Reflections of Self

Coach:  ” You are balls-to-the-wall and it scares the fuck out of people. They don’t think they can hang…”


This was an actual email exchange last week.

I laughed because I know that’s not true.  It’s not that my approach to life that scares people.  There’s nothing that I can do that every other person who’s ever lived can’t do.  They have all the same internal resources as I do.  Most of them have way more external resources and stronger bodies than I do.

It’s just that not all of them choose balls-to-the-wall and instead of owning that choice, they project a story on to me.

I discovered a few years ago that the all-knowing, all-loving, all-supportive Universe gave us everything we need to create an epic life.  What I love even more is the way in which the Universe has a wicked sense of humor (she must be a middle-aged woman!) by hiding the eggs and then burning the map – NIIIIICE.

Kinda makes the entire adventure much more thrilling – don’t you think?

One of the clues on the map is people.

We love them, we hate them, we love to hate them.

In truth they’re nothing more than reflections of the gazillion aspects, potentials, personality traits, within us.  A gleaming mirror with a spotlight illuminating every bump and pimple – no hiding Jack.

Some of those aspects we’re very comfortable with and we claim them instantly – ‘Oh YES, we’re like peas in a pod.’

Some of those aspects bring up a whole ugly can full of uncomfortable emotions such as shame, guilt, resentment, anger, fear (need I go on?) so we prefer to disillusion ourselves by thinking that if we ignore them they will seize to be – ‘Oh hell no, we’re nothing alike.’

All of them (people and the shit they do) are opportunities for introspection, growth, and self-empowerment.  When we own the light AND the dark, AND we consciously choose which aspects we desire to play with at what time, we become pretty unstoppable.

Should you choose to accept this mission of phenomenal personal growth keep reading.

(I know you’re already hearing “This message will self-destruct in ten, nine, eight, seven…)

Let’s be completely honest here – this stuff is way easier said than done.  Asking you to look at every person around you and OWN that within yourself (even your in-laws), is like asking you to french-kiss a cactus.  Who does that?

Actually, sometimes I do.

You can too.

If you choose to. (See how often the word CHOOSE is coming up?)

And here’s the other brilliant news today – you don’t have to figure it all out yourself or do it all on your own!

My personal awakening came from reading Byron Katie’s book “Loving what is” and doing “The Work”.  This book and process is one of the most annoyingly effective ways of finding the truth that lies under all the projected BS we hang on to those around us.  It should come with a warning label – ‘Are You Ready For This?’

But seriously – it’s BRILLIANT.

I can’t tell you how many pages and pages of the work I have done, and continue to do.

I’ve personally found that once you see the mirror, it’s very hard to go back to NOT seeing the mirror.

Is this awakening challenging?  Hell yeah!

Worth it?  You bet!

And if you’re ready to own your balls-to-the-walls aspect, I’m ready to hang.

I promise I don’t bite 😉

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