Pink blossoms in Winter – asking for signs and expecting miracles.

4 am


This has been an incredible week.

A new course in development.

The first chapters of my new book complete.


Only 6 days ago a long-forgotten seed planted years ago,

patiently growing her roots underground,

broke through the surface, and

I’m in awe of her beauty.


The evolution of my soul work.

In liberating Alpha Females from a lack-lustre existence of to-do-lists and short-lived achievements.

A Thrive Revolution.


As exciting as it is,

it’s also scary AF.

Going against everything we’re taught as purpose-driven, ambitious women,

it’s sure to get a tremendous amount of push-back.


I open the front door and step out into a blast of cold.

The streets glittering from the rain which has been drenching the earth during the night.

Yet the sky clear and glorious with millions of stars greeting me.


Appreciation floods my body.

Holy shit,

this is my life!

Where I get to walk in the still of the night before dawn makes her appearance,

and simply connect with my Source.


The words spill from my mouth,

speaking of my gratitude,

my excitement,

my fear.


Am I really ready?

Are the Alphas ready?

Is the world ready to release the endless endurance of suffering and choose to turn to joy?

I’m not sure.

Doubt creeps in…


So I ask for a sign.

I ask for a sign TODAY

before I write the next chapter,

before I complete the next module,

before I start offering women a new way.

And because I’m cheeky,

I ask for the sign to be pink.


I continue,

releasing the thought,

connecting to the knowing that the Universe only says yes.


My walk,

as always,



I finally head back as the wind picks up,

Without giving it any thought,

I cross the road in an unusual place.

Something tells me not to go onto the pavement.

To instead keep walking on the road

and to slow down my feet.

I stop in front of the tree.

There’s but two remaining leaves on her branches,

dancing wildly as though the breeze tickles them into delight.


I smile.

How amazing that I see the beauty in her barren form.

A year ago I would only have observed death,

reflection of my then emotional state.

And I think to myself:

‘How can I birth new work in the dead of winter?

Shouldn’t I honour the cycles of nature and hold off till spring?’


It’s at this point, that the light of the moon hones my attention to a specific point.

As if by magic,

I see a tiny bud on the seemingly lifeless branch.

I look closer,

and to my astonishment,

the tree is filled with

pink blossoms!


My sign,

my miracle,

my thrive.



I know that right now,

you’re asking for something.

Whatever that is,

probably feels big,

and at times you might go into the shadows where doubt and fear resides.

I want to encourage you to start asking for signs,

to start requesting miracles,

ask to have the presence to see,

and expect them to be delivered to you in the most delightful ways!


There’s a change in the world.

At first I thought it indicated chaos and destruction.

Storms raging,

nature turned upside down,

people falling apart.


Now I know,

the change is happening FOR us.

In the most love-filled,

expansive ways.

The pain we experience not caused by the change,

but our fear of the change,

our resistance to the change,

our stories that change means death.

Instead of dropping into the fact that forest fires create fertile ground for new growth,

storms create new pathways for water to flow,

the old is swept away,

creating space for the new.


Here’s what I recommend you journal on this weekend:


What are you holding on to that is causing you pain?

What are you resisting that could well be your road to liberation?

What are you not creating because of fear of being criticised?


Where are you not allowing yourself to fully express yourself?

Where are you not allowing yourself to fully appreciate your gorgeous self?

Where are you not allowing yourself to be fully appreciated and adored by another?




It is my absolute knowing that you are the source of your experience.

That your mind is the key to unlocking your thrive.

By becoming aware of your thoughts,

and instead of holding on to being ‘right’,

be willing to release any and all beliefs that take you away from joy,

start telling a different story,

and allow your creativity to grow.



I believe it’s time for us to honour the divine differences between men and women,

to celebrate these,

to accentuate these,

so that we can once again flourish in our unique ways,

coming together in complimentary partnerships,

each bringing their best selves to the other.


But that’s a topic for another day.


For today,

my message to you is to ask for signs and expect miracles.


The Universe ALWAYS says YES!


Death might be inevitable,

but OMG,

you can THRIVE today!


Live with honour,



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