What’s the quality of your statements to the Universe?

Can we go there?

A little beyond the academic realm.

To where your wisdom resides.


Which, I’ve found,

takes all that they tell us is TRUTH,


you know,

research shows this to be so,

and blows it to hell!


It’s no wonder that most Alphas find themselves to be lone wolves.

What we experience through our willingness to question and experiment with,

is so challenging to the collective unconscious,

the collective conscious,

the only way to hold on to the last threads of their sanity,

is to call us crazy.


Bring that white jacket Baby,

I look pretty spectacular in any colour 😉


You’ve heard me talk about vibration before.

That everything and everyone is vibrating on various levels,

from low as mud,

to high as a kite,

and everything in-between.


As I went through my Pranic training,

I was taught to see and feel energy.

High vibrational energy moves fast,

it shines,

it feels stimulating and exciting.

Low vibrational energy is sluggish,

it’s dull,

it feels heavy and thick.


High vibrational energy has me shaking my arse.

Shoulders back,

chest proud,

tummy taught,

face smiling.

Low vibrational energy has me sitting,

shoulders slumped over,

head hanging,

tummy portruding.


Look at your posture right now – which one is reflected back to you?


High vibrational food feels light,

regardless of how much I eat,

and since the nourishment value is so high,

my body desires less as she has received sufficient energy to thrive.

Low vibrational food feels heavy,

you might call it comfort food,

comforting the ache in your heart which you try and fill through your tummy.

It’s addictive AF which has you over-eating every meal.

Even though your tummy wants to explode,

there’s no nourishment and your body is STARVING.


Look at your last meal – which one is reflected back to you?


High vibrational clothes caress my skin,

like my lover’s touch,

it’s sensual and sexy.

High vibrational clothes accentuate the beauty of my shape,

and I feel like a rock star strutting into any room.

Low vibrational clothes feels scratchy,


like when that greasy man touches your arm.


It hides my shape as though I have something to be ashamed of.

It normally hangs in all the wrong places,

obscuring who I am so that I can just melt into the background.


Look at what you’re wearing right now – which one is reflected back to you?

Including your underwear.


High vibrational thinking is focussed on MORE.

How do I serve more?

How do I create more value?

How do I have more fun?

How do I take this to the next level?

It’s solution and expansive in nature.

Low vibrational thinking is fear based.

It’s focused on me and my problems.

It sees obstacles to every solution.

It’s like a soap-opera.


It has me feeling like a victim.

It has me thinking that I’m screwed over.


What are you thinking right now – is it solution or problem focussed?


High vibrational company leaves me stimulated.

It’s a coming together of inquisitive minds,

all open to provocative conversation and new ways of thinking.

I feel completely present,


and I love the free exchange of ideas, questions and introspective silence.

Low vibrational conversations is a waste of my fucking time.

They basically have nothing to say.

There’s no presence.

People desperately trying to fill the silence born out of loneliness, with mindless chatter that might as well never have taken place as I leave the conversation the same as I came into it.


Think about the last conversation you partook in – which one is reflected back to you?


I’m often accused of being rude and abrupt,

always by those with meaningless words,

not understanding that EVERYTHING matters.


Your choice of vibration is your statement of quality to the Universe.

It says who you are choosing to be every minute of every day.


Your choice of food, clothes, conversations, company, thoughts, everything,

proclaims to all and sundry that you’re a person of high vibration or low vibration.

Understanding that you will attract MORE of that,

as that is your choice.


There’s no judgement,

Free Will Cupcake.


I’m just wondering if you’re proud of who you are choosing to be?

I’m wondering if you’re happy with your life choices?


For the longest time I tried to convince myself that it didn’t matter.

That since I am a naturally positive, uplifted, high vibe person,

I could afford to surround myself with those who choose to live on a low frequency.

I told myself that I could afford to entertain those who simply wanted a little of my time,

nodding my head amicably whilst being bored out of my mind.

I thought that since my body was athletic, gorgeous, fit and healthy,

it wouldn’t matter if I wore granny panties and old track-suites.


I was WRONG!


It wasn’t until I became unavailable for low vibrational ANYTHING,

that my life transformed into one of pride, satisfaction and liberated joy.


I threw out those panties and went commando until I could afford satin and lace.

I left the toxic relationships,

I stopped wasting my time with time-wasters,

I became unavailable for anything that brought my energy down,

and I started DANCING WAY MORE!


I started taking fewer actions,

ensuring that every action I take is of high quality,

which not only meant more time availability,

but way better results,

more energy,

more creativity,

more thrive!


This is what matters!


If you’re feeling tired,



taking action from dawn to dusk and still only receiving mediocre results,



Read this article again,

from the top,

and pay attention.

Where are you currently saturated with lower vibrational energy?

Is it your food?

Your clothes?

The company you keep?

Your conversations?

Your thoughts?


Sort out that FIRST.

From THERE you ONLY take quality action

and watch what happens.


This is the way of the Alpha Darling.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those who choose high vibrational living.


Live with honour,



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