When you’re done putting your results in the hands of average…

The lines have been drawn.

War has been declared.

It’s time for people to make the ultimate choice.

Are they ready to soar, to rise to their best version self, to walk the path of the warrior, the achiever, the leader?


Are they determined to stay enfolded in the arms of the masses, thinking that there’s safety in numbers, delusional that average is honourable?

Make no question my friend, the time to choose is now.

And it sounds way easier than it is.

To choose the path of the achiever takes the courage to question, to fight the system, to become more than you are today.

For we have been programmed from infancy to be in service of the community.

To bow down to the cultural norms and will of the few in power.

That we had to strive for peace until they hunger for more and then we have to murder, plunder and rape in the name of the government.

We’re put in classrooms and we are trained to conform, to think only enough to serve but not enough to question, to regurgitate the truth of others as told by the authors of prescribed books and if we dare have a different opinion we are marked to fail, labeled as stupid, squashed back into place.

Our lives up to this point has been all about putting everyone else’s needs before our own, even to the detriment of our happiness. That we were responsible to make others feel supported, worthy, happy, thriving.  And in return we had to hope to god that we meet someone who doesn’t see how fucked up and insufficient we are, who deem us worthy of some praise, some love, so for a moment or two we can feel happy.

Except the instant we put our happiness and worthiness in the hands of others we are at the mercy of their ego, their moods, whatever is going on in their lives.

A recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Even worse, as high achievers we’re on fucking fire with action.

We don’t want to sleep late.

We have no desire to slow down and rest.

We adore the hustle.

We welcome obstacles.

We find honour in the cycle of the heroine knowing that rock bottom is simply a part of the journey and we will hit it time and again.

All of which has been shrouded in shame by a culture of mediocrity, a culture where entertainment is valued above wisdom, where comfort is seen more honourable than strive.

We live in a time where we are more addicted to sugar and alcohol than any other drugs, yet they are legal!

Even for kids.

In fact, advertising is geared towards rewarding yourself by putting more chemicals into your body.

Because you deserve it they say.

And it’s oh so easy to fall into the trap.

What harm can it possibly do?

Just one more glass of wine.

Just one wee chocolate.

You’ve worked so hard to get results in your business, your finances, some in your health, you’ve earned it dammit.

But that’s exactly it!

Every single time you give in to the habits of the average, you’re fucking yourself over.

And understand that it’s not about the weight gain or acting like a complete fool when you’ve had one too many beers.

It’s not about the fact that your spouse will sulk for the next few days because you’ve once again gone back on your word.

It’s not about any of this.

Instead it’s about the fact that you’ve given away your power.

It’s about the fact that you’ve taken yourself out of alignment of your best self energetically.

It’s about the fact that you’ve settled a little.

Bought into the bullshit of their idea of fun.

You have ultimately abandoned your path of excellence.

And it always bites you in the ass.

There’s always an element of dissatisfaction because you know you can do better.

There’s always a hint of guilt which has you shrinking just a little smaller.  Not as confident.

There’s always a price to pay, and the price is your thrive.

And until you start understanding that this is exactly why the culture of average is winning over the masses, you will be in their folds my darling.

You’re talking a big game whilst holding hands with the enemy.

Know as well that every time you blame them for your weakness, they win, you lose.

It takes you square out of the driver seat of your life.

Stop bitching and moaning that you had no choice.

You always have a choice.

Stop saying that it’s just the way you were brought up, just the way you are.

If the indoctrination of generations before does not have you living your most iconic life, it’s your responsibility to question and to change it.

You’re not a fucking robot helplessly following the code of a programmer.

All of these beliefs are simply ego-driven bullshit which you can rise above at any given moment.

Hey, if it really doesn’t bother you, if you’re really happy to settle for 60%, then great for you.  Continue sitting on the side lines stuffing your face with another hot dog, criticising those on the playing field.  Those who are prepared to sweat.  Those who are prepared to bleed.  Those who are prepared to lose today so they can go back to the game-board, learn more, train more, come back for more.

That’s the way of the achiever.

We don’t talk, we do.

It’s never about the current game.

It’s about THE ultimate game.

The game of life.

The finish line is death.

Everything before that is simply opportunity for betterment.

So Sweet-pea, which side will you choose today?

I happen to know that if you’re in my space, you’re a born leader, a creative, an achiever.  But just because you were born to be, doesn’t mean that it will come to pass unless you’re prepared to do the work.  Unless you leave the smothering comfort of average.

It’s always a choice.

Today I invite you to take a look at the tricky little ways in which you’re holding yourself out of alignment of your best version self.

And everything counts.

For me personally, even the fact that I still don’t drink enough water each day is weakness on my part.  The fact that I still eat products such as yoghurt which contains sugar, keeps me two steps behind.  The fact that I still tolerate some average people in my space out of loyalty, slows me down.

It sounds harsh, but this is my life I’m fighting for.

Mine and yours.

I’m not here to serve the masses.

I’m here to inspire those who are truly committed to thrive.

Awareness is the first step.

And even this very first step takes balls!  Because you have to own up to the fact that it’s all in your hands.  All the power that you seek.  Nobody can force you to do anything you don’t want to.  It’s up to you what you put first – yourself, your life purpose, your happiness, your thrive, OR your programming?

Death is inevitable.

Thrive is a harder choice than most think.

With love always


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That it’s impossible.

Let me tell you now that Impossible Is Nothing!

Anything that you can dream is already available to you right now.

But you have to own your desires.

You have to make them non-negotiable.

You have to do the work.

You have to rise above the masses.

It starts today with you claiming your spot.

Ignite your passion!

Let’s play.