Prayer of an Alpha Female

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand

why so many people
have become so cruel;

why so many receive pleasure
by causing others pain;

why so many feel they would rather break down the work of another
than build up an original body of their own work;

why so many are quick to follow instructions
and slow to follow inner guidance;

why so many don’t question the system
yet constantly question their own worth;

why so many are obsessed with outward appearance
and disconnected from internal emotions;

why so many wear so many masks
and never allow themselves to be seen;

why so many are so hard on their children
and so soft on themselves when they know they’re out of integrity;

why so many constantly want to publicly shame and blame others
and never want to take personal responsibility;

why so many only praise success
and never applaud the courage it takes to fail;

why so many care so much about what others think of them
yet care so little about what they think of themselves.

I don’t understand Mother.

Maybe mine is not to understand
but to observe
allowing my heart to shatter every single day
as I venture out into the world
and witness the destruction caused
through the unconsious living of so many.

Maybe my role is simply
to allow the salt in my tears
to heal the wounds inside
every night
so that I may wake with hope
that today
one more woman will reach her
‘Fuck this shit’ moment
from which to rise in love.

Maybe my role is simply
to never give up hope
that more and more mothers
will return to their hearts
from which to bring back truth
creating a legacy of thrive.

Maybe my role is simply
to never give up on myself
from a space of deep desire
to be better than I was yesterday
on my way to being even better tomorrow
that this will be enough
to bring change to the world.

Maybe my role is simply
to love myself
to love my One
to love my children
to love my family
to love my world
and to bring this vibration to every touchpoint
thereby leaving energetic footprints of
pure love.

If so,
I ask Mother
that you make my resolve solid,
and keep my heart soft;
that you give me the strength to keep my commitment impenetrable,
and my thoughts open and curious;
that you bring harmony to the bond between myself and my Being
so that I may bring harmony between myself and my world.

I understand that ultimately
all I can offer
is myself
and I choose to honour life
by being my best self.

So it is done,
for the highest and best good of all.