:

  1. There’s SO MUCH that people are binge consuming as if it’s a Netflix series, thereby never giving themselves the opportunity to pick one mentor, practicing the philosophies until they achieve the result they’re after.  The saying of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ is totally applicable in the realm of personal development; and
  2. Free creates a TEENY TINY container for you to receive the potential wisdom gifted to you and the rest, simply falls by the wayside.  Why do I invest an ‘absurd’ percentage of my income on my coaching?  Because I’m always STARVING for more, and I ensure I stay in this state of perpetual hunger by continuously increasing the size of my container.  I’ve observed that once I start paying to work with a coach, even what I receive from their free content is COMPLETELY next level.  It’s as though you open a lock in your mind that gives you access to greater insight than when you’ve not made the investment.


Truth is that more than 95% of people will NEVER become successful because they’re incredibly cheap with the ONLY thing that’s worth investing in:

Your MIND!


When you invest in developing your MIND,

you actually have to do the WORK.

And I’m not talking about learning parrot fashion.

I’m talking about working your mindset MUSCLE

through active introspection

conscious focus

and from this space

creating your desired outcomes.

Nobody else can do it for you,

there’s no promises of results,

for you can receive all the tools,

all the strategies,

but without consistent execution

with intensity that YOU control,

the needle won’t shift a single degree.


Majority would much rather throw their money at pills and tools promising you can sit on your sweet arse with ZERO effort,

and then believe their fate will change miraculously overnight.


Whatever the fuck Buttercup.


If you want to waste this spectacular adventure called life that’s right in front of you,

because you think that lying on a beach drinking cocktails all day long

will actually satisfy your soul,

go away.

I have nothing to give you.


I speak to Alphas.

I partner with Alphas.

Because I AM Alpha.



Why do I choose to play with Alphas in coaching?

Because Alphas play HARD!

Alphas LOVE the effort.

Alphas LOVE the challenge.

Alphas LOVE the growth.

Alphas LOVE setting themselves up for success because failure is NOT a motherfucking option.

Alphas LOVE going to bed EXHAUSTED and SATISFIED because they left it ALL OUT during the day.



I simply don’t understand the other side of the coin.

I’ve tried wrapping my head around it,

and ended up depressed AF.

I’ve never found a moment of happiness from DOING JACK SHIT.

I’ve never found a good nights sleep after a wasted day bloated with boredom.

So no,

I don’t get it

and I don’t want to.


There’s more than enough space for all of us on planet Earth.

There’s simply no space in MY world for those who want a magic pill instead of creating magic.



I do believe it comes down to one thing:

Being honest with yourself.

Dropping the pretence and the comparison and the shame and the ‘what will the neighbours think’

and just owning what you TRULY desire from this life.


If ALL you want is to work from Monday to Friday in a job that pays the bills,

waiting for the weekend so you can kick back and do nothing special,

then just admit that to yourself.

If ALL you want is to work yourself into a coma with zero reward,

always telling everyone that you’re going to make it big one day,

and keep investing in pills and tools that promise you LaLa Land,

but you have no desire to do the deep inner work,

then just admit to yourself that you enjoy the attention you get from the struggle but you have no desire to be truly successful.


The pain comes from lying to yourself all the time.

The moment you’re just honest, 

and live in integrity,

the pain stops.


Don’t you want the suffering to end Sunshine?


If, on the other hand,

you KNOW that you were born for LEGENDARY,

and you’ve been fucking around like a normal person,

it’s time to step up or get left behind.


Those truly committed to success are becoming more and more exclusive.

The gap will become bigger.

We’re raising the bar,

for ourselves,

for those who desire to be in our space,

from a place of deep love and respect.


It’s decision time Alpha.


You know what to do.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those brazen enough to step up higher.


Live with honour,

or exist in regret,








If today is YOUR day, then it’s time to make it so.

How much longer

are you willing to stand there,




Big eyes staring into the obis.

Tears silently rolling down your face.


As your human form has transformed into a shell of what you once were,

stepford wife,

pleasing them,

saying the right thing at the right time,

and then bending over

taking one up the rear

once again

so that you can continue upholding the illusion


god knows what.


How much longer

will you tell your story

of how you simply don’t have the courage

don’t have the time

don’t have the money

don’t have the balls

to change


in your life?


How much longer

will you continue to allow yourself

to live in this state

of torture?


How much longer

will you allow yourself

to wake in the morning,

reluctant to go into the bathroom

for the reflection of yourself

fills you with revulsion?


How much longer

will you allow yourself

to live drenched in resentment,

knowing full well that as long as you’re choking on bitterness

you’ll NEVER receive your true desires?


How much longer?


How much longer

are you going to tell me of




you first have to do,

before you finally

rip off the muzzle



your song

of liberation??


How much longer?


Day in and day out you’re sitting on the internet,

looking for a sign that NOW is your time.


That the world is ready to receive you.

All of you.

In your raw, unfiltered, passionate AF beauty!






Day in and day out you’re signing up for more free stuff,

more steps and processes,

more healing sessions,

more card readings,

more empty promises flashing with bling bling internet mind-fuckery,

hoping to the gods of candy-floss

that THIS will be the magic pill.

THIS will be the one that changes EVERYTHING.




From seeking externally for





orgasmic pleasure

to where YOU create your experience.






what will it take for you to finally understand that your MIND is your most powerful asset?

That’s why the fuckers are constantly taking your attention to everything else.

They don’t want you to remember who you are.

They don’t want you to connect to who you are.

They are terrified of you.


So they turn you on yourself.

They raised you with fairytales

of helpless maidens rescued by Prince Kiss-My-Arse,

whilst watching most women of your time





Having given up their grande dreams and ambitions

to raise pups,

maybe work a job as well to help pay the bills,

before going home,

settle the kids,

make supper,

and have the castle ready for the ‘kings’ return.


Most men simply not coping.

Being raised in a violent culture of ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’,

told they couldn’t show emotion,

not allowed to cry,

don’t talk back,

suppressed anger infused with testosterone

keeping them out of their true game.

Society was not raising kings – it was raising mindless ‘foot soldiers’.

Soft of mind,

soft of belly,


bitter for being cast into a role they never asked for.




It’s time for you to see that there are those who desire to keep the world in fear and scarcity.

Ego driven men and women,

proclaiming themselves to be the ‘chosen’ ones.


Let me tell you a little secret:

The reason they’re coming out in full force,

the haters and trolls,

is because they know their time is coming to an end.

They see you,

struggling with your inner demons,

and they know

it’s just a matter of time

before you look at your hand

and find the key to the prison in your mind.


They know,

the moment you turn the key,



Their anger,

their fear-mongering,

their ruthless attacks on you,

is nothing more than a smoke-screen of their fear.

The stench is palpable.




What will you choose today Darling?

Will you continue to allow them to distract you?

Will you continue to allow them to win by keeping you in a state of obedience?

Will you continue to allow them to have you vibrate in fear and anger and resentment?


Or will you courageously raise that beautiful middle-finger of yours

and salute the cult of mediocrity?


Will you DECIDE that


That today you will stop the toxic record playing in your mind.

Releasing all the people, relationships, circumstances, that keeps your focus on the negative.

Releasing all the old beliefs and social norms and values that keeps you out of integrity through shame.


Will you DECIDE that


That today you will finally own the truth that you are DIFFERENT.

That you are hungry for success.

Hungry for the extraordinary.

That you were born for legendary.

That you are




They say the pen is mightier than the sword,

so let’s go to war!

I want you to journal on this:


  • Today I claim my Alpha DNA.
  • Today I claim who I really am.
  • Today I give myself permission to be ALL that I am.
  • Today I will no longer tolerate…
  • Today I release…
  • Today I give myself permission to believe…
  • Today I give myself permission to show up as…
  • Today I give myself permission to say…
  • Today I give myself permission to do…
  • Today I give myself permission to receive…


And then COMMIT to yourself to BE ALPHA.


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the liberated alpha.


Live with honour,

or exist with regret,



PS:  Clearance2Clarity is starting today.

30 days of peeling back the layers of suffocation,

empowering you with confidence,

empowering you with belief,

empowering you with clarity.


This is not a program Darling,

this is a process of liberation.


This is me taking you step by step,

day by day,

illuminating your true self.


In 30 days from now you will be transformed,

IF you say YES to yourself.


If you’ve been looking at Clearance2Clarity,


then now is the time for certainty.


Message me with your questions,

or just say HELL YES and I’ll see you on the inside.


It’s going to be one helluva ride 😉





Alphas – it’s time for a new order! RISE!

Good morning Sunshine,


is a bloody spectacular day to be alive.


It’s a good day to take a full breath,

close your eyes,

and connect to your magnificence.


It’s a good day to look at your life,

with pride.

To bring love, acceptance and appreciation to every decision you’ve ever made.

Every action you’ve ever taken.


Instead of judging them as evidence of how stupid you can be at times,

how blind you’ve made yourself under stress,

how you’re not trustworthy,

especially to yourself,

instead of doing that boring old shit,

judge them as evidence of a life lived with big gahoonies.


It’s a good day to stop thinking of yourself as a failure,

to stop looking at your past actions,

and labelling them as failings.


look at every decision,

every action,

as a courageous motherfucking attempt to get from where you were to where you wanted to be,

and yes,

you might have fallen a little short of the mark.

So fucking what?


It’s about the learning.

It’s about reviewing the action,

seeing the impact,

going back to the drawing board,

and asking yourself

“How can I do this even better?”


Today is a good day

to eradicate shame.

That man-made concept designed to keep you in your place.



Captive in a cage of your own making,

in your own mind,

with your own stories.


You know what I’m going to say….







I’m so over people thinking they have ANYTHING to be ashamed of!


I don’t give a rat’s arse what you’ve done before.

I don’t care what your sexual preferences are.

I don’t care what you do behind closed doors.

I don’t care how often you’re a bitch.

I don’t care if you’re broke.

I don’t care if you’ve been broken before.

I don’t care if your daddy is a drunk.

I don’t even care if you’re a drunk.

I don’t care if you smoke pot.

I don’t care if you dropped out of school.

I don’t care if you’ve put on weight.

I don’t give a flying fuck how many failed attempts you’ve had in the past.





The ONLY thing I’m interested in is

what you’re going to do from this point forward!


Why are you feeling stuck?

Because you’re saturated with shame

for things that happened in the past.


When EVERY action, decision, was perfect to get you to THIS exact place.


EVERY time you think about it,

talk about it,

write about it in your journal,

confessing your ‘sins’,

you’re taking things that belong in


and brining it into your current reality.


why you’re so exhausted all the time.




I’m sick and tired of people scurrying around in the shadows,

not showing up with pride, honour and conviction,

not doing their purpose work with passion,

not speaking their truth,

not living life full out,

because they’re TERRIFIED

of the online and offline TROLLS.


quite frankly,

are simply miserable fuckers with nothing better to do with their lives,

than break others down

because their testicles have shrivelled up

and it makes them feel like a ‘man’ or ‘woman’ when they can belittle another.


Can’t you see that they’re only belittling themselves???


What people say about you

is simply what they are saying about themselves!




Today is a good day

for a new order.

An order of #Alphas living with pride, honour and integrity.

An order of #Alphas showing up as the leaders they were born to be.

Leaders in their families.

Leaders in their profession.

Leaders in themselves.

An order of #Alphas who are so focused on being their best version self,

they don’t have time to sit around

looking at what everyone else is doing

falling into the comparison trap

which keeps them preoccupied

and producing copies of what already is

instead of bringing to life their zone of GENIUS!




Today is that day for YOU,


to stop fucking around,

to start taking your life,

your purpose,

your mission,





Today is that day for YOU,


to drop ALL blame and shame,

to take FULL responsibility for your life,

your body,

your relationships,

your money,

your work,

your mind,

and become





Today is NOT just another day,


you choose to make it so.

Unless you choose to say tomorrow,

pissing away all that could have been today.

Unless you choose to hang your head again,

saying it’s not that simple,

that you have to first go and work through all that’s been,

because you can’t just let it go,

you can’t just love yourself,

you can’t accept your beauty…

Unless you choose to keep pointing the finger

at everyone else,

the eternal victim,

because victims are celebrated in this culture of BULLSHIT!


In which case,

it would be wise to unfollow me.

Because nothing I write,

will ever reach your cold,

shrivelled up,


And I’m not interested in reaching your ‘intellect’,

which is why I won’t ever give you the strategies you’re searching for on the internet.




What do you choose TODAY?

Right now?

In this VERY moment?


Will you be part of a new order of LIBERATED ALPHAS?


Or will you stay part of the old order ruled by fear, shame, victimhood and codependency?


There is no fence to sit on.


Death is inevitable.

Will you choose to thrive?


Live with honour,

or exist in misery,












The difference is – level of commitment.

Standing behind the goal posts,

watching his every move,

it’s so easy to spot,

the moment his commitment falters.


There’s a slight drop to his shoulders,

his hands soften,

and every single time,

the opposition,

hungry for victory,

strikes at the PRECISE moment,

and scores

2 seconds after he gives up.


What makes matters worse

is the fact

that the coach is NOT an alpha.

He just wants everyone to have fun.

Praises second-hand attempts.

Saying it’s okay.

Belittling his alpha players

who are pissed off

with their teams poor performance.


I’m #sorrynotsorry,

beta coaches

should NEVER

coach alphas.


I see this is the business arena as well.

Oh, they mean well.

But they’ll never get us Darling,

so STOP working with them.


They’ll never understand our relentless drive.

The immense energy surge we receive when someone DARES to challenge us.

The fire igniting in our belly when someone DARES call us out on our shit.

The stubborn streak that explodes in passionate language is nothing more than our next level commitment to our desired results.


We don’t take insults personally.

We LOVE the mind-games.

When the opposition gets under our skin,

and it’s no longer an action based match,

but one of sheer willpower and control over our own thoughts.


Why are so many alphas losing their fire?

Their passion?

Their mojo?

Their brass ovaries?




Who the Fuck wants to be REALISTIC?

What does realistic even have to do with goals?


Goals are there to stretch us.

To grow us to BEYOND who we are today.

To challenge us so that we can connect to a deeper level of wisdom than before.

To be beyond our current resources allowing us to become more resourceful.

To learn through failure until we succeed.


But our codependent culture of wrapping everyone in cotton wool

because heaven forbid someone should fail and feel bad about themselves


is telling us that we should ONLY reach for that which we know at the out-start we can achieve.


What’s the fun in that?


Why are so many people bitching and moaning about having a tough time?

Because they don’t have the big goals that has them salivating with desire!

So they focus on all the fucking drama

creating more of that shit

instead of

being OBSESSED with their goals

eliminating distraction

and kicking their own arses into alignment.


I NEVER stop pushing the limits until I hear the flick in a clients voice.

Where they go from slightly enthusiastic to terrifyingly excited.

The moment they say

“Okay, shit, that scares me!”

I say “Good – can I push it a little more?”



Because FEAR is your greatest ally in this game of life Alpha.

He will ALWAYS show you the way.

Calling you

towards your greatness.


You HAVE to stop running away from him

and start leaning into him.

Release yourself into his embrace

like a trusted lover

and he will give you unimaginable levels of pleasure.




Yes, I understand that the masses just want to get through the day.

They just want to survive until the weekend.

They just want to slog through to Christmas.

And then,

well I don’t know what the fuck they’re thinking?

Their insanity is just beyond me.


Yet they call me crazy.

Because my life is filled with EVERYTHING I am passionate about.

To the point that I do EVERYTHING 365 days a year.

Not because I HAVE to.

Because I WANT to.


My work fills me with passion and delight.

My training fills me with passion and delight.

My relationships fill me with passion and delight.

Creating my art fills me with passion and delight.

So I commit,

to BEYOND the finish line.


For there’s always more.

More people to impact.

More words to release.

More mountains to climb.

More abundance to create.

More passion to be released through me.





THAT is what life is for Darling.


So here’s my question for you today:



And if you are,

are you surrounding yourself with those who challenge you,

who support you by ONLY speaking to the greatness in you,

who won’t tolerate your excuses,

who make you uncomfortable thereby ‘forcing’ you to expand,

who call you out when you want to give up 2 seconds before the end?


Or have you fallen into the trap of comfort?

Of working with those who allow you to set ‘realistic’ goals,

so that you can ‘feel good about yourself’ all the time?

Even when you and I both know,

that it’s NOT the results that gives you satisfaction,

it’s the CHALLENGE.

In the absence of this,

you feel like a wimp,

just giving lip-service,

bored out of your mind…


Start paying attention Darling,

for there are those committed to your ego,

and those committed to your EXTRAORDINARY.


Death is inevitable,

thriving is the choice of the committed Alpha.


Live with honour,

or suffer in existence,



PS:  Are you a purpose driven Alpha male ready to be challenged beyond your comfort-zone?

I have one space remaining.

This is for the man who KNOWS that he’s in the wrong pond,

that he’s not playing full out.

The man who was born with purpose and pride and somehow, he’s lost his fire through years of life.


Yes Darling,

shit happens.

But what are you going to do with ALL THE INCREASED POWER you’ve received in the process?

Or have you not converted experience into wisdom into power yet?


This is for the man who’s ready to set some SPECTACULAR goals,

in business,

in body,

in relationships,

and to play FULL OUT for 3 months.


Leaning INTO his fear,

showing up for himself,





For that is my minimum expectation of you.


If you’re THAT man,

book your consultation today and let’s see if we’re a good fit.


ONLY serious players apply.












Stop throwing your money at the symptoms!






You’re way smarter than this.

Yet you still have the nerve to show up

pretending to be another ignoramus.


You still have the audacity

to tell me that actually you just need an eating plan

you just need a training plan

you just need a business strategy

you just need the seven steps…


And then…

you will finally

have the body you’re craving,

be making shit tons of money,

fall madly in love with yourself,

build the empire of impact you were born to create.


You just need to learn how to speak in public,

you need to learn how to make sales,

you need to learn how to write a book,

you need to learn how to invest wisely,

you need to learn how to meditate.


And then…

you will finally

feel good enough,

smart enough,

worthy enough,

respected enough,

to show the fuck up for yourself and speak your mind with zero apology or explanation.


I call



You know it,

that’s why you’re reading this.

Because the other coaches will tell you they have JUST the program for you

that will turn you into a motherfucking BEAST

by putting a studded collar on you

as if that’s going to change your DNA.


Oh please.


Your pretence don’t work with me,

and you’re not fooling yourself anymore.


You’re miserable AF

because you’re living a LIE.

Pretending to be satisfied with less than extraordinary.

Thinking that this is maybe all you deserve

when your soul is saying



You’re disgusted in yourself

because you know your children are watching you

and you’re basically telling them that

a smart, sexy, powerful, brilliant, vibrant woman such as yourself

deserves to be with an asshole who can’t even tie his own shoelaces.







You’re finding yourself in an environment where you feel like SHIT

so you allow yourself to look like SHIT

packing on the kilograms like a dumpling

because showing up as your true self in a dump

makes you a target for jealousy and criticism and emotional abuse.



You’re not sleeping at night

because you KNOW

you have not left it ALL in today.

You have NOT played full out.

You have NOT shown up in EVERY aspect of your life

with EVERYTHING you’ve got.

Hoping that if you just THINK about all the shit you DIDN’T go for today,

you’ll choose differently tomorrow.


You keep telling yourself that the reason you’re not showing up in the world with




is because you feel like a fraud.

You have the socially approved label of ‘Imposter Syndrome

saying that it’s an actual thing

so you get excused from the table.


NOOOOOO Buttercup.

You’re a fraud for pretending to be AVERAGE.

You’re an imposter pretending to be one of the sheople

whilst your fangs draw blood inside your mouth as you hide them from sight.


That acrid taste in your mouth,

that makes you sick to your stomach,

is YOU

pretending to be anything less than



You think that when things get tough

and you stick your head in the sand

the pain of the vampires feasting on your exposed derriere is going to hurt any less?

You think that distracting yourself from the truth

the root cause of your misery

by signing up for more ‘programs’

is going to numb the pain of your soul DYING inside your rotting body?


Well okay.

If that’s how you choose to live,

I respect that.

If you choose to go invest your money to treat the symptoms,

whilst your inner world is crumbling,

I respect that.

If you choose to surround yourself with the hordes who want a magic pill

all the while complaining about how they’re suffering

not understanding why the change is not lasting,

I respect that.


I’m just not going to work with you.

Because I don’t give a rat’s arse about the symptoms,

when I know

that ALL OF THAT points back to one thing:






If you’re done suffering, stop living as though next year is a given.

If you’re done being a victim of your own BS, stop living as though tomorrow is a given.

It’s NOT.


Right now,

this very moment

is all that counts.

Your decision

followed by immediate action

is all that moves the needle.

Your ability to be honest with yourself,

without shaming yourself for your past choices,

is the only thing that will have you change.


Know this Gorgeous,

I will never give you what you think you want.

I will ONLY ever give you what you know deep down you need.


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a courageous choice that very few alphas will ever make.


Live with honour,

or exist in misery,



PS:  She asked me for an eating plan, she signed up for Clearance2Clarity.



Because I cared enough to ask for the big picture.

I cared enough to dig deeper than others.

Which is why I connected her to her truth that her weight has NOTHING to do with what she’s putting in her mouth.

It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that she’s bloated with the rotten gas of SETTLING.


Clearance2Clarity is for the woman entrepreneur willing to strip it down to her bare SOUL

to create her thrive.


It’s for the woman who knows that she’s been treating symptoms for the longest time,

hoping to Peanut Butter it will get her to the end of her days

with a smidgen of satisfaction,


smidgen is no longer good enough.


It’s for the woman who wants it ALL,




It’s for the woman who’s ready to connect to the vision that will have her on fire


The vision that’s currently smothered in old outdated energy.


We start August 26th.

If you’re THAT woman, it will be my honour to support you and kick your sexy arse into alignment.


Let’s play.


The gangrenous effect of settling.

You keep telling yourself that it doesn’t really matter.

It’s just a phase and that it will pass.

You keep telling yourself that maybe,

this is simply part of the journey,

and you have to stick it out.

As apparently stickability will determine your ultimate levels of success.


Except, there’s a difference between being tenacious with your vision,

and clinging to that which is no longer a vibrational match for where you desire to be

like shit in a wool blanket.


It’s messy,

it stinks,

it ruins the entire blanket,

the entire experience,

not just the spot of contagion.


For just as that one piece of shit

will repel your nostrils,

that one area where you’re settling for less than spectacular

repels your ultimate success.


For Alpha Females,

the insistence on excellecne

is particularly challenging.

Our standards for ourselves is nothing short of extraordinary.

We expect the absolute BEST FROM ourselves,

to the point where we’re often criticised for not loving ourselves,

that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves,

that we need to cut ourselves some slack.


Which is in fact indicative of the fact

that those who tell us to take it easy

is terrified we’ll hold them to the same standards.

And they simply have no desire

to step the fuck up.




When we do pull our noses up stating

“That’s simply not good enough”

we’re told that we have unrealistic expectations of others.

That they’re just doing their best

and that should be good enough for us.





We’re told that we’re responsible for them feeling bad.

That it’s simply impossible to please us.

That we are responsible for mental disease,

eating disorders,


you name it,

we’re the cause of it.




I understand that we all have different levels of standards,

different expectations for ourselves,

and just like the lion does not breed with sheep,

I have no desire to ever again live with,

or by the standards of,

those who choose an average life.


Will this lead to an even greater divide between those who desire to have it all,

and those who settle for having something?

Damn straight it will.


Is this something to be concerned about?

Hell no!

For freedom of choice is available to every single person.

NOBODY HAS to settle for less than ALL they desire.

What you have is simply

ALL you actually allow yourself to receive.


For everyone to buy into the bullshit that the sky is falling in

and that there’s only one cake which we all have to share,

is NOT going to lead to greater abundance for everyone.

For us to be told that we have to stop making others feel bad about themselves

by dumbing ourselves down

instead of doing the work

and being our BEST selves,

thereby providing inspiration for those who WANT TO BE INSPIRED

is poppy-cock!


And if you think that makes me a cold and insensitive bitch




Every day I see Alphas scavenging around garbage cans

because they feel guilty for wanting it ALL

and to have it all on THEIR TERMS.

So they settle a little in who they work with,

they settle a little in who they have intercourse with,

they settle a little in how they fuel the machine,

they settle a little in how they train,

they settle a little in who they have important conversations with,

and like gangrene

it seeps into all areas of their lives



until there’s nothing left but a rotten chunk of meat where there once was a proud and strong heart.




Settling tells your subconscious mind that you don’t think you can have better.

Tells your ego that you don’t think you’re worth more than this.

That something is better than nothing.

That you don’t truly BELIEVE that you can have your desires,

you think the Universe is as stingy as your ex,

when you forget

he’s your ex for a reason!


Settling means that you’re part of the problem

in lowering the standards for humanity.


Settling means that you think you have to be a martyr.

That you don’t truly believe in the greatness of every single person.

Including yourself.

Which means

you telling your children

that they can be anything they choose to be when they grow up

is a damn lie!

And they know it.

Yes, they might nod their little heads to make you feel a little better about yourself,

but they don’t judge the truth by your words Darling.

They judge it by your actions.

By your life.


So not only do they not believe what you’re telling them,

they no longer trust and believe YOU.

And you know it.

Which is why you need that drink at the end of the day.




Settling in any area of your life,

dulls the sharpness of your senses.

Think of living with a smoker,

yes it stinks,

but when you’re in it every day you can cope.

Move out for a month and then you smell those ashtrays a mile away!


And you need all your senses to be laser sharp if you’re going to rise Alpha!


My invitation to you today,

if you’re brave and committed to your thrive,

is to take a critical look at every aspect of your life.

Without any sentimental bullshit clouding your vision,

without an ounce of shame or blame or guilt,

and ask yourself:

Is this a LIFEGASMIC fit for me?

Does this light me up like a Christmas tree?

Does this make me feel like a goddamned ALPHA?


And if not,

what are you going to do about it?


Yes, this is me throwing down the gauntlet.

Will you accept the challenge?



Death is closer than you want to believe.

Thriving happens in our current choices.


Live with honour,



PS:  Are you actually serious about being your best self?  If so, have you joined Clearance2Clarity?


This four week program is for the Alpha female who KNOWS that she’s been settling,

become comfortable in the known,

and that the comfort is killing her greatness.


Yes, it’s going to ask you to become ruthless in your approach to life.

Yes, you’re going to be presented with some seriously hard-core choices to make.

Yes, you’re going to clear, clear, clear EVERY aspect of your life.


Ridding yourself of the dead and rotten cells,

so that

you can finally receive the new,

the fresh,

the fabulous.


We start August 26th.

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I’ll see you on the inside.