If you want perfection, I’m not your gal.

I’m going against the grain.

And it might be costing me dollars, but it’s bringing me success.

You see Darling, I made a choice a long time ago to give up the pursuit of ‘perfection’.

I don’t believe in perfection.

I don’t believe in only putting my successes out there.

I don’t believe in only sharing my best work and deleting old recordings or writings that make me blush in laughter because I looked like such a dork.

In fact I still do it.

I’ve stared a Yoga channel WAY before I’m ‘ready’ to start a yoga channel.


Because I’m human as fuck and proud of it.

I’m on a journey.

I’m constantly starting out.

I’m constantly learning new things and prepared to live outside of my comfort zone.

I’m the unpolished old ducky who keeps it real for those who need to see someone imperfect to give them permission to just go for it, before they feel ready to do it.

I honestly feel it’s grossly unfair to people to only ever get the polished products.

I know for me, the moment I follow someone who only ever puts out the edited versions, I start feeling like a complete incompetent Neanderthal.  I start thinking “OMG I can never do that, look like that, speak like that, so why bother even starting”.

Which is why I tend not to follow those people.

I think the really sad part is that whenever celebrities get caught in their ‘human’ moments, they get slated by the media and their so-called fans!  The world comes to a standstill because a super model has cellulite or Batman has skipped the gym and his gut is hanging out.

Seriously people, get a life!

Instead I choose to work with the coaches and mentors who encourage me to look at their early work which we can both have a good chuckle over as they point out their rookie mistakes.  I work with the coaches who sometimes send out a newsletter filled with spelling mistakes because they were so pumped and passionate in the moment of writing they simply didn’t give a shit about some asinine perfectionistic critique who might roll their eyes on the other side.

That’s how I choose to live my life.

Do I get criticised?

Oh hell yes.

But so what?

Those who criticise me don’t know me.

They don’t know my whole story.

Nobody does.

So they can take their judgment, roll it with some horse shit and smoke it.

You know what Darling, I’ve come to the realisation I’m a super-nova powerful badass soul who came here to have a HUMAN experience.

Not a computer generated experience.

I figure if I wanted to get it all right and perfect all the time I would just have done that.

So what does human look like in my life?

I’m slow as fuck – no seriously.

In all areas of my life.

There’s a reason I have a turtle tattoo on my back.  That baby is LOADED with meaning.

Then again, have you ever seen a baby turtle fight for her life to get into the ocean?  Her will is undeniable.  I’ve been privileged to witness this miraculous journey and it astounded and inspired me to always keep going forward no matter how many motherfuckers try to hold me back, to destroy me.  They’ll have to keep dragging on my ass until I give my last breath.

This also made me appreciate every step, every breath, every second that I am gifted with life.  Why on earth would I waste my time trying to sprint and miss the moments that change my life?  Moments such as witnessing a turtle’s very first steps in what is hopefully a long, exciting, adventurous life.

Embracing the fact that I’m slow is what got me to the finish line at my most life-transforming events because I kept going when others gave up due to their ego-driven disappointment.

How often do you give up because you think you should be faster?  That success should be overnight so instead you just go back to a salary job because you’ve been at it for five years and still not a millionaire?  How much have you lost out on in the process?

My take on it is if you’re going to do something do it for the love of it so that the journey becomes more important than the finish line!

It’s my love for the journey that gives me the courage to explore and be willing to fail often knowing that I’m badass, I will always recover, I have what it takes.

One year my business is printing money and then instead of riding the gravy train, I decide to throw out the blueprint.  I decide to take it to another level and dimension. I  do the internal work and am always amazed at the transformation.  Then I’m willing to put it out there, to do it differently resulting in the inevitable downward plummet.  Think arms thrown to the sky screaming like a lunatic on a rollercoaster ride.  That’s pretty much me.

Every rollercoaster plummets.

It also plateaus out.

Then it rises.

People who get on the ride get on for the WHOLE experience.

Not just the highs.

Some look at me and shake their heads in confusion – what the fuck is she doing?  They don’t get it.  They never will.

Then again, after a decade of coaching I can honestly say I’m still completely in love with my business, completely in love with my profession, still smiling and laughing and working with insprirational clients.

For me, THAT is success.

The day I wake up bored is the only time I would have failed.

If I look at my life and it’s predictable, I might as well kick the bucket and come back again with a greater willingness to grow a pair and be willing to fail.


Be willing to be human.

Be willing to be imperfect.

Seriously, what have you got to lose?

Your life?

Well as far as I’m concerned, existence is worse than death.

I’ve done the whole day-after-miserable-godforsaken-day-existence.


I choose to thrive.

I choose to enjoy my life every single day because every day is a gift to have an adventure.

Why wouldn’t I choose that?

Why would I choose safe?

Safe from what?

You are already safe!  Don’t you realise that yet?  You are the most powerful being you can possibly imagine and you will always be okay. Even when you die you’re not going to be dead.

You’re just going to immediately wake up and go “Fuck that was epic!  Again!  Again!”


you’re going to wake up and think “What the fuck girl?  Why were you such a fucking scaredy-cat?  Why did you stay hidden in the dark corner?  What a waste!  Let’s go back and try again – and this time I want you to kick ass!”

There is no better time to choose than today.

You have to.

You’re making a choice either way – even stubbornly choosing not to choose.

So what will it be?




With love eternal,


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