Prepare for the worst and expect the best

This is the conversation people DON’T want to be having at this time…

Chances are you might NOT have been preparing for the worst until now, as you’ve just been busy being busy.

It’s not too late to change that BUT I want you to understand that what I’m sharing with you is a forever lifestyle NOT crisis management! Life has cycles including evolutions and THIS is a time of MASSIVE evolution which is not happening in 10 days.

I’m observing that people are using humour to hide their fear OR freaking out about the wrong shit OR shoving their heads in the sand.

If any of these are working for you, please do go ahead.

As always, I’m choosing to take a step back and looking at the #biggerpicture so that I can become the person who continues to #thrive even during challenging times.

Expecting the worst means you work on your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being every day and stay connected to what’s happening in your emotional well-being (and yes, that means being real with yourself)

and then, when the world gets spun upside down

you DOUBLE DOWN on what you’re normally doing.

I’m busy putting together a way for me to support more alpha females (and a couple of males) on a high level, if you’re interested in finding out more message me

#risealphafemales #personalleadership