Reconnecting heart through art.

I keep deleting the writing.

I’m having one of my
‘fuck the world’

What do I really want to say to you
right here
right now?

What I really want to say to you
is switch off your fucking device
and go LIVE a little woman!

Go put on your most rocking tunes
dance with wild abandon
turned on
as you feel the wet trickle of sweat
caress the delicate skin
under your breasts
limbs aching and shaking from exhaustion.

Hold out your hand to your lover
in a gesture of irrisistable invitation
lead him to your bed
open yourself up to him
and let him sink into the delight of you.

Put on your running shoes
high as a kite
as pure oxygen
fills your lungs
infusing your blood
taking in the gorgeous world
in which we have the blessing of creating an experience.

Go be completely
doing whatever the hell lights you UP
and once satiated with bliss
become still
and feel
the vibration of

It’s in this moment
in this energy
that you will allow yourself
to create your art
for the sake of the art
instead of having social expectations infiltrate your mind
becoming a high class prostitute
selling your soul
selling your story
selling your essence
selling your genius
for a penny
of belonging.

I mean,
come now,
if you’re completely honest with yourself
you’re bored AF
with the mundane world
of replication
dried out pussies in business suites and professional profiles
and you’re dying to say (out loud)
“Fuck this shit!”
unleashing yourself from the constraints of the tribe
where you will never feel you can let go
and show
ALL your crazy,
ALL your wildness,
ALL your shenanigans,
ALL your fire and passion,

Excuse me,
you think you’re too much?
you think that you’ll end up on the Isle of Lonely Outcasts?
you’re worried that you won’t have anything to create?
or worse,
that they will say your creations has no worth?

your art should NEVER have worth!
Art is not created to be useful.
It’s created to inspire
which quite frankly darling
is fucking

Emotions are not invoked
through steps and strategies.

What the world NEEDS right now
is for humans to wake the fuck up
and to FEEL
what we’re doing
to ourselves,
to our children,
to our world.

What the humanity NEEDS right now
is for courageous women
to step up
and allow ourselves to CREATE
provocative original pieces
which reconnects heart through art.

You simply need to choose

if you want to be another vanilla popsicle
that the masses can suck on mindlessly
pacifying themselves like infants
from their misery


if you dare
to be the spice
which has eyes water
noses run
mouths on fire
creating an explosion of ‘HOLY MOTHER OF PEANUT BUTTER‘ experiences
for those who have the privilege of receiving but a breath
of you?

Live with honour,