Have you encountered it yet?

The moment
when you truly believe
you’ve lost your motherfucking mind…

The moment
when nothing you’ve learned
up to this point
makes any sense anymore.

The moment
when you feel as though
you’re going to break apart
into nothingness
and you hunger
for the release
from your physical body
and mind.

To finally
just BE
the magic
you know
is you.

One moment you sit in meditation
the next
you feel as though your body has evaporated
the line between you and the darkness
and you ARE
the dark.

The very thing you’ve been told to fear
jesus christ
it feels so good
so free
so right

As though you’ve finally found home…

In this moment
nothing and nobody matters anymore.
In this moment
nothing and nobody has any power over you.
In this moment
nothing and nobody will intrude.

There is a sensation of dance
molecules interweaving
at your fingertips
for you to play with
to create something so unique
so original
that nobody will be able to make any sense of it
and neither do you.

The difference is
you KNOW it was never supposed to make sense to the mind,
it’s sole purpose is to be experienced
to be felt
to be appreciated just for what it is.

You give yourself permission
to complete your creation
and release it
into nothing
into everything
to be found by those seeking.

As they feel the gentle caress against their cheek
a soft whisper in their ear
they turn towards the source
without knowing why
simply a feeling
a tug
an intuitive nudge
and there you are
the creator of magic.

Just as time stands still for that very first kiss
when potential lovers allow themselves to step over a line
affirmation of mutual attraction
in faith
without truly knowing if it will be received completely.

For some the taste
the soft connection of flesh on flesh
will be enough.
They will thank you for taking the time
for momentary connection.

For others
it will be a release of something long suppressed
and they will open their lips
allowing tongues to explore
drinking deeply
from you
the source of awakening.

These are the moments Alphas live for.
The moments when we release the illusion of being human.
Fully embracing our truth
our darkness
our magic
our love.

The moments when we trust the masculine to protect and provide
freeing the feminine to do the only thing she’s here to do,
create the seemingly senseless
from chaos
to experience
for the sake of the experience.

Have you encountered the moment Darling?
For until you do,
you’re stuck in the paradigm of illusion,
an illusion which is the prison of your suffering.

You were never meant to stay stuck there
when the key is in your hand,
in your heart,
in you.

It’s time Alpha.

I know you’re scared,
I felt the tremble too.
I know you have so many doubts and fears
naysayers and well-meaning people telling you not to do it
that you should rather just keep doing what billions are doing
to make money
to make babies
to make that which others will find useful.

And you can keep doing it,
feeling like a cheap hooker every time you sell yourself.
I felt that shame too.
I know the demons that plagues you which says you have to earn your worth, that you have to prove your worth
to others
and since you never know who ‘the others’ are
or where the finish line is
you never feel good enough,
never feel enough.

I’m not going to tell you that you have to change.
I’m not going to tell you that you have to do anything.
I’m simply going to tell you
that everything in your life
is a reflection of YOUR choices.

I’ll leave it at that…

Death might be inevitable.
But are you truly thriving?

Live with honour,