Why are we clinging to the rules?

What is the reasons we cling to all the rules when majority of the time, they're a vice on creativity? In fact, I'm observing that the more rules we make up, the less people choose to think for themselves and instead, live in mindless obedience. Mindless does NOT create thrive. And I'm taking a stand for thrive.

You are excused from the table of mediocrity

Who are you dining with? Are you seated at the table of mediocrity, sheople regurgitating the same old thoughts, stories and actions? Or are you surrounded by the wild beasts with a ferocious appetite for the new?

Are you seriously faking orgasms with the Universe?

#RiseAlphaFemales The truth is that you simply don't get to fake it with the Universe for it receives your vibrations, not your words. This is a message from your soul - it's time to raise your standards for yourself and the Universe so that the games can begin.

Are you proud of your decision?

#RiseAlphaFemales As the clocked chimed for the final breath of 2019, you made an important decision. I'm hoping you made it consciously and more importantly, I hope you've followed it up with immediate action.

Forgive them Alpha, for they know not what they're doing...

#RiseAlphaFemales Yes, we frequently get attacked by others but understand this, right now, most are living from a space of unconsciousness and excruciating pain. Instead of diving into anger and bitterness, I invite you to rise with love and compassion. For this is simply the way of the Alpha.