Housekeeping Tools Successful Business Women Use

Let’s be honest ladies, no matter how well groomed you present yourself to the world, there’s always some dirt in every successful business woman’s life. Whether it is in their office, their home or their life, it can muddy the waters wherever she goes.

Physical or emotional, dirt can impend us on our journey towards greatness, unless you’ve got it covered with some fab housekeeping tools. And today baby, we’ve got it covered!

Important Housekeeping Tools for Successful Business Women

Have you ever heard of 5S before?

It’s an acronym for five Japanese words guiding us as to the five most important things we need to do in our offices. As housekeeping tools, the 5S works marvelously:

  1. Seiri (Sort) Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary items. Remove the latter.
  2. Seiton (Set in order) Enforce the dictum ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.
  3. Seiso (Shine) Clean up the workplace and look for ways to keep it clean.
  4. Seiketsu (Standardise) Maintain and monitor adherence to the first three Ss.
  5. Shitsuke (Sustain) Follow the rule to keep the workplace 5S-right. Hold the gain.

Successful business women are most probably already implementing the 5S into their workplace. What better time than as the year is rolling to a close.  Here’s how you can too:

Seiri or Sorting

  • Physical – what stuff do you have that you don’t need? When last have you cleaned up your database, your email and your folders?  Furniture, appliances, IT gear, paper representing half a forest – if it isn’t used, then it needs to go!
  • Emotional – do you have any toxic people holding you back? Are there others around you who are not supportive of what you are doing? It may be best to limit your contact with them so you can achieve your dreams.

Seiton or Setting in Order

  • Physical – once you’ve had a cull of unnecessary objects, it’s time to find a home for everything. Cupboards, filing system, spreadsheets – make sure everything has a place.
  • Emotional – work is work and personal is personal. While it can be difficult to separate the two and at times impossible, there are powerful incantations and easy body movements that can shift your energy in an instant assisting you to focus on the task at hand.

Seiso or Shine

  • Physical – Dust, polish and vacuum to your heart’s content. Or even better, outsource someone to do it for you.  When it comes to your website, programs and documents, it might be time to review and see how you can add the next level of wow to your work to ensure you’re always dazzling them with your brilliance.
  • Emotional – it’s time to put your well-being first, both physical and mental. Bring in people and systems which help you to achieve your dreams.  Now is the time to invest in a coach, mentor or mastermind group to keep you in a high vibration during the tougher times on your journey.

Seiketsu or Standardise

  • Physical and Emotional – make sure that what you are doing is working. If not, keep changing things until they do (go back to the principle of CANI).  Find the systems, structures and routines that support you in all aspects of your life and refuse to settle for anything less than magnificent.  Excellence must be your new standard.

Shitsuke or Sustain

  • Physical and Emotional – have the support in place that you deserve to keep the momentum going. Ensure that you have planned in recovery time during your year to avoid burn-out.  Don’t give up because you will achieve success.

Michael Jordan summed things up nicely when he said, “If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

To support you in this process I’m delighted to bring back the 90 minute Powerful Conversation to ensure that you have 100% clarity and focus going into 2017.

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Business Woman Tips on Building an Awesome Support Team


Let’s cut the crap and get it out there. It’s bloody hard being a successful business woman by yourself. It’s not unachievable, but it’s a lot of hard slog. On the other hand, having a support team you can rely on to help you hurdle jump is an amazing resource. But how do you actually create a highly efficient support team?

7 Must Have Characteristics of Your Empowered Support Team

Okay, so it’s not magic. Your team of lovely ladies is not going to instantly appear because you need them. Rather it is a careful balance of you seeking out good fits for your team, as well as them deciding for themselves if they are a good fit or not. So let’s jump into identifying what makes a great team of merry helpers for women in business.

  1. Planning – they have a group plan and know both as a group and individually where you are going and how they can help you.
  2. Responsibility – team members actually take on board some responsibility for helping you succeed. Not all mind you, because you are responsible for your success too.
  3. Sharing is caring – nobody is the same and we’ve all got different ideas. A successful team acknowledges everyone’s contribution as important. They also respect and encourage views which differ from their own.
  4. Sharing leadership – everyone can’t be great all the time. As human beings we’re not perfect and that’s what makes us amazing women. Sharing the role of leader amongst the group helps utilise our strengths, drives results and equalises players.
  5. Goals – along with planning, if you don’t have goals then you’re going nowhere. Your successful team should always be aiming for something, helping keep you growing on your journey.
  6. Fun – if you’re not enjoying yourself, then your team sure as hell won’t be. Keeping things light, jokey and enjoyable is key to achieving success. It makes your team more effective at communicating, developing strategies and increases productivity. Make time for fun ladies, it is a high priority.
  7. Tension diffusion – we’re never always going to agree. Conflict is a part of life and when you get a top notch group of women together, we’re not all going to see eye to eye. But what your support team needs to do is work at resolving conflicts and tension when they arise, rather than shoving them under the rug. We all know that doesn’t work and only makes you annoyed at a later date.

So ladies, hunt out those people who are on the same page as you. Look for strengths you need more of and ideas which differ from yours. Aim for the stars and you will reach them, I know you will.

And if you’re feeling lonely at the top, it’s time for you to surround yourself with a  powerful mastermind group.  Check out my Empress Club to see if this is a good fit for you.


Anel xx

Kick Ass Morning Routines of Successful Fempreneurs  

Morning routines can be as simple as stumbling out of bed for a coffee. Or slamming the snooze button on your alarm clock for just 5 more minutes’ sleep. You either hate them or love them, but mornings are a damn certainty in our lives.

But did you know that the routines you put in place each morning can make the different between a shit day and one which rocks? Successful fempreneurs understand this and that’s why they’ve invested heavily in identifying and participating in some of the best morning routines I’ve ever seen. Want to know what they are?

Best Kick Ass Morning Routines of Successful Fempreneurs

  • Make a List

No, not another to-do list!  Instead you’re going to start cultivating a results-based mind-set by making an achievement list.  Either before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning, make a list of everything you are going to accomplish that day. Stick to your list, adding things which pop up today onto tomorrow’s list. You’ll start the day with a sense of purpose, knowing what you’ve got to do to finish a winner.

  • Start Strong

Our willpower is super strong in the mornings. We’re fresh, energised and ready to roll, which is why all the hard tasks should be scheduled for the morning. As the day goes on, our motivation and willpower shrinks, which is why it’s so easy to put off the challenging stuff for another time. Do it in the morning and then not only do you not have to worry about it, but you can feel great about what you’ve done all day long.

  • Listen to Your Body Clock

Have you read “The Power Of When” by Michael Breus, PhD?  Turns out we’re not all early birds, or lions as Michael has termed those of us who thrive with the rising sun. Successful fempreneurs arrange their morning routines to suit their chronotype, whether that is meeting with colleagues first or checking emails instead to avoid talking to them!  Michael does point out that those who are most successful believe in the power of the early start (yes, the 5 AM club rocks) and if like me you’re serious about next level achievement, I highly recommend you read the book.

  • Meditate and Journal

The answers you seek are already inside of you, just waiting for you to ask the questions and quiet your mind to hear them.  I know that there are still those who don’t believe in the power of the pen, but I’m not one of them!  If journaling is something that you’ve been skeptical about, or a frustrating activity, download my free workbook on powerful journaling questions to ensure a success mind-set.

  • Visualise Your Day

Some fempreneurs are thinkers. They can really picture in their minds the tasks they are going to achieve and can map out their day this way. Others need to doodle on paper or create a flow chart of their tasks in order to work out what’s going to happen. Whatever way works best for you, this is a great way of not only mapping out your day, but also visualising the great stuff that is going to happen to you before it even occurs. There is nothing better than positive thinking.

  • What do you do each morning to prepare you for the day?
  • How do your morning routines enhance your wellbeing and success?
  • What routines are you going to stick with to ensure you become the successful fempreneur you deserve to be?

You are worth it, so do it!

Powerful Journaling Questions

Daily Financial Practices of Successful Fempreneurs

To be successful in business requires commitment, enjoyment, effort and reflection. And money, did I mention that?

A successful business requires a positive cash flow; in that you have more money coming in than you have going out. Successful fempreneurs have got this going on because they have established eight key practices which they do every single day…

Free Budget One

8 Financial Practices Successful Fempreneurs Do Daily

  1. Invoice clients – you’ve done the work and it is time to get paid. So often money is lost by fempreneurs forgetting to bill or putting it off for later (of course we both know there is a whole lot of mind-set going on behind the scenes as well!). You’ve spent your time doing work for a client, so get paid for it!
  2. Romance your money – if you don’t have a budget, download the freebie NOW and get it done! Checking it daily helps remind you how much you’ve spent, as well as how much you can spend. Successful fempreneurs always stay intimate with their money.
  3. Use an awesome bookkeeping system or if you’re anything like me opt for a bookkeeper.  You absolutely need to know which bills you owe and who owes you, as that is cash flow management 101. In New Zealand both Xero and MYOB are great pieces of bookkeeping software, easy to use and show you exactly where your money is!
  4. Schedule and pay both their business and personal Blessings Already Received (aka bills) on time – your personal and business reputation is on the line here ladies. People notice if you are late paying and word gets out that ‘the owner at XYZ Business hasn’t paid us’ which affects how both you and your business are viewed.
  5. Make empowered spending choices – often fempreneurs have to make choices about buying stuff for their long-term business success versus short-term gratification.  Remember you are in it for the LONG run which means you WILL get to the point where you can buy all the trinkets that light you up.  First build the solid foundation by investing smart in your business so that you can have beautiful strawberries next year rather than sour grapes.
  6. Network, network, network – it is so true that word of mouth is the best advertising ever. Well what could be better than networking with fellow professionals who you will not only have the opportunity to make mutually beneficial deals with, but who can also refer you clients?
  7. Know exactly how much their time is worth – if it is financially better off for you to delegate a job to someone else than do it yourself, do it! Outsourcing work does cost your business money, but if you can use that time to bring in more money for your business, then that is an expense worth paying for.
  8. Ask for the sale – you can market, promote and advertise all you like, but if you don’t make a sale then all that effort is wasted. How do you get a sale? You ask for it! You really need to ask your clients or customers to buy what you are selling and believe me, they will listen.

Seriously ladies, you need to have financial success going on in your business too. I’d love to hear that you have made the commitment to include one or all of these financial practices into your daily work lives.

As Jenny Craig once said when talking about growing her business, “My husband always tells me that I’m the most unrelenting person he’s ever met, and it’s true. If I make a commitment to something, I will stick to it no matter what.” Today is the day to make that commitment.

Free Budget One

Activating Your Powerful Body

“It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting.”

—Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity

I want you to read that again – ‘It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting.’

I’m here right now to tell you that your body is a powerful tool and you can create more in your life today by creating more in your body right now. Your body language or non-verbal behavior is one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve your life. It’s called Power Posing and it involves you changing your body language in such a way that you will feel more confident.

Fake It till You Become It

No longer does the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ ring true because in fact if you fake it, you will become it in time. Positioning your body into strong expansive and outward shapes automatically adjusts how you feel about yourself. That’s because our brains find it easier to adjust our attitudes based upon our physical behavior, rather than what we tell ourselves. That’s not to mean that all those years of positive affirmations were a waste, but rather that they are possibly not the only effective way to create more in your life.

Body language not only shapes how others perceive us, but also how we perceive ourselves.

Take a minute to picture Wonder Woman in your head. She often stood tall, chest out, her legs apart and hands on hips. She presented the image of a confident, powerful woman through this power pose, which in turn led us to believe in her power before she even did anything.

Your self-confidence can also be boosted just by physically taking up more space, having better body language and increasing your personal presence.

That’s not to say that your mind or emotional state has nothing to do your level of confidence though, as both body and mind do work hand in hand in that regard. But rather that by working hand in hand, they accomplish more together than they would individually.

Strike That Power Pose

Take a minute to evaluate your body posture right now as you are reading this.

  • Are you sitting hunched up?
  • Are your arms folded?
  • Are you presenting a closed body posture to prevent others interacting with you?
  • Or are you sitting or standing tall with an open and inviting posture?

Being hunched over or in an ‘ignore me’ pose is often used in an effort to blend in and can have the effect of worsening the situation an individual is in. In comparison, by standing tall and proud like a superhero, you actually instigate hormonal changes within your body which help you to become more confident and in-command of the situation.

Starting right now today I want you to take charge of your body language. Walk into that room with the confident power pose of a superhero.

Fake it till you become it, because I know you will become it!

Move Away and Be Quick About It

Your whole life is controlled by two things: your beliefs and values – Tony Robbins

Animals have totally got this sorted. If something causes them pain they:

  • Run from it
  • Kill it
  • Let it kill them
  • Fight it
  • Leave it alone
  • Avoid it in the future

As humans, we have a tendency to take the pain, accept it as our lot, dose ourselves up with painkillers and try to avoid it if we can. The difference being, we have the ability to change how we react to it, whereas for animals it is automatic.

Values are the same. They have the potential to cause us pain as well as pleasure. Tony Robbins summed it up well when he said, “The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.”

Controlling Your Values

Everyone has values. They’re the important things we hold to tightly and which guide our daily lives. They’ll either cause us pleasure or pain, with the ends value the one we want to work towards achieving.

Tony Robbins, (can you guess I’m a bit of a fan!), talks about values in terms of moving towards values and moving away values. So let’s did deeper into those areas.

Moving Towards Values

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. These are the values that give us pleasure. We’re going to try everything we can to achieve these end values because it feels good and we are highly motivated to work with them. Even within these moving towards values, there are some which we rate more highly than others. Love truly does conquer all and it remains one of the most valued emotions we have, yet there is nothing wrong with ranking freedom above power or health above success either.

Moving Away from Values

When you hate something, you don’t want to do it and unfortunately there are some values which damn well cause you pain. Rejection, depression and loneliness are some examples of these values which we really don’t want to experience and will do anything to avoid. Your moving away from value would be that you hate being lonely and in order to avoid this, you’ll need to redirect it to the moving towards value of you like having a certain someone’s company.

Have You Lost Your Marbles?

I don’t know if you ever played marbles as a child, but I remember it as throwing one of my marbles at another and if I hit it, I got to keep it. Values are like marbles in that we can keep throwing them around in our lives and either ‘win’ the marble or ‘lose’ the marble depending on our choices.

Society today seems to have lost touch with their values, resulting in misery, depression and the sub-conscious sabotage of our goals.

So I guess what I’m saying, it you really need to check if your marbles are the ones you want to keep or not. Or your values, same thing really.


Deathbed regrets

With the arrival of winter I love observing the transformation as Mother Nature covers the mountains in a fluffy blanket of white snow.  It’s hard not to be inspired by the beauty in the bareness of my early morning rides as the once green and lush landscape is transformed into a forest of what appears to be death and decay.  After 43 years of witnessing the seasons change, there’s a deep knowing inside of me that this too shall pass and where currently there is nothing except for bare necessity, there will be brilliant new life again in spring.

Not so for our bodies.

As I continue to observe the way in which people take life for granted, I can’t help but wonder how many of them will die unexpectedly, filled with regret for a life un-lived.

Enter the study by Bronnie Ware, a nurse who worked in palliative care. Her patients were those who had gone home to die. She was the person who witnessed the last 3 to 12 weeks of their lives, their constant companion as they took stock of years gone by.

Death has a way of intensifying life – the growth, the insights, the emotions.  All amplified in the final days to give the soul an opportunity to review.  What Bronnie discovered was that across all of her patients, there were definite themes when it came to the regrets people had looking back over their lives.

Today I am sharing with you the top 5 regrets that Bronnie identified with the hope that you will take the time to evaluate your life, before it is too late.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

I wonder at times exactly when it was decided sacrifice was honorable?  When did society define our roles and how we should behave in order for us to be considered ‘good’ people?

Every dream we have, every desire we feel, is there for a reason.  It’s the experiences which promotes the growth that reveals the best versions of ourselves.  Choosing to give up on our dreams is settling for the dilluted version of self.

Instead of giving up on your dreams, start asking how can you live them?  Which actions can you start taking to make your desires become your reality?

Use whatever life is giving you at the moment, get inspired and create a life that astounds us!

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

This regret came from every male patient that Bronnie nursed.  I have a feeling that today women will be right up there with them since so many have become the breadwinners in their families.

This regret was not really around work itself, but that which was sacrificed in life due to the amount of time spent at work.  Missed experiences with children, missed opportunities to love partners, not having the energy to live more, do more, laugh more.

And for what?  A paycheck?

The deeper my studies of the psychology of wealth, the more I understand that the reason why people are working themselves to death without ever reaching a point of satisfaction, is because they’re not questioning what they truly desire in life in order for them to feel wealthy.  Tony Robbins demonstrates this by breaking wealth down into components of time, health, relationships, contribution and money.  Without experiencing satisfaction in all these areas, you’ll be left feeling like another Mick Jagger where you “can’t get no satisfaction”.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the purpose of work?  Is it really to create the life of your dreams?  And if so, what does that life even look like?  If you’re working purely because you were raised that responsible adults work and you are not working smartly towards the goals that light you up, you are once again at the mercy of existence.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

With the introduction of smart phones, apps and social media that has us communicating with smiley faces, likes and LOLs, true communication is an art that’s in severe danger of extinction.  Top that with the amount of criticism and public shame that can flare up in an instant from complete strangers who interpret whatever is said from wherever they find themselves emotionally at the moment, and it’s no wonder that few have the courage to express their true feelings.

And without true communication there can be no true relationships.

Instead of communicating our true feelings, all we desire is to keep the peace.   So we settle for mediocre relationships in our mediocre lives with as few waves as possible.  Don’t rock the boat.  Don’t upset anyone around you.  Whatever you do – don’t you dare surround yourself with meaningful relationships where differences are celebrated and encouraged!

When we start speaking our truth from a place of love, our lives transform.

Not everyone is going to enjoy this change and some might even leave your life.  The good news is that the ones who stay will probably stay forever AND support you in being your truest self.  I fail to see a down side.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

When you’re lying down drawing your last breath, all the ‘stuff’ that you have accumulated over the years become pretty meaningless.  Instead what matter most to people are the relationships they’ve had throughout their lives.

Friendships, lasting friendships, take some form of effort.  It’s really easy to get caught up in life and the hustle of everyday existence.  It’s easy to lose touch with those who brought depth to our experience of life.  But the effort will be worth it as in the end it is all about love and relationships.

Get off social media and start working on your real friendships.  Schedule time with friends into your diary the way you would any business meeting.  Talk – with your voice not your fingers.  Look into their eyes.  Give them a hug.  Let the sound of their laughter bubble over your lips.

Make a memory.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Do you realize that happiness truly is a choice?

Happiness is a feeling, and we create our feelings through what we choose to focus on and the words we choose to describe our experience of life.  Yet so few people have the discipline to control their minds.  Instead they stay victims to the broken records and the destructive habits that is on auto because it’s easier.

Whoever said misery loves company really knew what they were talking about.  In  Roget’s Thesaurus there is 1051 words to describe positive emotions compared to a whopping 2286 words to describe negative emotions.  Need I say more?

Abraham Hicks talks about the purpose of life as ultimately being joy.  That’s right – the only purpose you HAVE in life is to be happy.  Why do we feel this constant need to over-complicate things and make it all so damn hard?

Just choose to be happy – right now!  You’re powerful enough to do it and you’re definitely worth it.

In conclusion – if you’re reading this it means you’re not dead yet!

You have the opportunity to make the rest of your life the absolute best of your life.

  • Read through the regrets again
  • Assess your life and see how you’re doing in each of these areas.
  • Decide what you want these areas to truly look like so that you will lie on your deathbed, wink at the nurse and tell her that you have zero regrets.
  • Most importantly, start taking the actions today that will lead to a happier tomorrow.

As always, death is inevitable.  But thriving, that is a choice.

Thrive in the absence of shame

Shame:  “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.”

Interesting isn’t it?   That there should be such a phenomenon as shame AND that it is then pinned onto us as if it is all  us instead of how we feel in front of others.  It is pinned on those who are prepared to try and get it wrong.  Those who are prepared to do it differently and looking foolish.

Can you see that shame is a concept devised by the ego to keep you in line with the average masses?  How does this serve you?

Short answer – it doesn’t.

Think how different your life would be without shame.

You would love to try new things because you would never feel foolish when you get it wrong the first hundred times.

You would learn new skills because there would be no shame when you feel on your ass the first hundred times.

You would set seriously big goals because there would be no shame when you didn’t achieve them the first time around.

You would laugh a shit-ton more!

The purpose of goals is to keep you moving forward in life.  To help you reach further and go higher learning all the while on the journey.  It is about becoming the person who can achieve those goals, learning to think and act like that person.  Becoming more of who you already are!

When we use goals to measure ourselves in terms of shame, we start playing it safe.  We either stop setting goals altogether, start setting really minuscule goals, or we start changing our goals halfway to the finish because we don’t think we can make it and would rather settle for less than own the fact that we didn’t make it.  None of these self-perseverance strategies serve your greatness.

So drop the shame because it really doesn’t serve you.

Set the really big goals!

Take action relentlessly.

Change your actions not your goals.

Be prepared to fail so that you can learn.

And for heaven’s sake, learn to laugh at yourself.

Life is a game not a prison sentence.


5 Steps To Get Your Mojo Back

You know the pattern by now – you set those magnificent goals at the beginning of the year.  You put your head down and you work your butt off every single day.  After a while it feels like you’re doing the same thing day in and day out and you’re not making any progress.  You start doubting yourself.  You start getting tired.  You start slowing down.

You hit the slump.

And when you’re down in the slump, when you have lost your motivation, every day seems like a futile attempt to a destination that doesn’t even excite you anymore.

Don’t worry hun, I have you covered.  In fact, bouncing back to your kick-ass self is easier than you think.  So let’s get started.

 1.  Take a break.  The reason why we get so demotivated is that we get stuck in a rut.  The momentum starts taking over and we’re re-working the same muscles (whether physical or mental) over and over again.  This leads to exhaustion and we lose focus of the bigger picture.  It is time to walk away from the situation, take in some fresh air, and replenish your body and mind.

For some this could take an hour, for some a week-end, for some a week.  Take whatever time you need but make sure you give yourself a time-frame so that this does not become an excuse to walk away from your goals.

2.  Remember your big why.  I know you’re tired of me going on about your big why, but this is the number one reason most people don’t achieve their goals!  They set goals that are not really important to them beyond the normal surface reasons.  When you remember why you started the journey, the difference it will make in your life, the impact it will have in others’ lives, the woman you will be at the end of it, you will feel an influx of renewed motivation.

3.  List your achievements thus far.  Yes it is really easy to forget all we accomplish on a daily basis because we are waiting for the BIG things to happen.  But success is not built on the big things.  Success is built on the little achievements we have on a daily basis which then snow-balls into bigger achievements.

Plus you love feeling good about yourself darling.  That is why you are going after the big goals in the first place.  The better you feel about yourself, the more you’ll do to enforce that feeling.  While you’re at it, why don’t you pick just one of those little achievements and celebrate it?  Go for a nice long walk along the beach.  Have that extra long bubble bath.  Wear that insane pair of shoes you’ve had in the back of your cupboard for the last 6 months waiting for the perfect occasion.

4.  Track the progress you have made thus far.  I remember swimming my first IronMan.  It felt like all I was doing is swinging my arms and standing still.  The motion of the water can be extremely deceptive and it took me a while to realize that focusing on the buoys was the only way to truly measure the progress I was making.  When I realized that I was moving forward even when it felt like I was going back, it motivated me to keep going with renewed purpose behind the effort.  When you have been working with your head down it might feel like you have not made any progress, but when you start tracking it you will find the end a lot closer than you thought.

5.  Figure out the next action and take it.  Yes, nothing feels as good as taking action.  And you don’t have to have all the answers now to get started again.  All you need is the next step.  It is said that the cure for depression is action, and I couldn’t agree more.

Viola! From sitting in a heap to running with purpose again in 5 easy steps.  This process can literally happen in 2 hours if you’re determined to get your mojo back.

It has been my experience that all achievers work with coaches for exactly this reason.  We are human.  We have our up times and our down times.  Coaches ensure that the down times are kept to a minimum and that their clients bounce back with as little effort and loss of time as possible.

If you’re working on those really big goals and it feels like you’re running through peanut butter right now, then let’s chat.  Book a free discovery call here and let’s see if my style of coaching is right for you to get you to your finish line asap.

That bitch called stress

I think it is time that we all realize that there is no such thing as living without stress.  Not in today’s world when our senses are assaulted every second of the day.  Whether we are aware of it or not, barking dogs, loud trucks, flickering images, 24-7 social media, all of what we have come to accept as ‘normal’ is having an effect on our psyche.

As fempreneurs we get to add to this the daily pressure of building a business, trying to keep the house running smoothly, having our kids like us enough to get off the damn computer for 30 minutes, standing by our men when they get home after a rough day irritable and frustrated.

Is it any wonder we get those days where we just want to scream ‘STOP THE FUCKING MADNESS!!  I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”?

If your husband and kids are standing across the room staring at you with wide eyes as if you have lost your mind, you’re not alone.  In fact more and more women are finding themselves in a space of loneliness, frustration and downright fear of losing control of their lives.

Once again the modern world has brought blessings and curses.  It has become a time where women are finding themselves physically isolated and lonely, craving friendship and the age-old sisterhood that we have in our genes.  Instead of a hug and a cup of coffee with a mom, a sister, or a bff, we are spending hours on social media trying desperately to make meaningful connections.   Women in years gone by have always gathered and talked.  That is simply what we do.  It is the way in which we figure out what is going on in our minds, our lives, our relationships, our businesses.  It is our natural processing mechanism.   But globalisation keep taking us on new adventures.  We don’t give much thought to packing up and moving to another continent, everybody does it.  Yet some studies still rate moving as the 3rd most stressful life event after death and divorce.

Do we give ourselves some slack?

Do we put in some support mechanisms for ourselves?

Hell no!  Are you crazy?

We have to make sure hubby gets off to work as quickly as possible while we unpack and make sure the house is transformed into home asap.  We make sure the kids settle as quickly as possible so that their school grades don’t drop and so that they won’t miss their old friends too much.  And of course we keep the business going uninterupted because heaven forbid we should not market for a week.

Does anyone else see the insanity in this?

Don’t even get me started on how little support women are given when they are starting up an online business and they are not an ‘overnight success’.  I’m not talking about being told what they should be doing by all the adverts out there promising them the magic formula.  I’m talking about genuine support of ‘Shit girl I hear you.  I’m not going to try and save you but I hear you and no you’re not stupid or crazy.  It’s normal.  I hear you.’

So women do the exact opposite of what they are designed to do.  They keep quiet.  They put on a brave face and they keep going.  They start putting on weight and then get angry with themselves because their pants are tight.  Their hair starts going grey and they get irritated because they have to color more often.  They get exhausted and they pop more vitamins in a desperate attempt to get their bounce back.

All the time that bitch called stress is eating up their dreams.  Their souls.  Their lives.