Nothing ever happens until you give yourself permission.

For me, one of the greatest gifts of my vocation is the constant growth that I receive each and every time I have the privilege of working with a client.  OOOH and I do work with the best clients in the world!

Such as the gift that I received this morning.

It really started yesterday.

A full-on day which came to an exquisite close as I coached a powerful, gorgeous, high achieving woman to give herself permission to dream again.  To give herself permission to raise her expectations in receiving.  To give herself permission to stop settling out of guilt, obligation or a sense of shame.  To truly give herself permission to thrive!

This is what it always comes down to – giving ourselves permission.

Giving ourselves permission to stop looking at others for the answers and instead believing in ourselves that we already know, questioning, going inside, listening to the inner voice.

Giving ourselves permission to stop thinking we have to play small so that we don’t step on toes and instead knowing that as leaders we were born to walk in front where the crowds are not boxing us in.

Giving ourselves permission to stop thinking that receiving support is a weakness and instead  embrace the fact that the Universe is all about co-creating our success and that we deserve to be supported in our expansion and our growth as it is always in service of the collective.

So it was that I sat down under the moon last night, giving myself permission to be fully supported in clearing, releasing, receiving new insights and calling in my next level of thrive.

As it was the final full moon of 2017  there was a heightened sense of urgency, demanding deeper introspection for the next level of learning.  I felt the turning of energy as something shifted inside of me.

I have to confess, I’m not one to easily share my vulnerable moments.  Constantly in warrior mode, I tend to keep my underbelly closed off only sharing once I’m on the other side of the river.

I’m going to make an exception today as the year is coming to a close and I don’t want you to wait another moment before giving yourself permission to live fully.

Throughout my meditation I felt particularly raw around my sacral and heart chakras, the areas of creativity and relationships.  Now thing is, my business, my purpose, my life, is all about creating impact through relationship so I know that this shit matters.  Which is why I took extra time and attention, honouring myself in the moment.  Not necessarily pushing for the answers and the insights immediately, but instead clearing and releasing, stating my willingness to learn.

As I lay in bed later slowly drifting off to slumber, I felt into deep gratitude and appreciation for the past 45 years, every single person I met along the way, how incredibly blessed I am right now, and asked to once again be shown that which I have not seen before.

The Universe never disappoints.

I woke up this morning, grabbed an extra large coffee and my journal and started writing.

My original intent was simply to journal my affirmations of that which I’m creating and the woman I’m becoming in the process.

Instead what unfolded on the pages were all the relationship that I had ended in some form or way due to a feeling of insecurity and false self-preservation.  From romances to family to friendships.

All the relationships where I started telling myself that I had not lived up to their expectations and rather than wait for them to tell me what a stupid, worthless piece of shit I was, I had lovingly faded into the background until the busyness of their lives overtook their thoughts of me and I would never hear from them again.

I know this stems back to a childhood where I was frequently brought down to size by those who feared my individuality, my ambition, my stubborn will, my hunger for independence, my wisdom.

At the time it really hurt like a mofo and I took the insults on board as truth even though in my heart I knew it was not my shit to own.  I was simply too young and too inexperienced to realise the truth of my inner knowing – still trusting those who were in positions of authority due to their titles and age.

Isn’t it crazy that after all these years I’m still having this story run the show?

Yet I’m not sitting here bashing myself over the head.  Instead I have empathy and appreciation for the young girl in me knowing that she did the best she could with where she was at and with what she had available to her.

But I also know that if I don’t give myself permission to do the deep diving that I still allow the protection mechanisms of my younger self curb my results today.

We all do.

And I’m not even talking about past lives, Akashic records, familial oaths, and all the other stuff.

I’m just talking about your current life, and the fact that unless you give yourself permission to love yourself unconditionally, unless you give yourself permission to look back with appreciation to see where your current programming originates from, unless you give yourself permission to take on a new belief, you will always be playing smaller than you’re truly capable of, truly desire to, truly deserve to.

Today I choose to break my old pattern around relationships.  I choose to attract people who are a vibrational match to me who love me unconditionally, even when we get pissed off at each other at times.  I choose to stay open.  I choose to stay connected.  I choose to live my purpose more powerfully, knowing that the little girl inside of me is always safe and taken care of.

How about your Darling?

Where are you not giving yourself permission to see that patterns that has you stuck at your current level?

Where are you not giving yourself permission to play full out due to fears which stems from your vulnerable young self?

Where are you not giving yourself permission to thrive due to outdated values handed down to you by others which quite frankly is stifling your creativity, your joy, your best version self?


More importantly, what will it take for you to change that?

What will it take for you to get to the point where you own your self-worth?

When will you make that decision?

For it truly is just a choice.

It always is.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  2017 has been rough – on many levels for many people.

It’s been a year where the rebel inside of the achiever has just had enough of swallowing down bullshit, stifling down their truth.

And it’s not done yet.

During the last couple of weeks of the year you can draw the line in the sand and give yourself permission to go next level.  To set down the foundation of your thrive by connecting to your true core values, uncovering the vision that lights you up, set the goals that has you revving on all cylinders, and anchor it down with the beliefs that will finally support you in achieving your desired results.

Ignite is all about this.

It’s a judgement free, supportive and challenging space allowing you the freedom to dig deep and get the gold.

It’s for the ones who know they’re done settling.  They have the inner knowing that there is more for them.  That settling for anything less than their best has become intolerable and they’re taking back their power.

Ignite is for you if you know that I’m the person to lovingly kick your ass into action.

And if you decide after the session that you’re ready for deeper ongoing support, your payment will be off-set on the investment for 6 months coaching.

Time is running out so get your sexy ass off that fence and take action right now.