Results OR Excuses – there’s no in-between

I don’t want to hear it.

Not again.

I don’t actually give a shit.

About all the reasons you tell me you can’t do it.

Of how you have to put others first.

Of how you don’t have time.

Of how you’ve tried everything.

Of how you can’t afford it.

Of how you don’t know enough.

Of how you’ve got a block in your third eye.

I don’t want to fucking hear one more bullshit reason

as to why

on god’s green earth

you can’t have

EVERYTHING you say you want.

When will you finally get the fact

that the more you tell me

or anyone else

why you can’t



Stop that shit!

Why would you keep doing this to yourself?

Why would you choose to wake up every single morning


from the stories you tell yourself?

The hardest words I ever heard

was that all the results in my life

was a true reflection of my choices.

That all the pain

the toxic relationships

the overweight

the debt

all of it,

was my choice!

Even whilst I was outrageously denying it,

there was a voice inside of me,


‘Anel, you know it’s the truth.’

It took a long time for me to get over myself,

my egotistical desire to be right,

to finally admit it in the mirror.

By stepping out of the falsehood of my words

and into the reality of my calendar

my actions

my food choices

my word choices

my expenditure choices

that I finally got into reality.

It hurt like a B-EATCH.

Yet, without self-honesty,

we’re pretty screwed.

We sit there convincing ourselves that we’re these helpless babes in the woods,

at the mercy of our circumstance,

of our heritage,

of our DNA.

That you need natural born talent.

That you need money to make money.

That you’re born flawed.

And that you’re pretty much doomed to same shit different day

because that’s simply the way life works.

Don’t you see that this way of thinking is what’s keeping you separated from your true power?

The power to be, do and have


you truly desire.


you’ve become lazy

your jaw aching

from reciting your excuses.

You’ve convinced yourself they are true.

A broken record,


and quite frankly Darling,

it’s become boring to listen to.

Want the results?


Then change your story.


Not once you see the results.


Stop looking for reasons why you can’t do it.

Find the purpose that drives your passion and stay connected.

Stop looking for challenges you think you can’t overcome.

Start asking questions that will resolve the puzzle.

Stop taking the same actions,

making the same decisions,

kissing the same arses,

you did yesterday,

and start creating a new tomorrow.

Leave behind all the lazy, time-wasting, vampires,

be merciless,

fight for your dreams

as if your life depends on it.

Instead of constantly offering your space in the lifeboat to everyone else.

Whilst drowning.

Exhausted from treading water.

Be prepared to hurt.

There’s much pain in the journey of the achiever,

the artist,

those dedicated to creating different,


The pain is our place of connection,

where we draw inspiration,

unlike the mediocre masses,

who avoid pain at all costs.

Drowning it out with their whiskey and beer.

Numbing it with their pills and mindless entertainment.

We train pain.

Allowing the sensation to flow through us.

Driving us to tears.

Demanding a release through screaming agony.

And then,

the sweet magic flows.

You feel it


and you know


You eat humble pie,

putting your ego aside,

and you ask for the help that’s always available to you,

whether from soulmate connections,

a higher realm,

your inner self.

And you show the fuck up

in an energy that commands

the delivery of your desires.

THIS is the difference between those who get results,

and those who spew their excuses like bullets from a machine gun.

Today feels like a BRILLIANT day to make a new choice.

A PERFECT day to draw a line in the sand,

and step the fuck over,

leaving behind all your excuses,

all your empty words,

all your lies.

A day in which to sit your pretty self down and ask,

what do I TRULY desire?

Not the shit you tell everyone else because you think it makes you look good.

Not the things you see others have and, because they’re smiling on Instagram, you think it will make you happy.

The real stuff.

The experiences that has tears dripping down your chin,

because the mere thought of them

has emotion flooding your body to overflowing.

Give yourself permission to DECIDE




Be willing to sacrifice



false friends

shutting out the naysayers

and staying manically focussed

on your goal.

Until you achieve it.

Prepared to go back to the drawing board again and again

failing over and over

without shame

zero blame.

You get up,

you dust off,

you keep going.

With the knowing that the moment you receive your desire,

a new one will already be waiting for you,

which will start the process all over again.

So best you fall in love with the journey Sunshine,

because as an achiever,

this will be your life,

until the day you die.

What they will never understand,

is that you won’t want it any other way.

If this is feeling completely unrealistic,

that it’s simply too much to ask of you,

then carry on Sweetpea.

With your excuses,

with your suffering.

I respect your choice,

your life.

I’m simply not available to listen to it anymore.

There’s those who are committed to thrive,

those who choose happy every day,

regardless of what happened yesterday,

THOSE are the people I am committed to supporting.

Only death is inevitable,

tick tock bitches.

Do you have the courage to choose thrive?

With true love and appreciation for you,


PS:  Are you ready to go from excuses to results?

Building the business you’ve been talking about,

but have not yet brought to fruition?

Are you ready to be held accountable,

to show up every single day regardless of how much sleep you’ve had,

which phase the moon is in,

where Mercury is finding herself?

This one is for the misfits, rebels and troublemakers.

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Excuses or results Darling.

You can’t have both!